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Nissan Figaro Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Nissan Figaro Review Australia


If you are in the search of a small-sized car that is keeping the touch of vintage coolness as well as retro touch, then the Nissan Figaro should be your pick.

Manufactured by Nissan this car is originally sold only in Japan but due to popularity, it is bought all around the world. It is an FWD with a powerful engine placed in the front under the hood. This is one of the most attractive retro 2-door fixed-profile convertibles.


You can say it will have old car problems as it was made back in 1991, but it has always received satisfactory reviews. Even if you have gotten a chance to see Nissan Figaro, you have observed how beautifully it has retained its charisma. We all know style matters and trust me, this car has it in spades.



This car is available in only one configuration of RWD with a right-hand drive. Simple word: It is a high-horsepower car with exotic designs. And, Yes, you have heard it right, it is an extremely maneuverable car that makes it a perfect choice for city drives. Well, truly speaking, a reason for its clean and neat ride is not only its smartly manufactured engine but compactness and lightweight chassis.


In terms of road performance, Nissan Figaro's unnecessarily slowness might bug you a little but rest assured, the motor is efficient, sturdy, and offers a lifetime use. Being an on-road performer shows agile manners. It lacks true sporting dynamics, and you can expect a significant body lean through corners. Although the steering is easy to manage, the real maneuverability comes from the front ventilated discs and rear drums braking system.


In short, the Figaro’s make for a cool and durable easy to maintain retro car. Unfortunately, you would find it dynamically pretty dull as it is underpowered despite the turbocharger.


The machinery Nissan Figaro carries is a turbocharged 1L OHC inline 4-cyl engine that runs on petrol. The fuel tank capacity is 40L which is enough to take you but not on a long drive. It is capable of producing power of 56 kW along with reasonable torque of 78 lb-ft. It is mated with a 3-speed automatic gearbox that offers ultimate smoothness. The floor-mounted gearbox is accessible.


Another impressive thing is its reliable front MacPherson struts and rear four-link coil spring suspensions.



This 4-seater sports car has so much to offer even after Nissan Figaro is 27 years old. The distinctive steel-made wheels add up to the elegant styling. The most unique feature is its open top because it does not like other tops. It is a fixed-profile top for a convertible where the side elements posted on the side stay there intact and only the fabric soft top is retracted.


The outlook has timelessly appealing styling along with giving a delicate feeling. The highlight is its solid panel with a glass rear window featuring a defroster. The exterior has rear fog lights and a heated rear screen.


Do you know how the company has managed to reduce the weight? By using a weight-saving thermoplastic resin for making front fenders. Well, it comes with a corrosion-resistant feature.


If we talk about Nissan Figaro cabin detailing, it is sumptuously equipped. It has leather-trimmed, ivory-colored, soft-felt seats. The level up is through splendid contrasting piping. You will get an air conditioner. It has an understandable speedometer that is oriented with smaller inset gauges showing fuel and engine temperature. Plus, there is a chrome-trimmed tachometer with an inset clock. Granny-thin steering is mounted on the right side of the cabin.


Well, there is a CD player where you can play and enjoy your favorite music. Along with a player, that is an accessible Cassette deck. AM/FM radio is available as well as Audio Tape Player. Bakelite-style knobs look 100% fashionable and fancier which makes the interior smarter. Dashboard top with smooth-feel paint will catch your eye instantly. Powered windows are featured but, on the front, only. Chrome finessed interior and exterior details are a real eye-catcher.


Following are the optional features that you can get on Nissan Figaro Turbo:

Alloy Wheels

Leather-covered Steering wheel, Handbrake, and Gearstick

Chrome Wheel arches

Parking Aid

Chrome headlight eyelids, door handle inserts, and wing mirrors

Front and Rear mudflaps

Rear Luggage rack

Side impact protection 


Safety features:

As long as the car offers safety, you would be more inclined to buy it. Because Nissan Figaro is not the car of the latest years, it definitely lacks not only hi-tech safety features but also the basic ones. You will only get 3-point seat belts, even for the rear seats. Well, you can consider the high-mount stop lamp as a part of safety protocols. 1991 Nissan Figaro is also installed with a dual lock and warning alarms.


The only highly beneficial feature is the installation of a secondary hood latch. It keeps the hood close while driving. Even if you have done accidental activation, it will not let it open.


Cons of buying Nissan Figaro:

The coupe is severely underpowered

Flooring the throttle requires patience to reach highway speed,

The car lacks fog lights on the front

There is no option for Xenon headlights

Nissan Figaro doesn’t have an Anti-lock braking system (ABS) for safe driving

No Central or remote/keyless Locking

There are no airbags for passengers or even a driver

No advanced infotainment LCD

No satellite navigation or cruise control

No high-class audio setup

No heater


Final verdict:

On average, Nissan Figaro is somewhat a sophisticated sports car that has a load of impressive features. It is not only impressive in terms of the interior but also exterior. To maximize comfort, the low-mount headrest is installed that also makes up for the classic appearance. Its prime allure is its cuddly antique design, up to some extent modern services, and steadfast Japanese mechanicals. Timeless retro art, indeed!


Before purchasing your car, weigh out the pros and cons of the engine, transmission, interior, and layout, but never forget to check the vehicle’s accidental, driving, theft, and traveling history. And especially if it is THAT old car. It will give you a perfect idea. 


We welcome you to our site to access the required information by entering your car details. We have an online portal for the customers, which you can access anytime and anywhere.

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