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Bayswater Car Rental Review | No Birds | The Best Bayswater Car Hire Services?

With offered car rental services our stress for traveling has ended. The available rental car services are the reason for economical traveling. Bayswater car rental introduces quite extraordinary rental services customers with better cars that make their journey memorable. With the Bayswater car hire, one can easily rent cars in their desired range, offering them a luxury car rental service at an affordable price. Almost every vehicle hire companies propose higher rates but Bayswater car rental offers cheaper prices and with a lot of vehicle options.


Offered Special Services & Features:

  A fleet of over 2,500 new Toyota Corollas

  With  NRMA or RACWA roadside assistance 24-hours for all cars

  All cars having 4 or 5-star ANCAP safety rating (inc. ABS brakes & airbags)

  Offering only auto cars as they offer no manual cars 

  Our team with amazing vehicle management is available for all your complaints and inquiries for our proposed cars and services offered.

  No Vehicle Registration and Recovery Fee

  No Airport Concession Fee

  No Premium Location Fees

  No Credit Card Fees

  You can cancel your registration anytime without any charged fine.

  Offering online services 24hrs


How to rent a car with Bayswater car rental:

One must select the vehicle of their own choice. However, with the selection of the desired car bring both driving license of your own and your own Visa or MasterCard.


If the car is previously damaged:

Accidents happen anywhere, anytime due to many reasons, sometimes due to the misfortune of car maintenance on the road and sometimes due to the negligence of the drivers as well. 


Bayswater begins with a low standard excess of new vehicles at just $2,000. Their top Cover at $14 every day (topped at $98) further diminishes the customer's obligation to $0. It's hard to believe, but it's true, you don't pay anything in case of a mishap.


Most vehicle rental organizations in Australia have a standard damage excess of $4,000. They at that point charge an extra $30 every day to lessen your excess to around $500.  


In case of any damage or mishap:

If you get involved in an accident, you must follow the following steps: 

  Call the Bayswater office to inform them 

  Get all the required details from the other person involved in the accident just as their name, address, phone number  

  Don’t repair the car by your own self without letting our company informed  

  Make a report in Police and bring the report to the Bayswater. 

  By Completing a Damage Report form submit it and return for the investigation. 


Few of the Online reviews are as follows:

Review #1:

I hired car on their 7 day special, extended a further 7 days only to discover, that to qualify for the 2nd 7 day special, I should have returned the vehicle and collected another vehicle. This was not mentioned to me on the phone when I extended my booking, the person knew I was only extending for another 7 days because of the offer. This is very crafty and deliberately withheld from explaining to the customer. They are also very slow to action the refund for the deposit. All in all extremely poor customer service.


Review #2:

I hired a car for the day in Sydney and their customer service was exceptional. They were very helpful and kind, had reasonable prices and were very quick with their invoice and paying back the deposit once I handed back the car. I would definitely hire them again! Very enjoyable experience :)


Review #3:

I urgently needed to hire a car on a Sunday morning (for a week) after my own car died. I was quoted-booked-confirmed (online) by Bayswater Car Rental within minutes - so easy! The hire rate (new car) was very well priced. The Perth CBD location was easily accessible by public transport. Their insurance option (with no excess!!) made the collection & return a dream. I returned the car a day earlier than planned with a full tank & was reimbursed for the hire cost for 1 day plus the extra petrol I put in. The desk staff were very friendly. I actually cannot say enough positive things. This was the second time I have used this company but different branch. Both experiences were very positive.


Review #4:

A bit disappointed to see some negative reviews for Bayswater / No Birds car hire. Obviously I cannot talk for other's experience but I have used No Birds a dozen times to date over 7 years when my car is being serviced or out of action and I really love- as a person who has hired cars all over the world- No Birds service. I've only used the Sydney Kings Cross outlet but I doubt all the other are any different.

To start with- they MUST be the cheapest car hire firm but even better- they are quick and no nonsense and if you book online ( so easy) you are in and out of their HQ really within 15 minutes.

Always friendly staff and I really like that you don't get a lot of choices: the always reliable Corollas, new RAVs if you want something larger, a Toyota Mini Van and this week which I needed badly , a new Toyota HiLux for $50 a day!!


Review #5:

No Bird....Bayswater Car Rental. Never trusts this company as there are a lot of Hidden Fees. Please read your agreement word by word. I have to place a $2000 deposit with them because I rejected their insurance cover. The worst is that there do not refund the $2000 deposit in 5 working days after returning of the car. The moment I write this comment, my deposit still on hold. And very poor customer service, I guess because of their NOT Transparency policy, many unsatisfactory customers and complaints. Customer Service is rated Zero.


Review #6:

We made a booking online to hire a small car from the Perth Office - easy - We had great customer service and help from the team there - We got the car we ordered and unlike many many other car hire companies (worldwide) Bayswater rentals have got the whole thing right !!! -Congratulations - Low-cost Price (paid what we booked no surprises )Cars (quality clean new well looked after) Great Customer service A1 (both excellent collecting and returning) Thank you for making our holiday - self-drive to WA a very pleasurable experience - We will be back Highly recommended



With all these positive and negative reviews, my opinion towards these rental services is amazing. As they have provided their best services with efficient travel management so in my case I would not mention Bayswater car rental agency as one of my worst experiences. However, it might have a few things to be bothered, but the rest of it is excellent. As there are many car rentals near me but I always choose Bayswater as my priority.

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