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Nissan 350z: Review, Specification, Price

Nissan, a brand of quality was established in 1933 in Japan however, it is the second-largest manufacturer of automobiles. In the 1950s Nissan expanded its products to Australia with the most renowned Datsun. With the advancing world, the technologies are advancing too, therefore, with improving environmental standards Nissan also has improved its growth with the latest trends. A car with a smooth driving experience and a lot of classic features with the best fuel efficiency Nissan 350z is the right choice. 


The two-seater car with a six-speed manual and rear-wheel drive. The best sports car was not visible, the wheels passing driver feelings that are covered in the engine. Every sports car has the best engine working with the boost of speed that is how Nissan 350z is made with its efficient working features.


Engine Specification:

Nissan 350z has a powerful engine, however. The size of the engine is almost 3.5L having 6 cylinders while the valves calculated per cylinder are 4. The torque measured is about 268 torque@4800rpm and the compression ratio of 11:1. The exclusive model is available in the automatic as well as a manual transmission.


Fuel consumption:

With the Premium Unleaded Petrol, the total fuel consumption with quality speed and mileage by Nissan 350z is 11.80 L/100 km. It has a storage capacity of 75 liters.



  •   With decent acceleration 

  •   The efficient wheel turns.

  •   Classy and comfortable interior 

  •   6 Speed

  •   Brembo brakes

  •   The engine is reliable with power and torque from a 3.5ltr

  •   With reliable electronics 

  •   The Short throw gearshift.



  •   The storage capacity is below average

  •   The Short throw gearshift.

  •   The boot has non-existent space. 

  •   Not suitable for Long drives can make you get tired

  •   The front bumper can chip easily.

  •   Noise insulation 

  •   Suspension can be hard depending on where you drive.

  •   Not suitable in wet-weather conditions

  •   Standard Interior and Exterior Features:

  •   ABS Brakes

  •   Air Conditioning

  •   Alloy Wheels

  •   AM/FM Stereo

  •   CD-Audio

  •   Cruise Control

  •   Manual Transmission

  •   Overhead Airbags

  •   Power Locks

  •   Power Mirrors

  •   Power Windows

  •   Rear Defroster

  •   Rear Spoiler

  •   Side Airbags

  •   Traction Control


Nissan 350z Price:

The new Nissan 350Z totally covers the horsepower hierarchy. With a base cost of $26,809, the revived Z-vehicle costs barely 10 percent more of a Mister Two, yet it has more than double as little Toyota's capacity. The fact that Nissan 350Z's aggregate of 287 strengths is just a couple of horses short of what is offered in a Porsche 911 that costs two and a half times as much as the Nissan.


Safety features:

The best ABS Brakes installed in the Nissan lets the friction of the tyres controlled in a way that it rapidly stops the wheels from moving. On the other side for the safety of the traveler, there are airbags installed that can get open in case of any collision.


The types of airbags installed are the following:

  •   Driver Airbag

  •   Passenger Airbag

  •   Front Side Airbags

  •   Curtain Airbags



The sporty model is available in the following colors:

  •   Carbon Silver Metallic

  •   Magnetic Black Metallic

  •   Moonlight White Pearl

  •   NOGARO Red Metallic

  •   San Marino Blue Metallic

  •   Silver Alloy Metallic


Nissan 350z Reviews:

Review 1:

I had this car for about 6 years. Great car, full of features and the touring model was used by me as a daily driver. The stock sound system is great. I didn't have any mechanical problems for 6 years, but the lower control arm ball joint started to show wear after 6 years. Good quality tyres are expensive and you have to put quality 98 octane to keep the engine happy. It is a head-turner and looks good in my opinion.


Review 2:

This car is worth it for the price it is now, it is fast and recommended for anyone who likes to go fast and with style.

This car looks great, its 6-speed manual transmission makes the car a very fast one with its engine, its handling is also wonderful for high-speed cornering. Its Coupe Touring makes the car look great but also yourself when driving around in the city with all the wind blowing in your face and the people looking at you. The roadster track makes the car feel great with its power and speed.

This car takes a lot of fuel and this doesn't come stock with a turbo.


Review 3:

Perfect for the enthusiasts. This car stands out in a crowd and performs as expected for a very inexpensive price. Large pools of modifications are available and all add up to increase the already enjoyable driving experience. Only downsides are low-quality interior paint, average electrical (power seats sometimes don't work) and of course only having 2 seats.


Review 4:

This is a great car for its price, beautiful and comfortable on the inside and easy on the eyes from the exterior. It's fast and has a cushioned ride, all in all, a good car.

This is an amazingly fast car and you'd be hard-pressed to find a faster, better looking and cooler car in the price range. It's a smooth sleek body and self-cushioning shassy makes up for its minimal suspension, this car is only good with small sleek tyres the engine is a lot more powerful than you'd expect and. The interior is amazing compared to other cars in this price range the accessories are nice but not necessary

The panels are a bit flimsy and the brakes should be upgraded


Review 5:

I purchased my first 350Z in 2003 and then upgraded in 2006. Whilst the exterior design has not changed dramatically in recent years it still attracts positive comments from other road users. For a normally aspirated engine, it goes very well!

It handles like it is on rails. I have been looking at other makes and models in recent months but have been a bit uninspired with alternative choices. Maybe a 350Z 2009 upgrade is on the horizon :)

The 350Z looks as good as it handles. It has always been unique in appearance. Good value for money.

Unable to fit a standard suitcase in the boot. A few more exterior colour choices would be nice.



The Nissan 350z modified in a way with the extraordinary parts of the model that made it different from other models of Nissan. The working engine with maximum torque and excellent friction that controls the speed of the vehicle on the road. The sports look with a fantastic interior that is made for only two persons. If you are looking for the best sports car this can be the right option.

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