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Mitsubishi Magna Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Mitsubishi Magna Review Australia

Mitsubishi is a Japanese car manufacturing company providing vehicles globally. Such is its popularity in Australia, that they have their own subsidiary by the name of Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited (MMAL), operating in the country. It has been in operation since the year 1980, and since the last 30 years, it has been providing cars that are liked by all.


The company had been manufacturing cars till the year 2008, after which production ceased and they only imported cars from thereon. You can find original parts and accessories for your Mitsubishi from MMAL facilities located in Sydney and Adelaide.


Throughout the years of their production, Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited produced some notable cars, including the Sigma. After the Sigma, the company moved on to better prospects and to compete against the Holden Commodore and the infamous Ford Falcon, they came up with the Magma. The Magma was loosely based on the Japanese Galant. In this article, we provide an in-depth review of the Mitsubishi Magna, and how it has proven its worth over the many years that it has been being produced.


The Mitsubishi Magna started production in 1985 and to date, has produced over three generations of models. After the first Magna, Mitsubishi introduced a station wagon variant and several refreshes in subsequent years, including the Verada, which was a luxury variant of the Magna.


The Magna is basically a mid-sized car and engineered specifically for Australian conditions and markets. The initial model came with an inline-four engine, and later the Verada variant came loaded with a V6 engine. These models were exported globally by Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited, receiving positive feedback.


The final generation of the Verada was introduced in 1996, bigger and better than before. The styling was greatly enhanced, and Mitsubishi added an all-wheel-drive to the series as well. It came with a standard 3.5-liter V6 engine, which is impressive for a mid-size sedan.


Mitsubishi Magna Specifications:

The Mitsubishi Magna V6 engine guarantees a smooth and powerful ride outputting 154kW and a torque of 310Nm. The driveline layout does provide some interference with performance, more so on the fuel economy. But that is to be expected from such an operating engine.


Taking advantage of the six-cylinder engine, the Magna takes off surprisingly well and can reach the 0-100km/h within 8 seconds. Standard Ralliart brakes on the Magna ensures that you can stop the car efficiently at your will.


The Magna uses AWD technology borrowed from the Japanese Diamante and the Mitsubishi Evo, combining them into their very own local AWD technology. The Magna models which are equipped with All-wheel drive have excellent road grip in almost every type of road condition. Alas, that cannot be said of their older versions which came with front-wheel drive only. The newer version with AWD gives the driver confidence on the road and improved control over the steering wheel.


You might wonder about the fuel efficiency of the Magna V6 engine. Well, that depends entirely on the model year and the driving conditions. Depending on these two factors, the Magna is reported to use between 8 liters to 13 liters of petrol for every 100 kms


Mitsubishi Magna Features:

Magna’s base model comes with some standard features that have continued in almost all the later versions. These include an air conditioning system well suited for Australia’s harsh weather conditions, ABS, front airbags, and alarm. Later, the TW Magna series, the TP and TR Magna series came up with additional features which greatly improved the overall standard of the series.


The interior of the Magna may look simple and basic, but do not let that misguide you. It is well designed and most of all, practical. It contains all the fundamentals required in a car, like well laid out buttons, clear instrumentations, audio controls which are easily accessible to the driver and a four-speaker stereo system. With a pair of cupholders in the rear and front and some storage space to stash out your little things, the Magna offers ample space for seating four adults with plenty of head and legroom. Seatbelts are also included for the four passengers.


The exterior for the third generation Magna is designed in a way to give an aggressive front with a strong shoulder line and frameless windows. The outer silhouette is made more attractive by the invisible B-pillars. The rear is made more cleaner in the newer models, with no sign of the crease along the boot lid which appeared in the earlier models. An excellent dust sealing is applied along the bottom of the door skins, specifically to cater to the dusty conditions of Australia.


Mitsubishi Magna Review:

Coming to the cons, the first and foremost thing that comes to attention is the lack of telescopic steering wheel and no seat adjustment available. Some drivers also report that even though the Magna offers a firm ride, there is still plenty of body roll. Mitsubishi could also have done better in the safety department by providing airbags for all the passengers at least, whereas only one airbag is offered for the driver. You might also notice a slight vibration of the V6 engine, and you might conclude that this is no Toyota engine. 


Let us talk about Magna’s pros and the advantages that it offers over other sedans in the same price range. The engine is high performing and is tested to be robust, needing maintenance less frequently. Plus, being a V6 engine, the Japanese technology makes sure that your fuel is used wisely and efficiently. The exterior and interior design are another pluses to the Magna, which has contributed vastly to its popularity among the masses.


The Mitsubishi Magna price is reasonable for the features and specifications that are encompassed in this compact machine. The fuel efficiency and the minimum maintenance cost further increase the value for money when you own a Magna. Combine that with the robust build and overall reliability, the Magna is not a bad deal at all.

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