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Nissan Murano Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Nissan Murano Review Australia


Nissan Murano Review Australia

The Nissan Murano is a series of sturdy and powerful, durable, and easy-to-steer mid-size crossover SUVs. Marketed under the name of Nissan. Its production was started in 2002 as a stylish yet good performer SUV and ended with an addition of a convertible variant, the CrossCabriolet in 2015. It caught the eye of every passerby. It is not only loaded with good options of engine configurations but also the pick of FWD and AWD. Both are trouble-free.


We cannot say it is the largest SUV but is definitely not the smallest with cramped space. you would find Nissan Murano smartly equipped with pretty impressive family comfort. Ample space and convenience are the key appeals. Considering it a convenient cruiser, you would probably be excited about its highly pleasant ambiance complemented with the obvious material quality.



If we talk about its engine, there are plenty of options with a good variety of power and torque. One thing that is most appreciated in all the configurations is the reasonable value for fuel consumption. Apart from strengthened engines, they are also reliable and unproblematic. Every model has its engine placed under the bonnet complimented with reinforced and hard-wearing mechanics. It is absolutely a smooth cruiser in city tracks as well as highways.


Nissan Murano is designed to be a maneuverable vehicle even on bumpy roads. How? With the installation of a responsive braking system and adaptable suspension setup. Such equipment makes the car capable of absorbing bumps delicately, amazing cornering skills, and minimum body roll. The steering is known to be directional, handy, and weighed suitably. To make Nissan Murano more usable, the throttle response is made highly receptive and pedals are placed at a precise distance.


We advise you to buy the latest models because of their high usability, but older versions are really not OLD so they can also be purchased for daily routine driving. Starting from the first generation, you can see your possible options below with the power and torque details.


First generation-2002


 ✓ A 3.5L V6 engine

 ✓ Maximum power: 183 kW

 ✓ Maximum torque: 334 Nm

 ✓ Available with standard FWD and optional AWD

 ✓ 6-speed CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission)

 ✓ Fuel consumption: 18 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway


Top standard ride and firm road grip to offer classic on-road and off-road handling. Not impressed with the Nissan Murano engine but finding other features meeting your needs, Japanese models are available with the option of a 2 .5L 4-cylinder engine with 3.5L V6.


Second generation-2007


 ✓ A 3.5L V engine

 ✓ Maximum power: 198 kW

 ✓ Maximum torque: 336 Nm

 ✓ 6-speed CVT with Adaptive Shift Control

 ✓ Value for fuel economy: 18mpg for city and 23 mpg for highways


The 2010 version is equipped with a more powerful and useful 2.5L 4-cylinder engine. It runs on diesel and is capable of delivering 190 hp with 450 Nm torque.


Third generation-2014


 ✓ Available in only left-hand drive

 ✓ 3.5L V6 engine

 ✓ Maximum power: 194kW)

 ✓ 6-speed CVT



Coming to the vehicle’s practicality, the Nissan Murano meets almost every target. This SUV has a decent boot space with satisfactory leg space and knee room. It offers enough adult-standard accommodation space even in the rear. It is just an overwhelmingly smart and clever design. Generally speaking, the most appealing thing for the American could be its interior styling that brings a bit of ‘bling’. Complimented with a soft felt and premium leather-to-surface making.


The seats are made to maximize ride ease but their flat and not-so-contoured design might bug you a little. All instrumentations are understandable and can be easily accessed in Nissan Murano. As we know it has a pretty rounded layout, it gets inconvenient, sometimes. Because it is harder to make turns and to park. Overall, Nissan Murano is a well-equipped car with sophisticated functionality. Some of the highlighted features of the first generation include:


 ✓ LED rear lights

 ✓ LED indicators/turn signals

 ✓ High-resolution screen

 ✓ Back-up camera

 ✓ GPS


From the 2nd generation, the specifically added new line of smart features is either optional or standard. A 2010 version has a heated steering wheel and a driver seat with memory. You can blast your fav song on its premium Bose sound system. A year later, the upgraded 20-inch alloy wheels with a power tailgate are equipped. Nissan Murano has Bluetooth, AUX connectivity, and a premium 11-speaker BOSE system as standard. Depending on the trim level. The LE grade has:


