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Nissan Tiida Review Australia | All the Specifications, Features, Price

Nissan Tiida Review Australia                         


Nissan Tiida has been introduced since 2004, as a substitution to three vehicles from Nissan. The Sunny, Sentra and Pulsar. Further, it was supplanted by this vehicle in various parts of the world. Hence it was showcased under many names. Likewise, in America, it was called Nissan Versa and Dodge Trazo. 


The organization attempted its best to adapt to the changing mind of clients across the globe. For that, even the creation was redistributed to Dongfeng Motor Company of China, and to Yulon of Taiwan. 


Attempting its best to be a worldwide vehicle, Nissan Tiida still thought of standard determinations to make it an ideal vehicle. Additionally, the c11, 1.8 and 1.6 renditions lead to upgrading client experience


The Body and Style of  Nissan Tiida:

The Nissan Tiida came in two shapes, one is named after the hatchback called Nissan Tiida Hatch and the second one is named as Nissan Tiida Latio. The car had standard 4doors, while the hatchback accompanied 5 doors. 


The Nissan Tiida specs incorporate the exterior highlights of Roof Rail for load carriage, Rear Spoiler for streamlined effectiveness and Alloy Wheels for an intense look with more life to vehicle tires. 


The numerous body shades of Silver, Black and White worked for masses searching for restricted alternatives. Those having a constrained spending plan to follow through on for Nissan Tiida cost, for the most part, go for this.


 The Silver is for medium spending individuals, Black for individuals having a high spending plan and White for individuals having a low spending plan.


The technology used in Nissan Tiida:

The single-screen TV and the navigation tracking both work on the entertainment factor. The GPS used further makes it a recent model with a good start. 


Regardless of the fact that you need to discover the petrol pump through the navigation system or view your favorite season Nissan Tiida handles it all. The power steering and power window bring ease for a smooth ride as well as give a class of driving experience. The back camera for the parallel car parking, as well as blind spots to help, gives driving perfection and simpler to reach the next level. 


The sensors in different parts take a shot at lighting and The advantages of the mechanical position inside are an innovation that is fitted with the flawless technology of safety of the driver.



The security is at the best that has the anti-lock braking system and tracking control. It helps as well in the prevention or avoidance from the slip-on road by the lack of tracking. However, it has an ideal level that gives pressure-free Nissan Tiida driving a break. 


The electronic power brake distributes understeer and oversteers the case to the greatest. Within the nylon material, the lifelines named airbags that might be in front and at back as well assecuring the upper area of the travelers' body.


 The upper part is considered to be harmed if there arises an accident or stroke. crash, However, it is best for the security of the travelers.


Additional features:

 ✓ Immobilizer

 ✓ Central Locking

 ✓ Remote 

 ✓ Isofix

 ✓ Child Safety Locks

 ✓ Parking SensorsRain Sensors



The Nissan Tiida is a power train having a powerful engine. The hatchback comes in higher uprooting while compared with the body. However, the vehicle accompanies low displacement. 


Subsequently, a fine adjusting on road is observed about both the body style of the Nissan Tiida. The motor sizes are 1.5 L, 1.6 L and 1.8 L in gas technology while in the diesel option is about 1.5 L available which is more than the first generation. 


Nissan Tiida Reviews:


Review 1:

This car drivers great could hardly feel the bumps in the roads. Gearbox works perfectly. I love the interior the modern dashboard is easy to read. This car runs great on fuel only have to buy fuel once every two weeks. This car is very reliable as we drove it up to port & back.


Review 2:

2004 cvvt tiida hatch ..At 375,000 km....The aircon failed.. [ stone through radiator.]..Traded & bought exact same model again [with aircon] at 116,000 km..[If you see one cheap in good order, buy it & stop wasting money on cars.]

Fuel economy always depends on driver & road conditions,,,A 1500 cc cvvt Tiida can return 5.5 ltrs per100km.

I have been driving for 67 years. I hold a competition licence...I have never had control of a better all round car.


Review 3:

After buying a brand new Corolla ridden with faults I got tired of having constant issues. So I purchased a 2006 Nissan Tiida ST-L on gumtree for $600. Flew through a roadworthy and 314,000 kilometres later it hasn't skipped a beat. This is the best car I have ever purchased, hats off to Nissan for building a car to last, it's affordable to run and service.


Review 4:

I have an 07 tiida Q with auto transmission. My car has done about 160k and has been great except for the transmission which failed and needed replacement. The failure was from parking on a sloped driveway and putting gear into park before applying handbreaks. The gear would get a little stiff next time I put into drive and over time transmission gave way. Never had this problem with my previous car which was a Camry. If you buy this car, always ensure handbrakes are applied before gear is put into park.


Review 5:

The drive is great. The back seats are very spacious. Once you fold the chairs down, there is a lot of room at the back. I get about 500+km on a full tank. I haven't had any major problems with the car whenever I take it to get serviced. Good reliable car in general.



A compact car with a modern look, the Nissan Tiida focuses on usability. Available as a 5-door hatchback or 4-door saloon, the Tiida is perfect as a nippy city car, or a second family car that has an advanced look, the Nissan Tiida centers around convenience and focuses comfort. It is available as a 5-door hatchback or 4-door saloon. The Tiida is a perfect family car that is available in different colors too.




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