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MRT Performance Review Australia | Quick Revs

MRT Performance Review Australia

Car tuning or modification does not necessarily mean that you are preparing your car for the next racing rally; in fact, it can be done for an optimized performance of the engine, not always tweaking for higher performance, better fuel economy and a smoother ride. It is true that the maximum tweaking and tuning that is applied on cars are for dynamic handling, with some alterations to give higher handling characteristics.


There is no doubt that a culture has been around modification and tuning of vehicles, and you might witness some extreme cases following a trend of lowering the cars to such an extent that it gives overall low traction and poor handling. However, we will be looking at a more positive way that you can apply the modification to your car for improved performance.


About MRT Performance:

MRT Performance is a small family-owned business with the aim of providing the best car services, to maximize your vehicle’s reliability and performance in the long run. Middleton Rally Team or MRT has been around since 1983, started with small projects, and evolved into a brand today because of their countless hands-on experience.


With a team of highly experienced staff and a policy that follows along the lines of honesty, commitment, and integrity, MRT Performance has made a name for themselves. They have a track record of satisfied customers that always come back to them. Their staff members are experienced people who have trained from some of the biggest automobile names like Honda, Nissan, Holden, Mazda, Subaru and more.


As per their vision, as mentioned on their website, MRT Performance aims to work on your car to bring it to its hundred percent, or suggest you tips and improvements to get you on the right path. The result is a delivery that exceeds your expectations while ensuring that you do not exceed your budget.


MRT Performance History:

It all started in 1988 with MRT winning the Canberra International Rally and continued to do so for the next consecutive four years. Gaining confidence from their wins in the 1300 cc class, MRT started a Daihatsu factory team which proved to be phenomenally successful. That was the time when they tried their luck in the Formula 2 Championship and the Australian Manufacturer Championship winning titles in each.

The next breakthrough came when the MRT team was asked to modify and customize a couple of Charades in Japan and excelled in that as well. Meanwhile, their hands-on experience was proving to be fruitful and put them in a better position to tune and fix cars especially in accordance with Australia’s road conditions and climate.


Later, with their track record of doing great in rallying, they turned their expertise towards Honda Civic factory with glorious results in the form of another win in the Formula 2 Championship.

Next year, it was the same story with the Subaru Impreza in which they excelled above anything they had achieved before. The MRT exhaust WRX especially for the Subaru was introduced, a signature exhaust system that proved to be successful. The overall Subaru market was also on the move, growing each day, and this gave them a chance to provide their expertise to many of the owners of the car.


MRT Performance Location:

Given their popularity and the many positive MRT performance reviews, it was decided by their team to take their business to the next level and opened a retail store at last. The MRT Performance location is almost halfway to the main western city of Parramatta. It is close to the Sydney Olympics site and you can easily get there with a 20 minutes’ drive from the Sydney Central Business District.

It is the only retail shop that they have which has their workshop and where all of their team is available to look at your car. They encourage that you book an appointment with them before coming, to avoid any inconvenience.


MRT Performance services:

After years of hands-on experience and working on many of the top-selling cars and brands, MRT Performance has reached a certain legendary level with a wealth of experience for their customers. They offer a variety of services and products, and their hard-working team will make sure that you exit their premises only after you are completely satisfied. They have their own custom-built components and kits, produced after years of research and testing done in Australia’s harshest of conditions.


MRT Performance car parts are one of the most notable aspects of their services. Their parts are mostly handcrafted with stainless steel and apply the highest automotive steel there is. Their parts can also be installed easily, and you can do it yourself as well, but of course, their team is also available on the premises to help you out.


Since MRT Performance believes in doing their homework, you will notice a subtle science behind their work. Indeed, they employ sound engineers to output the most optimized sound from your exhaust with the minimum drone for an overall great driving experience. They have received multiple awards and prizes against the cars and technology that they have introduced, proof of their workmanship.


They also offer a variety of services in their workshop including engine customization for better performance, rebuilding your engine, or simply repairing it, preparing your car for the next big track, improving and upgrading your suspension, wheel alignments, and more. You can also reach out to them in case you wish to buy or sell your car, with car inspections that are both satisfactory and honest.

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