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Nissan Juke Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Nissan Juke Review Australia


Nissan Juke has always been on the top of the SUV list for its robustness, agility, handling, and styling. This is a subcompact crossover SUV manufactured by Nissan since 2010. Demonstrating exceptional stability and drivability, it seems like a cute-UTE that is peppy and equally nimble. Available in AWD and FWD, we can say it is an outstanding all-season cruiser. Nissan Juke NISMO is a real deal - one of the best commuters of 2017. You would love its classic aerodynamic body kit.


First-generation (F15; 2010):

First-generation is even not very old. Made in 2010, Nissan Juke 1st generation vehicles offer amazing rides and comfort. The blend of practicality and ease is pretty visible, and how can you resist admiring its distinctive styling inside out. On the one hand, it comes with a variety of engine options, petrol, and diesel. On the other hand, you are provided with an impressive, spacious, and well-laid interior. It might lack some features making it a basic option, but it is worth trying, especially if you are a beginner.


Engine and road performance:

The ride seems smooth coupled with appealing cornering ability. The road handling and steering management are stunning. The setup of brakes and suspension are highly compatible and work brilliantly to ensure a pleasant driving experience. Compared to the early year models of Nissan juke, the later models are more maneuverable and mechanically capable. Both petrol and diesel engines cruise seamlessly with no jerks and shudders.


The stopping power is satisfactory as well as minimal body roll. The cornering skills are enhanced in the 2013 onward trims.


1st generation has four petrol and one diesel engine configurations:

✓ 1.5L HR15DE Inline-4 Petrol engine

 1.6L HR16DE Inline-4 Petrol engine

✓ 1.6L MR16DDT Inline-4 turbocharged Petrol engine

✓ 3.8L VR38DETT V6 twin-turbo petrol engine that is only available in Nissan juke R variant

✓ 1.5 L Renault K9K Inline-4 diesel engine


The best recommendation is a 1.6L I4 turbocharged engine it comes with 140 kW power @ 5600 rpm. The torque value is calculated as 240 N⋅m @ 2000-5600 rpm. Seems pretty fair to us! If you don’t want to go turbo, a simple 1.6L engine might be a good pick, too. Depending on the type, the power range is 69-86 kW @ 5400 rpm mated with the torque range of 140-157 N⋅m @ 3200-4400 rpm.


The steering is made directional and easy to move. It keeps your drive engaged at all transmissions. The pedals and throttle are strong, responsive, and quick.


It has four options in a gearbox:

✓ 5-speed manual

✓ 6-speed manual

✓ Xtronic CVT

✓ 6-speed DCT that is only available in Nissan Juke R



At a glance, you will be left stunned by its timeless, bold, and equally nimble appearance. Nissan juke offers the right balance of quality and feasibility, style and usability. You can point it out from a distance due to its protuberant wheel arches and the distinguishing body's high waistline. The contrasting slim side windows reflect modernity. Resembling a coke bottle styling, it is somewhat similar to the Maxima. And, yes, it does carry the touch of coupé.  


The rear door handles are carefully placed by the C-pillars right beside the window frame - a typical and traditional Nissan styling. You can see its eye-catching sports motif inside made in red- or grey. Apart from the robust front look, you will definitely like the stack of lights. Headlights and indicators are placed right atop the front wings complementing an expansive, curved grille.


Inside is made spacious. Even the rear seats have a 60/40 split to enhance the storage. You might find its rear cargo area a bit small. The strategically placed steering column totally balances the instrumentation cluster.


Nissan Juke has:

✓ Tachometer


✓ A small display showing real-time fuel efficiency, G-force measurements, turbo boost pressure odometer, and trip odometer

✓ Radio

 I-CON control

✓ Keyless go


Higher the spec, the greater the qualities and features. Moreover, you can have:

✓ iPod and USB connectivity

✓ NissanConnect GPS navigation

✓ Rear-view camera

✓ Bluetooth audio

✓ Nissan's Integrated Control System


Nissan Juke 2020 - Second generation:

Comparatively, the latest 2020 and 2021 versions are a more skilled, functional, and valuable addition. With a long list of standard equipment, it offers a big boot for maximum driving comfort. The design looks amazingly fresh. The mechanics are improved wonderfully, making your handling keen and fun. However, it has one engine but is absolutely likable. Considering it a design-focused crossover, the Nissan juke appears adequately quiet on roads. 


Its adaptive cruise system guarantees the vehicle gets back up to adjust the acceleration after slowing for, and then passing, vehicles ahead. Having a bold and playful exterior with a fine interior and decent cabin presentation, this ‘light SUV’ is a must-have for daily use.



