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Nissan Almera Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Nissan Almera Review Australia


Nissan Almera is a car that offers a smoother and quiet ride.  The car is loaded with impressive features that are difficult to find if you are tight on budget. The latest models have improved high-speed stability and offer better driving dynamics. It makes the car easy to handle, and easy to race. The feature of all-new retuned suspension just adds up to the feasible ride. The car is not all about speed and engine but an appealing and comfortable interior. The latest models have reshaped cabins with high-grade quality materials. Regardless of the engine, fuel, and variant, you would get a satisfactory fuel consumption.


The company has introduced 4 generations in compact and subcompact car categories. All models are equipped with front-engine and are introduced as FWD vehicles. Reasonably priced, environment-friendly motor, sufficient boot space, and loads of advanced accessories! This remarkable vehicle is engineered to offer maximum comfort. Its decent ride complementing steering accuracy enhances the standard safety features. We can say, it is a safe-handling car.


Engine specs:

Well, starting from the 1st generation, you would not find any impressive features. You will feel the need to purchase Nissan Almera. Although it offers both petrol and diesel engines the maximum size is 2.0L. It is satisfactory but not in comparison to other models. So, let's move to the next option, the 2nd generation. It also comes with both petrol and diesel engines but with a variety of engine sizes. Petrol engines are offered in 1.5L and 1.8L sizes.


Whereas, diesel engines are available in 1.5L (K9K) and 2.2L engine. If you want a 1.5L engine, do remember to check for its drive-by-wire electronic throttle. In old variants, there is the mechanical throttle that doesn’t come in handy. If you need medium speed, a 2.2L turbo-diesel engine is a good option. This direct-injection engine produces 110 bhp. You can get the same sized engine with the power of 136 bhp having common-rail turbo diesel.


3rd generation:

The basic model you can get hands-on is a 1.2L petrol engine Inline cyl-3. It is complemented with a 5-speed manual or an Xtronic CVT transmission. It is enough to provide you the power of 58 kW with a torque of 106 NM. Well, you can choose its 4-speed automatic transmission, as well, if you do not like CVT. It also goes by the titles of Nissan Versa and Nissan Latio. The latest option you have to choose from is the US-specified model manufactured in 2011. It is powered by a 1.6L petrol HR16DE Inline-4-cylinder engine. The engine is capable of delivering 80 kW power and 145 Nm torque.


Do you like Philippine-built sturdy models? The Philippine version of Nissan Almera is installed with a 1.5L Inline-4 cylinders engine named HR15DE. Consider it a significant upgrade but the gearbox is similar. The Australian trims available in 2012-year models also runs on the same engine and transmission. So, you can choose whatever you like, prefer to drive depending on the manufacturing state. The real upgraded 2013 version has exclusive low-rolling-resistance tires and an efficient air intake guide. The rear spoiler and air deflectors are the plus.


4th generation:

Looking for more options? Thailand-made models have 5 (S, E, EL, V, VL) trims, whereas Malaysian-built has 3 (VL, VLP, VLT). Well, every trim has something different, or we must say outstanding. Although, they run on the same HRA0 1.0-liter turbocharged engine. Other options available in 2019 and 2020 models are inline-4 cylinder engines of greater sizes, 1.5L and 1.6L. The Xtronic CVT and five-speed Nissan are your gearbox pick for a smoother on-road performance.


Design of Nissan Almera:

The initial Almera Nissan models of the 1st generation have decent standard specifications. The highlights are manageable power steering, airbag, powered mirrors, and stereo as standard. If you are into a robust-looking vehicle, diesel engines come with an aggressive up-front body kit.  The striking side skirts and prominent front/rear splitters add up. 2000 models of Nissan Almera will give you a smoother and subtle, chrome-finessed exterior with stylish curved lines. Besides, it has a projector-style headlamp, integrated engine air inlet, eye-catching honeycomb grille with small-sized circular fog lights. Nissan's Bird-eye GPS and ESP, fitted in the higher variants offer additional safety.


3rd generation:

As we move along, you will see how the company has evolved its vehicles. For instance, the 2016 model has LED DRLs.


The US-built trim made in 2011 has:

Bluetooth connectivity

Receptive navigation system

5’’ LCD of high-resolution

Satellite-nav radio

iPod/USB portals


The Nissan Almera 2013 trim has a retro-modern themed interior. The adjustable front seats and adequate legroom maximizes comfort. You can carry a lot of luggage. You will be getting a high-quality AC and an audio setup. Besides luxuries, it has amazing safety features including a seat belt, children's lock, and airbags.


The special circular air-con vents and rounded door handles will definitely get your attention. Regrettably, it has no USB and Cruise control. In the 2015 model, all you will get is newly shaped rear lights and bigger headlights. The significant difference in Nissan Almera 2016 S sedan is the addition of rear stereo speakers and body-matching exterior mirrors. The higher SL trim comes in luxurious leather-wrapped steering wheel and seats.


The latest 2018 model has:

Push Button start

7" touchscreen

The inspiring stereo head unit

Rear-view monitor

Streaming Bluetooth audio

Siri Eyes Free

USB/Aux ports (S and S Plus trims, only)


4th generation:

These models are detailed with notable features which makes this car more and more desirable. With a smoother curvy exterior and a multitude of interior safety, it has become one of the preferred vehicles.


Almera Nissan SV Special Edition package offers you some exceptional specifications, such as:

Advanced audio setup


Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

SiriusXM Satellite Radio

Bluetooth connectivity


If you are still not satisfied and demands more luxuries, the higher Versa trims are your perfect choice wrapped in leather and cloth seating to give a decent look.


Added features to the above are:

Sturdy aluminum-alloy wheels

Smartphone integration,

TFT LCD instrument cluster display

Nissan Intelligent Key system,

Single-zone climate control

Air conditioning

Rear parking sensors


Final verdict:

Nissan Almera's latest models have not one but many benefits to giving such as the fuel-efficient engine, impressive styling, spacious cabin, compact size, and elite safety features. Still, cabin quietness is one of the little Almera sedan’s most striking features. The engine has a gentle throttle with a smoother transmission.


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