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Nissan Dualis Review Australia | A car of excellence | Price, Specifications, Features

Nissan Dualis Review Australia

If you are planning to buy an SUV, Nissan Dualis is the best of all. The SUV is a comfortable car with great space for your family. Nissan Dualis is a car with 7 seats and is the most affordable car with unique specifications. The vehicle was initially designed in London, and the engineering development was originated in Bedford. Furthermore, in Paris, it was globally presented in Motor show of the year 2006. All the models including 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 & 2007 of Nisan Dualis are up to the mark. It is famous in many countries that include Kenya, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, Tanzania, Trinidad & Australian. The Nissan Dualis specs have dynamic designing and distinct features that made t different from others.



Its engine is located at the front with the type of Diesel turbo F/INJ. The size of the engine is about  1.6L having 4 cylinders. The maximum torque covered is 320Nm @1750rpm within the power of 96kW @ 4000rpm. The compression ratio covered by the engine is 15.4 that is quite efficient. The towing capacity of the engine is simply outstanding from all other SUVs.



  The Nissan Dualis is a Good all-around performer.

  With its unique flexibility

  Offering you Compliant ride with consistent steering

  With the best Diesel efficiency



  The Diesel engine of Nissan Dualis lacks low-end punch.

  When Ruts can unsettle it

  Interior and tech starting to feel old

  No auto only manual


There are two types of suspensions in the luxurious model of Nissan are Front and rear suspension and both include the following:


Front suspension:

  MacPherson strut

  Coil Spring

  Hydraulic damper

  Shock absorber

  Anti-roll bar


Rear Suspension:

  Multi-link system

  Coil Spring,

  Hydraulic damper

  Shock absorber


Nissan Dualis Fuel Consumption: 

Nissan has an excellent capacity for unleaded petrol of 65 Litres with the total fuel consumption of 8.2L/100km. 


Safety Features:

  Air Bags for protection from front and side 

  Anti-lock Braking System 

  Traction Control work on protecting against slippery roads and by brake failure 




  The Climate Control System 

  TV and Navigation screen for entertainment with information

  Comfortable seating for less tiring drive

  Tilted steering wheel for driver space and comfortability

  Enough space for better storage 


Nissan Dualis Review:

Review 1:

I have the TS diesel model in manual and bought it new in 2013. The only issue was the battery would die randomly but after 3 batteries we bought a small truck battery that fixed the issue. I have done 130K and it has never missed a beat. Not had to replace the clutch as someone else mentioned so i was puzzled at that.

We would buy another what is now a qashqai as this has been almost faultless. The car is now showing its age. The trim on the door handles has peeled, some plastic trim rattles but nothing else is broken. A great reliable car.


Review 2:

We have recently purchased a 2016 TI Qashqai after driving a Toyota Aurion for the past 3years and are thrilled with our new vehicle.The Aurion has been a great drive but being of the older generation we needed a more practical vehicle. Nissan Aspley was really good to deal with, the Qashqai is quiet, easy to drive, powerful enough, well-appointed and economical so it has been a great choice so far.

Purchased in October 2019 for $23,010.00.

Review 3:

Bought new my 201 Nissan dualis TI FWD manual. Great car, but be warned about the soft clutch. Had to replace after 90,000km. Which cost $3k as you need to buy the entire clutch and flywheel as one unit. Also replaced front rotors after 70,000km but that only cost $100 and is a common issue with the dualis. My opinion is the manual version plus FWD puts to much stress on the clutch as it's a heavy car. Only caveat is this was a daily driver in Sydney conditions. so lots of stop start. Besides the clutch the car was faultless.


Review 4:

Repairs required so far: CVT gearbox replaced; turbocharger replaced; inlet manifold warped - replace; air-conditioner twice repaired; both front seat heaters replaced; glove box fell out; rear door lift struts faulty; shock absorbers faulty; squeaks & rattles ++; stop/start works intermittently. If you enjoy frequent visits to you Nissan Dealer workshop buy a qashqai.

Purchased in November 2014 at Lennock Motors for $42,000.00.


Review 5:

Nissan would have to be the kings of bringing out one dud after another. And they sell enough of them to keep in business. I bought my J10 Dualis from Alex Mildren Artarmon in 2012. The salesman scratched the side mirror as he drove it out the showroom. I discover a few days later there was a dint in the car just to the right of the petrol tank. The station wagon cover lock-overs broke under warranty & I was dumb-founded at the fact that the person I dealt with in hierachy argued until he was blue in the face to get Nissan out of supplying a new one. After telling their service centre at that time, there was a problem with the gearbox, the manager there tells me if there is no fault found, it would be fully chargable. My head goes in the sand. Nissan West Pennant Hills charged me $350 up to 12mths ago to fix the engine mount & and I still have the problem. Then I read this about CVT which might be what the problem is but for Nissan WPH not to be able to be definitive about this issue is VERY VERY poor work.



From all the Nissan Dualis 7 seater reviews my opinion for this car is different as this car is a family car and all the specifications are above expectations with an affordable price. The Nissan Dualis tyre size are unique and has much capacity to cover all surfaces hilly or rough.

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