Remember, Nissan juke has only FWD and no other options! And in this year's variants, there is only ONE engine option, too. The 1.0L 3-cyl DIG-T turbocharged engine is capable of delivering 86 kW power with 180 Nm torque. It runs on petrol and offers reasonable fuel economy. It is a cheerful car, but we can say…it can get better. It has room for modification.


Do you like the automatic car? It has a 7-speed DCT. Or, like to drive a manual car? It has a 6-speed manual. It shifts effortlessly and rapidly while saving fuel. The decent values of speed and power add oomph. Juke Nissan is not fast, and when driving with people on board, the speed tends to slow. It feels smooth between gearshifts, receptive as speed or situations change, and works fine to convey a touch of sportiness. If you chose DCT, it comes with grumpiness, particularly at low speed. This fidgetiness might make you lose your mind. In TI trim, it is slightly more vibey and gruffly. These vibrations disturb the peace.


The ride feels stiffer on ST-L and Ti versions. But luckily, ST-L and Ti versions are equipped with a drive-mode selector: Eco, Normal, and Sport. The Sport mode only adds a punch of speed and tightens the steering without affecting the ride quality.


Design and specifications:

Undoubtedly, it is much more attractive, appealing, and captivating. With enough quirky styling, Nissan Juke appears lavish. The bigger chassis is extremely well-supported, with a firmish ride and lovely body control. Interior gives the sense of premium quality. Every control and switch is placed keenly, although the dashboard is made unnecessarily busy. Information is well presented. The biggest ergonomic fail is the absence of a wireless phone charger.


The wheelbase is stretched to add up extra space for storage. The seats are adjustable but need to be adjusted manually. Positioned low in a cabin, the arcing roofline and no sunroof intrude the headroom. The upper-spec ST-L and Ti are expensive, and that is why fun-looking part-leather chairs are provided as a standard.


Juke ST specs:

Inside has stylish paddle-shift levers that also make the drive easier. Moreover, the cloth/accented leather upholstery feels soft and luxurious. The instrument panel seems pretty advanced. The slickness of the presentation is not present, sadly. It does have some interesting touches, including Mini-Esque circular gear lever surround and the quintet of circular chrome-black accented air vents spreading across the dashboard.


The well-laid knobs support in general tactility. The addition of orange ambient lighting gives a decent visual touch. In the compact cabin of Nissan Juke, everything is made responsive and easy to use.


Some of the highlighted specifications offered in base level ST are:

 Auto high beam LED headlights and DRLs

 Digital radio

 17-inch robust-looking alloy wheels

 Manual air-conditioning 

 Rain-sensing wipers

 Apple CarPlay and Android Auto 

 Voice commands

 8-inch infotainment

 4-speaker sound system 

 7.0-inch TFT display 

 Around View monitor


The Juke ST+ brings a limited looked-for extra, such as:

 Heated front seats

 Built-in satellite navigation

 LED fog-lights

 Climate control air-conditioning.


Nissan Juke TI specs:

Loaded with adventurous detailing, top-spec Nissan Juke TI has circular vents complementing the strips of suede-look on the dashboard. The infotainment display has become more convenient to use, access, and enjoy. No more analog gauges.


The TI carries its exclusive unique designing, such as:

 Quilted accented leather seats with Alcantara trimming

 19-inch alloy wheels 

 Shark-fin antenna

 Illuminated ‘JUKE’ entry scuff plates

 8-speaker Bose premium stereo system

 Single-zone climate control

 Rear privacy glass 

 Tire-pressure-monitoring setup

 Automatic lights and wipers

 AM/FM/DAB+ radio


 Manually adjusted seats

 LED head-, fog- and tail-lights

 Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility

 Voice recognition


Safety features:

 Mandatory stability control

 6 airbags

 Seatbelt with warnings

 Rear-view camera

 Front parking sensors (ST-L and Ti)

 Rear parking sensors

 Hill-start assistance

 Cruise control

 Speed limiter

 AEB (autonomous emergency braking)

✓ 360-degree camera system (ST-L and Ti)

 Cyclist detection

 Forward collision warning

 Lane assistance

 Blind-spot warning

 Idle stop/start

 Traffic sign recognition

 Moving Object Detection (ST-L and Ti)



 Limited rear space in ST-L and Ti due to bulky front seats

 Foolish gearbox calibration

 ST-L and Ti’s 19-inch wheels make the ride more rigid and rough

 Twitchy ride

 Sometimes, dual-clutch auto becomes jerky

 Lack of wireless smartphone charging

 Lacks refinement in comparison to rivals


Final verdict:

With an impressive upmarket interior and competitive price tag, it has become an increasingly suitable SUV. Sometimes, you might feel its ride quality is pretty average. It has a couple of significant downsides, but it is definitely a helpful vehicle in space and equipment.


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