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Nissan Patrol Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Nissan Patrol Review Australia

Australia’s passion for driving and cars is a well-known fact, and in recent times, there has been a shift from the traditional sedan to four-wheel SUVs. Indeed, SUVs today account for more than a quarter of vehicles sold in a year in the country.


Four-wheel drive was once a rarity on the roads here, and in the present time, you will find them to be a common occurrence. People prefer these as family cars, for commercial usage, and more importantly for special off-road trips to explore the vast backyard available to them in their unexplored country.


One such four-wheel-drive which has proven across the years to be reliable, comfortable, and capable is the Nissan Patrol, which has been tried and tested again and again. Over the decades, the Nissan Patrol has managed to keep up to its reputation of tackling the roughest and toughest of terrains plus the V8 engine which provides immense power to keep it going. The suspension itself is another wonder which ensures a smooth ride, not to mention the interior which can be sure to make your overall experience one that is rich and comfortable.


There are a couple of factors that may prove to be a hindrance in the overall sales of the Nissan Patrol, and we feel that it is the right of our reader to mention those. The first thing that might put buyers off is the fact that the SUV only comes in petrol, with no diesel variant. Another thing is the big interior which might be an issue while driving in town, especially when you are looking to park the vehicle.

Other than that, the Patrol has a smooth and refined V8 engine that seldom causes any complaints, and the ride and handling balance is spectacular for a vehicle of this size.


Nissan Patrol models:

Nissan Patrol is manufactured by the Japanese car manufacturing company known as Nissan and is a series of four-wheel drive vehicles which are popular not only in Japan but throughout the World. The Patrol has been around since 1951, with varying chassis such as long-wheelbase five-door and the short-wheelbase three-door. Over the years, the Patrol has been known by many names, like the Nissan Safari in Japan, Ebro Patrol in Spain, and the Ford Maverick here in Australia.


Nissan Patrol has proven its popularity in all of America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia. In North America, the Patrol has been launched after many years as the upscale Infiniti QX56 and the Nissan Patrol 2019 would be launched as the Nissan Armada.


The Nissan Patrol Y60 and the Patrol Y61 are military-grade vehicles that are commonly used in some Asian countries and in the Middle East. These models of the Patrols have been popular in use among United Nations agencies as well. These two variants were also applied by the Irish army for their main troop transport means.


Recently, the Nissan Patrol 2020 has finally received a new and improved look. Codenamed as the Y62, the model was initially released in 2010. It received a facelift in 2014 and quickly grew outdated in the next five years. About time Nissan decided to refresh it again to come up with the new generation of the Patrol which is here to stay.


Nissan Patrol 2020 Specifications:

The new Nissan Patrol comes loaded with a 5.6-liter V8 petrol engine, outputting a hefty 298 kW of power and an outstanding 560 Nm of torque, which is joined with a seven-speed automatic transmission. The combination of the V8 engine and the seven-speed automatic gives a sharp focus to the SUV, even for its size. And the gearbox helps move the vehicle smoothly as well, with great shifting capability and well-spaced ratios.


The Patrol V8 offers an exciting driving experience from the time you start the engine and get off the mark. The SUV rapidly goes off once you put your foot down on the accelerator, which is bound to surprise you. Even though there is a V8 engine under the hood and you feel the power that is being transferred, the SUV is surprisingly refined and quiet, with the usual rumble absent that you would normally hear in a SUV of this size.


One more thing to note here is the level of refinement of the engine which results in smooth power delivery and given as overall excellent driving dynamics. But there is the factor of the fuel efficiency that comes into argument. The fuel economy may be good on the freeway, but it is found to be extremely thirsty when driving around town.


Nissan Patrol 2020 Features:

The Nissan Patrol has some exciting features that can be expected of a Japanese vehicle of this caliber. The SUV offers keyless entry and a push-to-start button, which means that there is no hassle of handling a key. Sidesteps are also offered to help you get in and out of the car.


Active safety features include all the latest tech, including Active cruise control, Autonomous emergency braking, Forward Collision Warning, Blind spot warning, lane departure warning, and more. A reversing camera is included standard to help you navigate the car in reverse, plus power mirrors that fold when you lock the SUV.


The steering wheel is a wonder in its own, with height and reach adjustments, control button on the wheel to manage the phone, and sound system. The infotainment system comprises an 8.0-inch touchscreen with satellite navigation, Bluetooth audio streaming, and iPod and USB ports.


When you talk about the interior and seating, there is not much that the Nissan Patrol leaves to desire. Climate control is offered with a three-zone option so that the passengers and drivers can individually set the temperature for themselves that suits their comfort. There are three rows of seats, in leather and power adjustments for the front ones.


Other features worth mentioning here are intelligent LED headlights that adjust with the darkness, automatic windscreen wipers which operate when they sense rain, 18-inch shiny alloy rims, six airbags, and a three-year warranty from Nissan.


Nissan Patrol Price:

The Nissan Patrol 2020 Ti variant base model starts at almost $75,000 and you can always add more features if you are willing to spend extra. You can also opt for better features and with better specifications the Ti-L variant, that moves the price tag to around $90,000 excluding any on-road costs.


You might notice that the price has considerably risen from the previous models of the Patrol, but they still provide value for money when you compare to the other competitors with similar specifications. The main competition has been between Nissan and Toyota for decades, especially in the four-wheel drive category, but this is still a better and cheaper buy.

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