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Nissan Stagea Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Nissan Stagea Review Australia


Are you looking for a fuel-efficient, and modern-styled station wagon that also provides you maximum comfort while driving? How about Nissan Stagea, one of the most purchased wagons? It is a 5-door wagon that lets you enjoy family rides. It comes with many options to choose from. The engineers have styled its engine up-front to offer a stable ride, steady speed, and exquisite interior. Selecting one vehicle out of its multiple series and generations might not be difficult as it comes with various similarities. Choose either RWD or AWD trim, the control will always be smooth.  


Do you like the R34 Nissan Skyline? If yes, then you would love the WC34 Series 1 model, too, because it has several visual resemblances. And if you like the driving experience of the R33 Nissan Skyline, consider it your preferred option as it has a motor system similar to it. Well, the Nissan Stagea M35 looks completely different. In the past 11 years, all 3 generations have gone marvelous upgrades.


Nissan Stage was first introduced in 1996 but unfortunately, the production ceased in 2007. It means, no matter, what model you choose, it will come with problems with old cars. Although, both the auto and manual transmissions are available most of the trims come with 4-speed automatic gearbox. If you feel confident in driving an RWD, you can choose from its earlier trims. In the later models, you can enjoy a 4WD.


If we talk about its mechanics, the engines are broadly categorized. Its three versions are:

Series 1-WC34

Series 2-WC34

✓ Series M35 manufactured from 2001 to 2007. It also comes in two series


The most recommended model of Nissan Stagea to buy is the “Autech version”. Highly smart and modern design, roomy cabin with a sturdy frame and attractive layout! After driving it for once, you will be amazed at its remarkable on-road and off-road performance. The latest models are efficiently equipped with an uprated brake system to maximize the stopping power and suspension.


Nissan Stagea Engine:

One thing you should know is that the car is excessively heavy. You can feel how hefty its engine, steering, and all motor system is while driving. No doubt, the company has given its best and its full performance guarantees a safer and comforting ride. To complement its heavyweight, it has adaptable suspensions with highly flexible bars and coils. The suspension bushings with receptive but manual brakes give a perfect balance to the chassis. Every engine runs on petrol offering satisfactory combined fuel consumption of 10.4 – 15. Depending on its generations, the range of fuel tank capacity is within 68L to 80L. If you are thinking, its heaviness will lower down the speed, then you might be wrong. Its maximum speed noted till now is180 – 242 km/h speed.


1st generation (WC34; 1996):

As we know, it is available in two series, they are characterized by different engines to provide you more options. In series 1, you have the options of turbocharged, twin-cam, and aspirated engines to select from, which makes the car pretty suitable for different terrains.

2.0L single-cam inline-six

2.0L single-cam inline-six with the additional specification of NEO S2

2.5L twin-cam naturally-aspirated inline-six

2.5L twin-cam turbocharged inline-six

2.6L twin-cam twin-turbocharged inline-six

2.6L inline-six twin-turbocharged (only in 260RS model)


As per engine sizes, the power is ranged from 96 kW to172 kW in 2.0L to 2.5L turbocharged engine, respectively. But the real gem is its 2.6L engine that produces up to 206 kW. All RWD models have strut-type front-axle suspension whereas AWD trims have a multi-link setup. With Nissan Stagea never-ending options, you will be able to choose either manual or auto mode. All manual models are restricted to 5 speed, even though only 2 versions are featured with manual gearbox, that includes turbo RS4S and the Nissan Stagea 260RS. On the contrary, all automatic versions have a 4-speed transmission.


The only thing that makes it different from series 1 is its uprated NEO version, besides all the engines have the same mechanics. All the higher-spec trims have an exclusive Tiptronic automatic transmission. If you are expecting an increase in power, you are mistaken. Available transmission options include 4-speed automatic, 4-speed tip-Tronic automatic, and 5-speed manual.


Second generation (M35; 2001):

The M35 comprises series 1 that includes the manufacturing models of October 2001 to August 2004 and series 2 that starts manufacturing right after 2014. In series 1 of the Nissan Stagea wagon, you can get high-level RS, R, and S variants with strong engines.


Here are the options that you have:

RWD 250RS/RS V/RX variant has a V6 2.5L engine called “VQ25DD”. It is featured with direct injection and produces 158.3 kW

250RS FOUR/RX FOUR variant has the same engine details and speed as 250RS/RS has, but it is available in 4WD instead of RWD

4WD 250tRS FOUR V/RX FOUR variant comes with the more efficient and impressive single turbocharged engine “VQ25DET” giving 205.94 kW maximum power

300RX is another RWD variant made with a V6 3.0L engine called “VQ30DD” with amplified features

RWD 350S – an Autech Axis Model, is the most preferable variant due to its special V6 3.5L engine called “VQ35DE”.

RWD 350S is the only trim offered with a 6-speed manual gearbox, otherwise, all trims have 5-speed auto-mode, with no option of manual.


In series 2, there are V6 2.5L engines in both RWD and 4WD. Moreover, the V6 3.5L engine is a standard in 350RX and 350RX FOUR variants producing 200 kW power.


Nissan Stagea Design:

The best part is that the Nissan Stagea has a unibody.


The standard specifications include:

Rear wiper

Climate control

Powered and heated windows

Keyless entry, powered tailgates, and Tinted windows are optional features.

Halogen headlamps (low beam, main beam, and rear beam)

Trip Computer

Analog speedometer

Analog Tachometer




Once after experiencing a ride, in a series 1 of the first generation, you will notice a few differences in the body style between 2WD and AWD models. For instance, AWD variants have driver's side chassis rail adjusted closer to the lower sill. The real upgrade is done to series 2 of 1st generation. Reshaped headlights are exclusively designed with high-impact plastic instead of glass and modified Front aero design.


When you are looking for only hi-tech and advanced versions, the 2nd generation or M35 series is your choice. It is slightly larger and has a more modernized look. The cabin is more refined and deluxe to give comfort and luxury.


Standard features are:


ABS brakes

Electronic front seats

BOSE audio setup

Dual sunroofs

Leather-wrapped seats

Split opening rear gate

Collapsible back row seats

Xenon headlamps

Enlarged allow wheels of 18 inch and lower lip extensions (AR-X FOUR)


260RS model:

All-wheel drive

2.6L engine with 276 hp

5-speed manual gear shift

Limited-slip rear differential

17" forged alloy wheels

Undercarriage shield

Modernized suspension

GTR-styled gauges


Cons of buying Nissan Stagea:

The chassis is prone to corrosion

The driver can experience a rough idling

Sometimes, the gearboxes can get stuck

It is a needlessly heavyweight which could damage brakes and dampers


Final verdict:

The Nissan Stagea has been providing the best road performance. It is offered in a variety of engine sizes and configurations, all packed in a family-friendly body. If you are still planning on buying this car, we recommend you keep yourself updated with all the history details of the car. Just to ensure, visit our site Quick Revs, go to the portal, and put your car details to access all the accidental, theft, and driving details within an instant.

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