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Nissan Navara D40 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Nissan Navara D40 Review Australia


Nissan Navara D40 is a series of vehicle, pickup trucks that come with a variety of Diesel, CNG, and petrol running engines. Starting from the earliest engine, the company has made tremendous advancement. The Nissan Navara is entitled to the four generations called D21, D22, D40, and D23. D21 and D22 are similarly sized and specifications but D40 mid-sized pickup has a bigger, taller, and longer chassis.

The variety of RWD and FWD drivetrains comes in multiple models. The higher-class variants are equipped with a powerful and sturdy motor system offering economical fuel consumption. One thing that is common on all trims is its front-placed Nissan Navara D40 engine. You can have a pleasing ride as all models come with a spacious cabin offering maximum comfortability.


Nissan Navara D40 Engine:

One of the things that make Nissan Navara D40 different from others is its engine variations. All of its 4-cyl engines that run on diesel are featured with the option of a 6-speed manual and 5-speed automatic transmission. Both offer a smoother ride with maximum drive stability. If you need a sturdier and more reliable engine with an efficient gearbox, you must choose V6 having a 7-speed automatic.

Old engines will have old parts, an old frame, and probably more speeding issues. So, you must consider buying one of their latest models with a turbocharged engine. The 2014 models have a multi-function steering wheel. These automobiles have adaptable and independent front axle leaf suspensions.


Nissan Navara D40 – 2006:

The 2006 version is a preferable option because of its fuel-efficient 2.5L turbocharged diesel engine and the V6 petrol engine. But in the European model, the car features a Euro IV compliant engine. The diesel engine is available on its 2WD and 4WD basic trims and brings satisfactory on-road performance with 142 hp@4000 rpm with a torque of 356 N⋅m@2000 rpm. On the contrary, V6 is loaded with more power (266 hp@5600 rpm). You can choose your vehicle based on the speed and thrill you need. The diesel engines have a 5-speed automatic and 6-speed manual gearbox as a standard.


Nissan NAVARA D40 – 2008:

The highlight of the 2008 Nissan Navara D40 trims is its availability in two ideal body styles: single and double cab. Well, you won’t get a new or upgraded engine in a single cab, the same 2.5L engine is fitted. In fact, instead of doing enhancements, the torque has been reduced to 294 Nm@2,000 rpm. Not suitable for a faster ride!

We can say, the engineers have compensated the loss of a single into a double cab with the increase of power from 142 hp@4000 rpm to 172 hp@4000 rpm in a similar 2.5L diesel engine and surprisingly with the same level of the gearbox. Nissan Navara Calibre (Thailand version) is another choice but it will not be a good selection because of its sluggish engine.


Nissan Navara D40 – 2010:

2010 models are something you can wish for to have a smoother ride with easy acceleration and quicker transmission. All-new 3.0L V9X V6 turbocharged diesel engine will provide you fuel efficiency with an amazing speed of 175 kW@500 Nm. We understand the concerns of a few drivers who prefer slow-speed engines and the Nissan Navara D40 range has a 2.5L dCi unit engine giving 140 kW energy at 332 lb-ft torque.


Nissan Navara D40 – 2011/Pathfinder:

As we are moving on to the newer versions, you must have noticed how every engine is made to tailor your needs. Pathfinder comes with a reliable V6 engine producing 170 kW of energy. Enough speed to take you on the gravel roads and reliable enough to offer a safe ride.


Nissan Navara D40 – 2014/2015:

The V6 engine is a standard that will take you miles on the road with admirable on-road and off-road drive. It comes with an advanced 7-speed automatic transmission. If fuel consumptions matter the most,2WD ST Dual Cab is your fit, with a 2.5L engine. The 4WD ST Dual Cab can be an option but its automatic gearbox is fuel-thirsty (9.0L/100 km).


Nissan Navara D40 – 2020:

The 2020 model is perfect for long journeys, and family trips because it gets the most robust 2.3L turbocharged engine with 4-cyl that runs on diesel. The range of fuel consumption is less than 7.0L/100 km when in the automatic mode. RX and DX models come with a single turbo-engine.
In the late 2020s model of Nissan Navara D40, you can enjoy an amazing ride in a 3.8L V6 engine with 9-speed automatic gear shift. A perfect combination of speed and reliability!


Nissan Navara D40 Design:

Based on its interior, the car might not satisfy you enough. Not because of its features but cloth upholstery and limited boot space. For instance, if you are purchasing a 2006 model, you need to spend extra money on its Aventura trim package to get a leather-trimmed interior and other advanced features including dual-zone climate control, and a 6-stacker CD changer. After a certain upgrade, the 2008 cabs are made more acceptable with an enticing cabin, Power steering, sturdy framework, and impressive exterior. Newly fashioned 15’’ alloy wheels are enough to give an eye-catching robust look.

You can feel the real change in the 2010 and 2011 versions. The instrument binnacle layout is made subtler with a submerging V-shaped grille and smooth-edged bumper. The six-spoke 17’’ with optional 18’’ alloy wheels are the major modification.


The highlighted specifications include:
Highly finessed dashboard
✓ Seats with ultra-comfortability
✓ Height adjustable steering
✓ Receptive Bluetooth connectivity
✓ Built-in audio setup with speed-sensing volume
✓ Remote trip computer controls
 MP3 compatible
✓ Speed-responsive wipers

Do you need a car with excessive space to fit extra persons as well as luggage? Or are you still in the search of a small size car? The 2014 and 2015 models of Nissan Navara D40 are offered in 2-door Single Cab adjusting only for two persons, and King Cab with foldable seats to give you extra space. Its 4-door Dual Cab is suitable for 5. All body styles are manufactured in a cab-chassis frame.


In addition to the 2011 model, 2015 has:
 6-speaker Stereo
✓ USB Socket
✓ Laminated Windscreen
✓ Power Door Mirrors
✓ Rear windscreen with timer

The 2020 base DX model has striking 15’’ steel wheels for an epic look. Other luxuries are AC, a high-quality sound system, and responsive cruise/navigation control. For a heavier touch, RX has 16’’ steel wheels with a mirror reversing camera, available on utility only. The chrome finessed bumper and door handles and Rear air vents are the noticeable modification. The most luxury-oriented version is SL with a high-resolution 8.0-inch digital infotainment display. It is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The most impressive features of the Nissan Navara STX D40 version include proximity entry with push-button start and rear parking sensors.


Cons of buying Nissan Navara D40:

✓ Radiators are prone to rupture
✓ Defective engine coolant
✓ You might lose control over reverse gear in auto mode.
✓ Repairing parts can be unnecessarily expensive
✓ Clutch trouble
✓ Noisy diesel engines


Final verdict:

Nissan Navara D40 has its positive and negative points. Where it gets you a fuel-efficient engine, you might not be able to enjoy the thrill of high acceleration. It has a sturdy but unimpressive layout. It is reasonably priced but also lacks an excessively spacious interior in comparison to other UTEs and cabs.

Do you prefer tough looking pick-up trucks? 2020 models are worth the try! But, if you are interested in buying older variants, try to make sure every detail is balanced. The best way to ensure is through the car’s accidental, driving, theft, and traveling history. And, we are pleased to provide you an online portal Quick Revs with 24/7 accessibility to get history details.



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