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Nulon Engine Oil Review | The Best Engine Oil for Australian vehicles?

Nulon Engine Oil Review

Everyone knows how important it is to change the engine oil for your car at regular intervals. Since the engine is one complicated thing with numerous moving parts that need constant lubrication due to the fact that they are constantly being grinded against each other. Hence, to protect your engine from wear and tear of the parts and to keep the atmosphere cool, it is essential to have a strict eye on your car’s engine oil.


If there is any delay in changing of the oil, what happens is that the oil, with time, gets dirty and as it happens, dirty oil loses it power for lubricating, the primary purpose it is used for. If that oil is not changed soon, things may get serious for the engine, causing damage to the parts which can lead to the overall changing of the engine, which can be quite costly.


Okay, so we all agree that engine oil is important, and we should keep an eye on it and change it after a certain distance that the car has traveled. But how to decide which Engine oil is the best, when you see the hundreds of oil companies and brands, with different blends that are bound to make it hard for you to come to a decision.


Sure, your vehicle manual comes with a recommendation as to which engine oil you should be using, but when you look at the prices, some oils are much cheaper while others claim to have additives in them which are more efficient ad even more expensive?


To determine that, we will first need to briefly understand the types of different engine oils available and how do they differ from one another:


  Mineral: The cheapest of the three, mineral oil is the most basic form of the oil obtained from crude oil and works well with almost all the vehicles on the road.


  Synthetic Blend: As the name implies, this is a mixture of the mineral oil along with synthesized oil targeting cars with high performance, or engines that have become old. They are custom designed and manufactured to achieve the required lubrication and coolant per the engine.


  Fully Synthetic: These are fully synthetic oils with the most longevity and are particularly designed for industrial use with large and heavy machinery. They create no crude or mineral oil and thus are the most expensive.


Now, the requirements of different cars vary, and it is common to see even that two owners of the same car would go for two different oil brands for their cars. Your brand-new Honda Civic may not require synthetic or blended oil, but for an older model Chevrolet, that might be the best thing for their engines.


Today, nearly all engine oil companies use additives in the oil, to tailor and enhance the performance of the oil, and so the engine. One of the most famous brands in Australia is the Nulon Oils, who offer a variety of engine oils from which you can choose and experiment from, to arrive at the one that best suits your vehicle.


Nulon Engine Oils:

It doesn’t matter if you drive a sports car, an old school muscle car or one of those latest Japanese beauties, Nulon has oils to cater to every kind of vehicle and car you would think of. They take pride in their research and development department, the people who are coming up with better and better solutions and oils to improve the engine life.


With a humble start in 1980 with only 9 lubricant oils introduced in the market, the Australian start-up known as Nulon slowly but surely gained popularity due to the reason that it was Australian made, which is something that the Aussies take pride in, and also because it was specifically made for Australian conditions. Today, they have more than 120 Nulon products that are not only used in Australia, but in New Zealand and Asia as well.


Nulon Oil Guide:

There are hundreds of Nulon products which you can choose from and if you are not sure which one is the best suited for your vehicle type, you can visit their online lube guide or the Nulon oil selector, as it is also known as, and just select your vehicle type and the model or make; you will be suggested the best-suited oil for that. From the variety of oils, we have selected a few and described them in a way to make your decision when buying, easier:


  Nulon Diesel Oil: Nulon offers a wide range of diesel oils with the options of their mineral or the fully synthetic oils specifically for industries. The price range varies so you can be sure to select one that best suits your pocket.


  Nulon Octane booster: Looking for that maximum output and performance from your 2 or 4 stroke engines? Behold the Nulon Octane booster that can work with any type of petrol and works by boosting the octane ratings in the engine.


  Nulon Engine Oil Flush: It is really important to make sure that whenever you are putting in new oil in your car’s engine, to ensure that the engine is clean and clear of any contaminating or damaging material that may be down there. This product does exactly that.


  Nulon Coolant: They offer a variety of coolants that can keep your engine running smoothly in the temperature that is maintained. You can get a different one for regular and everyday cars, an organic coolant which is specifically for old models.


Nulon Oil Review:

There is no doubt that Nulon products are both very popular and liked by the common public. One factor is that they are specifically designed for Australia’s condition and because they have such a strong focus on their research and development, coming up with new products that can increase the life of your engine. Scientifically speaking, the essential thing when buying your engine oil is that the viscosity of the liquid against the temperature of the environment should be balanced, which is found to be just right by Nulon.


There are a few who will argue that simple mineral oil would just to the job and there is no need to move on to the classier and a bit expensive options that synthesized oils fall in, like Nulon’s. But you will also find people who swear that their engine performance improves with these specially engineered oils, adding a considerable gain in the car’s range as well.

Nulon’s coolant oils are also very popular in the masses, more so than their other engine oils. So, if you are looking for that extra performance or have a car that has been in the family for some time, using Nulon’s products are sure to give a boost!

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