 ✓ Rain sensing wipers

 ✓ Double-stitched leather-wrapped seats

 ✓ Powered rear liftgate

 ✓ Power collapsible rear seats

 ✓ iPod integration

 ✓ Touchscreen navigation system


In the 3rd generation of Murano Nissan, the rain-sensing wipers get discontinued. The wheels are made in a new design. Whereas, inside has a quilted semi-aniline leather seating as a standard on the Platinum trim level. If you prefer getting a lavish touch of a light wood tone, you can choose either SV or SL trims with a cashmere interior


Murano S


 ✓ 18-inch Aluminum-alloy wheels

 ✓ Auto dual-zone Temperature Control

 ✓ A 7.0-inch Information monitor

 ✓ Power windows


The Murano SL


It adds the following features to the S:


 ✓ 10-way power-adjustable driver`s seat

 ✓ HomeLink® Universal Transceiver

 ✓ Auto-dimming rearview mirrors

 ✓ Fog lights

 ✓ Automatic headlights

 ✓ Rear-view Monitor


Safety features of Nissan Murano


 ✓ Full set of airbags

 ✓ Steel reinforced cabin

 ✓ VDC

 ✓ ABS

 ✓ EBD

 ✓ Brake assistance

 ✓ Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection

 ✓ Blind-spot warning

 ✓ Rear cross-traffic alert

 ✓ Lane departure warning

 ✓ High-beam assist


Murano GT-C and Murano CrossCabriolet

High-performance versions of Nissan Murano, the GT-C uses a high-output variant of the VQ35DE engine. The power is known to be 305 bhp. Besides, the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet from 2011 doesn’t receive any significant facial or mechanical updates.


Murano Hybrid

Available only in 2016, this Nissan Murano Hybrid version can be purchased in either SL or Platinum trim level. The key appeal is its electric motor mated with a 2.5L 4-cyl engine. When complemented with a responsive and Intelligent Dual Clutch System, the performance of its Lithium-Ion Battery is enhanced. With the application of the so-called VSP (Vehicle Sound for Pedestrians) system. Safety has taken to another level. Nissan Murano works best and gives reasonable fuel consumption value even when driven at a low speed in the electric drive mode.


Ti Murano – One of the Nissan masterpieces

Nissan Murano Ti is well-laid and is equipped with all the necessary equipment. For the car of its size and features, you would find it pretty cheaply priced. The Nissan Murano Ti lacks only 7-seat accommodation. it is extremely comfortable in its on-road performance. The turn-in seems better than you can expect. Although it feels less sporty, the V6’s performance is robust. The engine is made to be revved up but when accelerated hard the engine starts making truck-like sounds. Nissan Murano is more focused on comfort.


2015-year model


 ✓ 3.5L 6-cyl petrol engine

 ✓ 6-speed CVT

 ✓ Maximum power: 191 kW@6000 rpm

 ✓ Maximum torque: 336Nm@4400 rpm

 ✓ Fuel tank capacity: 82L

 ✓ 11-speaker stereo system with subwoofer

 ✓ Bluetooth connectivity

 ✓ CD player and aMP3 decoder

 ✓ Dual climate control AC

 ✓ Adaptable cruise control

 ✓ Automatic light-sensitive headlights

 ✓ Xenon lights (low beam)

 ✓ Fog lamps (front)

 ✓ Power windows (front and rear)

 ✓ Rear-view mirror Anti-glare (electric)

 ✓ Intermittent rain-sensing wipers

 ✓ Leather trimming with metal finesse

 ✓ Electrically adjustable seats

 ✓ Heated seats

 ✓ Driver seat with memory and lumbar support

 ✓ Tachometer

 ✓ GPS with a trip computer

 ✓ Electric and heated mirrors with memory

 ✓ 12v sockets


Final verdict

Nissan Murano is soft, safe, and predictable for sure. Perfect family cruiser and, to be frank, it does not harbor any goals to be anything else. A sturdy V6 engine, quick CVT, and soft on-road underpinnings all propose similar boulevardier traits, but it is basically more of a midfield successful series. Consider it a moderate solution to the midsize SUV buyer’s dilemma!


Now, to make the decision easier, you can get all the information about your required vehicle from our online portal. Enter the details and we will deliver the original, verified information of the accidents, thefts along with driving history.



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