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Nissan Micra Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

nissan micra Review Australia

With the ever-growing popularity of SUVs in the country, you might think that there are not many good options available for small cars. Wrong! Once you start looking, you would find countless small cars that you can utilize for driving around town, going shopping, dropping the kids to school, and so on. Nissan has been consistent in this class of cars, producing some of the most popular and sought-after compact cars for people around the World.


The new Nissan Micra 2020 might well be the answer that you had been looking for. It offers an overall stylish package which some will find cute, excellent detailing and great security features are one of the first impressions when you spot the Micra. It is available in multiple colors and provides comfort which makes it a leader in small cars.


In contrast to the overpowered and overweight sedans and SUVs that you commonly see on the roads, the Nissan Micra has a completely different thing to offer. It is definitely one of the cheapest and colorful options available with front-wheel drive and comes in various variants for you to choose from. Even though the car may seem small in size from outside, it still delivers ample legroom and enough space to fit in your family comfortably.


Known as the Nissan March in many parts of the World, this supermini car by the Japanese car manufacturing company offers a relatively easy and confident drive, has a good 360 view and above all is really easy to park if you are on a shopping spree. It does well when it comes to fuel efficiency and the standard safety features have received good ratings.


Through the Years:

The Nissan Micra was first manufactured in 1982 and was sold exclusively in the domestic Japanese market through the acclaimed Nissan Cherry Store. In other parts of the World, especially in Asia, it was marketed and sold under the name of Nissan March and was one of the best-selling small cars by the car manufacturing company.


The first Micra was nicknamed K10 to coincide with the chassis name and was basically meant to compete against small to mid-level cars from other car manufacturing companies like the Suzuki Cultus, Daihatsu Charade, and the Honda City. The next generation of the Micra was known as the Nissan Micra K11 and marked the production of the car in the United Kingdom and Taiwan, in addition to Japan. It was offered in both petrol and diesel variants, applying a superb fuel injection system.


The Nissan Micra K12 started the third generation of the minicar series, introduced in 2002 at the Paris Motor Show. The K12 was completely redesigned from the previous generations, offering a stylish curved exterior and distinctive headlamp that extended to the wing tops. The K12 received a great reception from car enthusiasts and proved to set new standards for upcoming minicars from then on.


Nissan Micra Specifications:

The Nissan Micra is offered in three model variants, namely the ST, ST-L and the Micra Ti. The ST uses a 1.2-liter petrol engine outputting 56 kW of power which is distributed to the front wheels with a five-speed manual transmission. But you can always opt for the four-speed automatic as well, which comes as optional. The overall chassis is robust which ensures a sure and supple ride even on sharp turns.


The Micra ST-L differs from the ST mainly when you compare the engines. It employs a 1.4-liter petrol engine which outputs a credible 75 kW of power and really tells you the difference with its 136 Nm of torque when you rev up the engine exactly right. The Micra Ti has the same engine but has a sportier overtone.


The Nissan Micra can get you from 0 to 100 km/h in just over 12 seconds, which is an impressive feat for a car of this size and engine as well as providing an excellent fuel economy. The compact shape and the precise handling make navigating around the city and in and out of parking spots childishly simple. The diesel variant of the Nissan Micra is a great option with a better fuel economy, but that still has to be introduced to the Australian market yet.


Nissan Micra Features:

In a nutshell, the Nissan Micra is equipped with most of the features that you would require to be comfortable when driving and keep up with the traffic on the road reliably. The five-door design gives it a modern and stylish overall appearance, as well as allowing easy access for all passengers to fit in. The front seats are roomier and more comfortable, while the rear seats are comparatively less roomy.


The interior has multiple storage spaces and compartments to stash away your goodies and knick-knacks. It also features a standard CD player, power windows and steering wheel and central locking system. The pricier variants also have climate control, keyless entry, and a push-to-start button.


Some standard features which are equipped in all the models include the Anti-lock braking system, VDC, and BA. You can also get reverse sensors as optional. Seatbelts for all the passengers and driver with pre-tensioning, front and front-side airbags ensure the safety of everyone in the Micra.


Nissan Micra Review:

The Nissan Micra price is one of the best things about the car and when you consider the features and specifications, you cannot help but agree that this is a great deal. The cherry on top is the reliability factor that is associated with any Nissan vehicle and you seldom face any undue issue or safety risk with the Micra. In a market full of small front-wheel-drive cars, this is one of the stars and would always be in the top favorite cars in this class.


Moreover, the Nissan Micra is backed up with a three-year robust warranty lasting for 100,000 kms as well as roadside assistance and the fact that there are numerous Nissan dealerships and spare parts stores spread throughout the country.

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