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Mitsubishi Delica Review Australia | Specification, Performance, Models

Mitsubishi Delica Review Australia

One of Australia's most popular imported vehicles, the Mitsubishi Delica. The Mitsubishi Delica is known for creating a diverse scope of trucks and multipurpose vehicles. The first minitruck was introduced in 1968. The truck and a business van had many names in the export market. In New Zealand and Europe, it was known as L300, in Australia it was known as Express and Starwagon and in the United States, it was advertised as Mitsubishi Van and Wagon. The passenger vehicle models were known as the Delica Star.



The original Mitsubishi Delica was introduced in 1968. Furthermore, with the release of this car, there were two more models added to the series of this generation. A cargo van and a traveler van which was known as Delica Coach with seating limits around nine travelers. The engine of the vehicle was refreshed in 1969. In 1971 the model was revised and presented as Delica 75. It outfitted with another 1.4-liter Neptune engine and had a similar little size grille. With the 1974 change, Delica had Double headlights. It was known as "Delica 1400" and in many fare markets, it was known as the Colt T100 or T 120. Although the plan of the T120 was duplicated by the Greek rural vehicles.



The original Delica was changed in 1979 by the recently planned second era Mitsubishi Delica. After that, the series was extended by including ten distinct models that had a seating limit of eight seats. The seats in three or two columns with various types of applications installed for the cargo and comfort. In 1982 without precedent for the Japanese market, a four-wheel-drive alternative was additionally introduced. The petroleum adaptation with 4WD was discharged in 1983 and the diesel forms showed up in 1982. Likewise, the four-wheel-drive model of the Delica was first introduced in the Japanese market.



The third era Mitsubishi Delica was presented with a complete model change in 1986.it was more streamlined than the past ages and had extensive features of safety highlights. The traveler's based models were offered to be purchased as Delica Star Wagons and as Starwagon in Australia. 


though the business based Delica was known as the Express in Australia. Last in 1990, For the Australian market, a common suctioned diesel motor turned into a choice. It was the first Delica with the suctioned diesel engine introduced in the market.



The fourth era models were released in 1994 known as Delica Space Gear in all the local markets. There were no trucks created at this age. The vehicles were accessible in various models, for example, XR, XG, Exceed, Super Exceed, and Royal Exceed. This fourth-era vehicle is a powerful vehicle with a four-wheel drive having rough terrain too. But, it depends upon the skeleton of the Mitsubishi Pajero. The cargo model was known as the Mitsubishi L400 while the traveler model which was known as the Mitsubishi L400 in most of the export vehicle markets.



The fifth era of the Mitsubishi Delica was presented in 2006 as a mono box minivan known as the Delica D: 5. It depends upon the Concept D-5 model and was first released in 2005 at the Tokyo Motor Show. It was an eight-seater vehicle. Furthermore, in Japan, it was released in 2007. 


The present age Mitsubishi Delica D:5 goes back to 2007 and depends on a similar GS stage that supports the Outlander and discontinued Lancer. This is yet, fitted with an all-new dashboard with great focal 10.1-inch infotainment contact screen and an updated focus comfort with the revolving gear shift. Within the striking new trend of the D:5 lies Mitsubishi's 2.2-liter DiD four-cylinder turbo-diesel. That is creating up to 127kW of intensity and 392Nm of torque (from 2000rpm). It is a 4x4 van and the best gas mileage car rather than the best gas mileage SUV.


It is fitted with an eight-speed programmed transmission and Mitsubishi's three-mode (2WD, 4WD, Lock) AWD system with locking center diff. While the suspension is by means of autonomous front and back suspension. Two adaptations of the 4.8m wagon, which is created in six-, seven-and eight-seat structures, are accessible in Japan, including an up-spec Urban Gear variation that includes a couple of visual outside changes, chunkier 18-inch amalgam haggles standard hardware including leather seat trim, power rear end, and electric front seats. 


Although, the Delica D:5 gets the green light for Australia and at this phase that is a major if it's not satisfactory whether Mitsubishi would sell a budget plan with a low-spec variation. The Urban Gear lead or a fully-loaded vehicle that explicit to our market with more items


Braking & Traction:

 ✓ Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD)

 ✓ Automatic Stability Control (ASC) 

 ✓ Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)


Exterior Features:

 ✓ Mud Flaps 

 ✓ Side Cladding 

 ✓ Body Coloured Outside Mirrors 

 ✓ Door Blackout Tapes 

 ✓ Chrome Door Handles



Review 1:

I've had my d5 for 2 years now and it's given us NO problems at all. It's spacious and comfortable and it goes alright off-road. Literally a multifunctional family car that goes 4wd too! Love it! I recommend this car to anyone. Currently looking to buy the turbo-diesel version now.


Review 2:

I bought a Delica 3 years ago to be a people mover while my family was over from South America. However, it turned out to be a lot more than I would have ever expected. It is an amazing car, extremely versatile, awesome to drive, and great 4WDing. We fell in love with it so strongly that we decided to spend 2 years driving it around the world. Literally!


Review 3:

The van is 21 years old but very well kept. The AC does not work, and it has 2 dud batteries but generally looks very good. I will eventually turn it i to a camper van. At the moment I have 4 kids so need to carry heaps.


Review 4:

Diesel one is bit noisy, get used to it...roof rack removed... too much wind noise! Otherwise brilliant!



All the Mitsubishi Delica specs show that it is the best vehicle that is made from its generations. If you are planning to buy a vehicle for your personal work or commercial project, I would definitely recommend the Mitsubishi Delica. For more information about trucks, cars, and all you must visit Quickrevs, it is a great platform providing of history check for the vehicles.




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