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Nissan Pulsar Review Australia | A Perfect Sedan to Drive with Excellence

The Nissan Pulsar was crash-tested in 2014 and obtained a five-star safety rating from safety body Euro NCAP. Further, the advanced safety systems are excellent in this model and appeal to many customers to buy this classic car. Its features include emergency braking as a standard.


The Tekna model is installed with a 360-degree camera system, parking sensors, blind-spot monitoring, and lane-departure warning. Another smart feature is moving object detection, which alerts you if it notices a child, animal or another unseen object nearby that you might have missed when driving at low velocities.



The price of Nissan Pulsar ranges in between $18,220 - $21,670. The affordable price that has all the unique features installed in it. A sedan that has almost everything in it at an economical budget.



Unleaded petrol is used in this car as the fuel capacity is about  52 Liters.

The Fuel consumption is about 7.8L / 100km covered in both rural and urban areas.



The height of Nissan Pulsar is 1520mm while the length is about 4610mm, as well as the width, is calculated around 1760mm. All these measurements for this classic Sedan make it look distinguished among other models.


Available Colors:

This classic model is available in these colors:









 ✓ AZURE (M)



The Nissan Pulsar model has a five-inch color display, Bluetooth phone connection, and cruise control, as well as installed automatic electric windows and mirrors, remote central locking and air-conditioning are available in its standard features.


The features further include LED running lights, front fog lamps and dual-zone climate control for the improved quality of roads. Furthermore, it includes LED headlights, large 17-inch alloy wheels and attractive features like part-leather upholstery.



Nissan’s Blind Spot Warning system uses the rear full-view around view monitor camera to detect vehicles in the hidden blind spot area, on both sides of the Pulsar. A discreet warning light is illuminated in the A-pillar on the driver’s side when a vehicle is detected blind spot.If the driver indicates to change lanes and the system detects a vehicle in the danger area, the light flares and an audible warning are given.



Lane Departure Warning detects if the Pulsar is starting to jump out of the lane. However, you expect a windscreen mounted camera or an installed radar system required for this purpose, the Pulsar only uses its rear wide view AVM camera. 


Faint road markings are detected by advanced computer programming, allowing the cars to settle if it is drifting out of its original lane without indicating. Further, if this happens a warning is given to the driver to correct the position of their vehicle on the road. The system automatically adjusts its sensitivity driving anywhere and uses different driving styles for various locations.



Nissan has been producing parking cameras for years, the Nissan Primera 2002 was the first car that introduced the technology to its sector. The Pulsar’s device has a few innovations to note. Furthermore, all three Pulsar’s Safety Shield systems (Moving Object Detection, Lane Departure Warning and Blind Spot Warning) depends upon the accurate information that is to be given by the camera. Therefore, the lens of the camera must be kept spotlessly clean all the time.



The engine type used is TURBO MPFI as the size of the engine is 1.6L including 4 turbo cylinders. The maximum torque calculated is 240Nm @ 2000rpm with the maximum power of 140kW @  5600rpm. Further, the compression ratio is 9.5.



With the continuous variable transmission, the drive type involves a front-wheel-drive with a maximum drive ratio of 3.517.



 ✓ Large boot and spacious rear seat 

 ✓ Good ride quality

 ✓ Powerful and economical engine

 ✓ Ease in handling



 ✓ Non-availability of USB and iPod connectivity

 ✓ Remote steering

 ✓ Lack of sharpness

 ✓ The rear seat cannot be folded or split


Nissan Pulsar Reviews:

Review 1:

Love my Pulsar, my girls are 1 now and we have coped with the lack of space but will need to get a larger car as they grow older.

Great look and great to drive. Incredibly reliable and economical.

Poor turning circle, we bought this car before starting a family only to then fall pregnant with two!! We have had to have the seats really far forward and two seats in the back with a pram in the boot leaves little room for much else, but it IS a hatch!


Review 2:

I bought the 2005 model second-hand and have been very happy with it. It drives beautifully. It has all the style of a Toyota Corolla but is a lot cheaper. I love my Pulsar and have no regrets buying it. The only problem I've had is the glove box falling off.

Looks great, good price, drives well.

Glove box keeps falling off.


Review 3:

Great car to have as first car or city driving. Uses next to no fuel and is extremely reliable. Cheap to run, especially insurance etc.

Great handling, fuel efficiency and reliable as anything, decent interior

A little bit underpowered but nothing too bad!


Review 4:

I highly recommend this car for anyone - it's fast, reliable and cost efficient! It is very easy to drive. I love this car!

Very Comfortable, great on fuel (get around 520kms highway driving for its small tank - about 40 litres), very easy to drive, brakes are sensitive, steering is light and easy, turning circle is wonderful, vision is excellent (minimal blind spots).

Can not fault car.


Review 5:

I have a 2001 auto Nissan Pulsar and it has been nothing but great to me. Have never had a problem with it and would recommend it as a good little economical car. Not a little squishy box but not a big car to drive either. Its a shame that Nissan decided to change to Tiidas and not stick with Pulsars as would upgrade to one in a heartbeat



The 4x4 Sedan that needs no introduction at all, the car itself is self-explanatory. The specifications and the latest features are making it the best amongst all. The safety detection features and the standard features both installed to make it unique from its other models. However, this modest car is lower in cost as well. Hopefully, the information provided might help you select the best car for yourself.

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