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Mitsubishi Evo Review Australia | Features, Specifications, Performance

Mitsubishi Evo Review Australia

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is usually called an EVO. It is a sporty car to drive that is dependent on the Lancer. Furthermore, it was produced by the Japanese producer Mitsubishi Motors from 1992 until 2016. 


The Evolution was initially proposed uniquely for Japanese markets. However, requests on the "dark import" showcase drove the Evolution arrangement. Although that to be offered through Ralliart vendor organizations in Australia and different European markets from around 1998.


The Lancer Evolution is a four-wheel-drive turbocharged execution. The car is the four-door dependent on Mitsubishi's effective World Rally Championship vehicles. Three models of the Lancer Evolution are accessible, the Evo RS, Evo VIII, and Evo MR. All with a 271-torque turbocharged motor, four-wheel drive, and a games suspension. For all intents and purposes prepared to race, the Evos profit by hardened body structures. 


All fitted with an extraordinary front belt, a major back wing, and a back window wiper, besides sports seats and uncommon inside highlights. The Evolution MR Edition incorporates a couple of redesigning features. Features that include a lightweight aluminum housetop board (a first for a Japanese creation model). Planned to cut down the point of convergence of gravity and abate the move second. In spite of the fact that made together Bilstein monotube protections to improve road holding. And new lightweight molded blend wheels politeness of BBS(R).


On all Lancer Evolutions, the 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder DOHC inter-cooled turbocharged engine. That is tuned to convey the greatest control over the mid-to high-fire up the band. Producing 286 lb-ft of torque at 3500 Rpm. It also has expanded from 271 to 276 hp, accessible at 6500 Rpm. 


The MR Edition, a six-speed transmission makes the force increasingly available. The Evolution's AWD system increases an Active Center Differential (ACD) and front restricted slip. Which joined with Sports ABS makes it more common and better while driving. Man and machine have never been so personally connected but with this, it is quite possible.



The Evolution MR Edition includes an aluminum move handle; an aluminum and carbon fiber brake switch handle; and aluminum pedals. The track-tuned Evolution RS additionally profits by the recently accessible aluminum rooftop. 


Most Evolution VIIIs have a carbon fiber back spoiler with coordinating body-shading endplates. Besides, the new editions made in the Lancer Evolution VIII 2003–2005 gave bulkier back guards. As compared to their Japanese partners to suit for the safety of the driver as the metal rear accident bar. All Evos have lightweight aluminum front bumpers and hoods. 


The essential RS Edition doesn't go with power windows, bolts, or mirrors, a sound system, back wing, sound stifling material, map lights or an electronically monitored slowing mechanism. All Evo VIII RS models sold in the US have a cooling framework. 


The MR Edition's game meter measure unit consisted of a three-ring check bunch situated in the middle stack. The checks show lift, voltage, and oil pressure. Another interesting element for the MR Edition includes a tempered steel plate. Embellished with the Lancer Evolution MR name verification. Similarly, as with the storage compartment top insignia, the MR assignment is done in red to stamp its quality all the more distinctively on the inside. 



Furthermore, Evolution VIII MR Editions come furnished with a 6-speed transmission. Bilstein stuns, discretionary graphite dim shading (one of a kind to the Evolution VIII MR), discretionary BBS haggles discretionary vortex generator. The MR Edition additionally includes engine updates and reliability changes. The engine updates incorporate bigger turbo distance across the mouth, refreshed cam profiles. Lighter parity shafts, and changed from single wastegate solenoid to double solenoid. 


Exterior changes included HID headlights, refreshed tail lights, and MR back badging. While the interior updates included dark leather Recaro seats with higher side supports. The carbon look runs trim, and MR badging on the console that is present in the center. Mechanical changes saw S-AWC back diff changes, a bigger oil cooler center, particle covered cylinder rings. Strengthened cylinder head, and 5 layer head gasket contrasted with the 3 layers.wing, sound stifling material. Moreover, with installed map lights or an electronic monitored slowing mechanism.


Mitsubishi Evo 8 Specifications:

Mitsubishi Racing model with aluminum rooftop. And other than that weight decreases for a lower focal point of gravity. This improved dealing with, reconsidered front LSD, 17″ BBS combination wheels. BILSTEIN suspension, carbon inside trim, dark softened leather RECARO seat. MR Badging, unique industrial facility discretionary shading Eisen dim/graphite dim and vortex generator. 


Engine updates included titanium turbo with a bigger distance across the entry. Further, it got refreshed cam profiles with lighter equalization shafts, and double solenoid instead of the single wastegate. Depending on the changes that consisted of a bigger oil cooler center. The particle covered cylinder rings, fortified chamber head, and 5-layer head gasket contrasted with the GSR's 3-layer gasket. Different alterations made to the electronic 4WD, ACD, Super AYC, navigation tracking control, and sports ABS system. 


Standard Features:

 ✓ 2.0L I-4 Engine 

 ✓ 5-spd man w/OD Transmission 

 ✓ Horsepower of 276 @ 6,500 rpm 

 ✓ All-wheel drive type 

 ✓ Front air cooling, manual 

 ✓ Seat trim made of cloth 


Mitsubishi Evo 8 Reviews:

Review 1:

“I use my Mitsubishi lancer frequently to and from work, long drives down the coast to see family and occasional surfing trip.”.


Review 2:

“This car has great fuel consumption and is a pleasure to drive. It has so many options that contribute to the overall quality of the vehicle making it feel and drive like a luxury car. ”.


Review 3:

“That's right folks, this car is pushing on 15 years old and has NEVER broken down (except for a few times when I accidentally left the lights on).”.


Review 4:

“I have the manual version of the lancer SX MY11. This car has been very promising. It is durable and has yet to cause any problems."  



An Evolution VII was used on the set of the movie  2 Fast 2 Furious as the vehicle driven by Paul Walker's character. He drove a yellow Evolution 7was adjusted with its execution. However, it is outstanding when it comes to driving. 


The car is fantastic on rough terrain and off-road as well. The car is installed with all the latest features that are still a trend. However, it is available at an affordable cost. The car is maintained with the best engine specifications that are going through generations. For the best car history and the detail of the previous models visit Quickrevs.

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