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Mitsubishi Express Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Mitsubishi Express Review Australia


Express is an honest one-tonne appliance. It is loaded with smooth and responsive equipment that helps you deal with all the different road surfaces with composure. The latest versions seem more refined and well-engineered designed to handle the turns and corners crisply while maintaining the ride quality. It doesn’t only offer reliable mechanics but also plenty of comfort features. The stability on the road is unparalleled. Consider it a perfect long-haul transporter.


Mitsubishi Express being used in three different models are


From 1980 to 1986:

Mitsubishi L200 Express/Mitsubishi Forte.

Mitsubishi L300 Express/Mitsubishi Delica (2nd generation)


From 1986 to 2013:

Mitsubishi Express/Mitsubishi Delica (3rd generation)


From 1994 to 2005:

Mitsubishi Express (WA)/Mitsubishi Delica (4th generation)


Since 2020:

Mitsubishi Express (X82)/ Renault Trafic (3rd generation)


Mitsubishi Express van – 2020:

The all-new, refined and more advanced 2020 Mitsubishi Express van is not only functional but also highly practical and capable of easy driving. You will find its fundamentals pretty solid that is also fairly understandable. The car is made for easy loading and unloading, letting it do a good job of towing things from one to another point.



Rebadged as Renault Trafica, it has enough torquey turbocharged diesel engine available with both manual and automatic gearboxes. The key appeal is its ultimately flexible cargo space with a comfortable cabin. It offers unproblematic FWD in two engine setups. The common specs between both configurations are the installation of the 4-cylinder and responsive turbochargers. Besides, they run on diesel. Both Mitsubishi express have a good-sized 80L fuel tank capacity.


The entry-level/base model has a 1.6L twin-turbo diesel setup with a maximum power of 103kW@3500rpm mated with a satisfactory torque of 340Nm@1500rpm. The transmission is slick, incredibly endearing and the clutch is engaging as well as responsive. It has a single 6-speed manual option for transmission. The drawback is its flaccid feels when at low revs. But, it can be compensated with its better fuel consumption rate known as 6.2L/100km.


A 2L single-turbo diesel engine that is stronger, more powerful with 125kW@3500rpm and torque-rich with the value of 380Nm@1500rpm. You will get Mitsubishi express in a 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. With easy to modulate pedals and clutch, the drive seems smoother than expected. It features a bit more low-end gristle. In comparison to 1.6L, it appears pricier due to more powerful mechanics as well as a higher fuel consumption rate at 7.3L/100km. It gives lag, particularly when reversing.



The stylish upfront grill with an appealing Mitsubishi badge makes the Express look a little posher than the Renault Trafic at a market competitive price. Marketed in a single model grade, that is GLX, it comes standard with a long list of comfort features. The highlight is the dual sliding side doors letting you have quick and easy access to the cargo space.


A 3-passenger front bench seat comes standard featuring manual height and lumbar adjustability. For maximizing the space for the driver’s ease, a retractable central armrest is installed. Seats are fairly comfortable and are pretty good and the fabric seat upholstery is basic but appears hardwearing. Mitsubishi express lacks Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. The cradle might fail to fit bigger items due to its small size.


The huge, curved, three-element exterior mirrors help improve driving vision. A big and bold digital speedometer is fitted for quick information access. The infotainment system is high quality. The biggest drawback is the unavailability of the color screen or touchscreen interface.


Other highlighted specs are:

2-speaker stereo with a digital tuner

Bluetooth phone connectivity with audio streaming

A 12V socket

AUX input

Two USB ports

16-inch steel wheels. 

Digital radio


While it may appear cheaper to some extent, the additional $1000 for an equivalent Trafic Premium enlists multiple tech features and factory-delivered options such as: 

A 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment 

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Soft-felt leather-wrapped steering

LED automatic headlights

A secure rear bulkhead

Automatic dimming mirror

Automatic wipers

Keyless/Remote entry 

Automatic locking doors 

Adaptive cruise control 

Steering-mounted speed-limiter buttons

A stereo control stalk 

Tilt/reach adjustable-steering 

Power windows 

Power mirrors

Air-conditioner with filter (dust and pollen)


The above-mentioned items are standard but the options and packs include:

Adjustable passenger seat

Top-hinged tailgate

Sliding door glazing

Robust alloy wheels

Body-colored bumpers

Heated driver’s seat

Privacy tint

Climate control

Rear strip lighting

Timber cargo lining


The Mitsubishi L300: 

It might shock you but this Mitsubishi express pickup truck has been in the market since 1979. Usually called the Mitsubishi Delica II, it comes in two stages that are different in technological as well as mechanical specs.



The 1980 version of L300 is available in a 1.6L gasoline engine made to deliver 48-51kW power. With its unique ladder frame, the suspension setup works more efficiently. Another option is to choose an effective 1.8L gasoline engine producing 60kW power.


Needs something more advanced and bigger? The 1983 variant with a 2.3L diesel engine can be the satisfying option, with appropriate but sluggish power of 50 kW. The larger version is available only in the pickup truck and the chassis that is a 2.5L diesel engine. The real treasure is the Mitsubishi L300 express 1988 model that has quick and sharp cornering with clean cutting and circle. Equipped with a turbocharger, you can enjoy as much as 64 kW of power. Imagine driving in a 2.4L gasoline engine designed with a catalytic converter. An amazing combination delivering 82 kW power.


The focus of the technical innovations was the engines, gearshift, and braking system. Once you have hit the road, you can feel the revving power in your veins, the torque in your drive, and the smoothness in your gear shifting.


The Mitsubishi SJ 2-seater van:  

If you have planned to buy a Mitsubishi express van, you will never regret it. Truly speaking, it might be one of the perfect decisions. Out of all the Express range, the SJ series is a gem not to be missed. The engine uses a classic setup such as the implementation of Electronic Fuel Injection in its 2.4L inline 4-cyl engine. Its Rear-wheel drive is utterly smooth and slick with a 5-speed manual transmission that is floor mounted. The company has engineered the setup to deliver maximum power of 84 kW @ 5000 rpm. When mated with a torque of 188 Nm @ 3000 rpm.


Among all the specs of Mitsubishi express SJ, the highlighted are the soft-felt cloth trimming and manually adjustable bucket seats. Another plus is the lumbar support fitted in a driver seat.


A lot of other comfort features are:

2-speaker stereo with MP3 compatibility

Air conditioner

Dial ventilation controls

Digital clock

Warning lights (Door ajar and Low fuel)

Rear window demister

Remote/keyless tailgate/fuel lid releases

Tilt-adjustable steering


Vinyl floor covering

14-inch x 5J styled steel wheels

Intermittent windscreen wipers

Manually adjustable door mirrors

Rear window washer


Final verdict:

Decent, authentic, and reliable vehicle with firm suspension for hauling heavy loads easy. With the stable braking, all seems satisfying. The clutch and automatic transmission problems can be managed, effortlessly. The Mitsubishi Express might lack refined and advanced safety features but it is genuinely a pretty sweet car. With the brilliant ride quality of the 2L engine, it cruises smoothly along with the necessary punch. In short, it is a practical and maneuverable vehicle. 


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