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Mitsubishi Colt Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Mitsubishi Colt Review Australia


Mitsubishi Colt has been in the automotive market since 1962. Well, if you are thinking about purchasing it, there are three options you have. The major difference you will get on different trims is the transmission. The base ES model is mated with the only manual, and the LS model is featured with a 5-speed manual as well as the CVT automatic gear-shifter. You would find its exterior quite smooth with appealing and glossy finesse. Its lightweight body is a big plus.


In the need of a car with a sportier look? The VRX is your best option. Comparatively the highest performance variant is Colt Ralliart, usually named Colt R.

Apparently, it is a compact car with small wheels but doesn’t worry, inside is sufficiently roomy. It lets you carry plenty of luggage. The car comes with an efficient road grip. Along with an impressive layout, it is found to be economical and affordable. It guarantees driving safety as well as a comfortable yet stylish ride.


Mitsubishi Colt Engine:

If you are a fan of old cars, you can opt for the Mitsubishi Colt 1962 variant. Although, it is powered by a small engine of 594 cc capacity. This OHV engine is designed as a straight-twin motor equipped with an efficient air-cooler. The minimal power, torque, and speed might bug you but the engine has a pretty reasonable balance.


You would love its cornering stability which doesn’t come at the expense of comfort. Coming to the latest models, every car is specialized to handle the corners effortlessly. With an amazing grip, you will drive quite well even on bumpy roads. The only downfall will be the body roll you will have to face when driven at higher accelerations.


In short, you will be pleasantly surprised by its on-road and off-road performance. The addition of the stabilizer bar lets you maneuver the vehicle easily in tight spaces. Colt feels better driving around. The motor is durable, reliable, and compatible.


Mitsubishi’s machinery has guaranteed comfort for short and long road journeys. The throttle is responsive, shafts are impressive and the suspension is adaptable. We can describe its suspension as taut but compliant enough to give your vehicle altogether enhanced speed management with decent torquey touch.


As far as the transmission is concerned, Mitsubishi Colt comes in both options. As per the users, CVT is quicker in response but the manual is smoother and easy to steer.


Mitsubishi Colt Colt Z30:

Available in the 2002-year model, you can get this brilliantly designed car with an engine under the hood. You will get either an FWD or 4WD. You can choose any as both are famous for usability, durability, and road performance. Being one of the most recommended variants it has many engine options.


A 1.1L with a power of 55kW@6000 rpm and torque of 100NM@3500 rpm is the initial one. A 1.3L is another option but is not a preferable one. The ideal options could be Mitsubishi Colt turbo charged 1.5L (80kW power at 6000 rpm, 145NM torque at 4000 rpm) and inline 1.6L engines that run on petrol. In diesel, you will have no upgrade choice but its inline-3 1.5L engine is pretty reasonable.


2006 Mitsubishi Colt VR-X:

If you need something extra, the finest, or with premium options, you must get a Mitsubishi Colt VRX featuring a 1.5L engine with MIVEC. It has no manual option but comes in 1sp CVT that will take you on the road pleasantly while keeping the fun element. This variant assures smooth and progressive acceleration. The highlight is the average fuel economy making it a feasible choice.


Even if Mitsubishi Colt has removed traditional handbrake, the infusion of the foot-operated parking brake is highly beneficial. Power-assisted steering is sharp, commanding, and direct but not too much. The motor is well-weighted providing a predictable response.


2010-2011 Mitsubishi Colt VR-X:

And here comes another good option to choose from. A 2010-2011 version was installed with the same 1.5L aspirated engine but with the enhanced specifications. Power is noted to be 77kW with a torque of 141 NM. The plus point is its equipment of both transmissions: 5-speed manual and auto. The gearbox is floor-mounted for accessibility. The fuel tank capacity of 45L is also enough.


In simple words, Mitsubishi Colt has a solid performance and offers an acceptable fuel economy. For the stopping power, the brakes are better than average in quality and responsiveness.


Mitsubishi Colt Design:

The first thing you will notice is loads of rear legroom and headroom. That is one of the biggest reasons behind Mitsubishi Colt's comfortability. For extra storage, there are deep side pockets inside. To add convenience, the cup holders are made retractable. The glove box is also unnecessarily huge but doesn’t look odd.


One thing we can all agree on is that its layout is definitely not shaped randomly but with the touch of uniqueness. The overall design is quite modern and sleek complementing dandy angular lines. The inclined bonnet along with a slanted windscreen not only assists in increasing the driving visibility but also giving a sense of more space inside the cabin.


The chrome-finessed exhaust tip and rear-roof spoiler give the car an edgier look which suits the lifestyle of not only teenagers but also adults.


2010-2011 Mitsubishi Colt VR-X:

The styling is visually attention-grabbing. Even with the small wheels, Mitsubishi Colt is managed flawlessly and gives a compact look. The maximized interior space is another brilliance. Inside the cabin all controls are well-laid. The dashboard, switches, and gauges have a tidy layout which is also considered thoughtfully ergonomic. Build quality is classic and thoughtfulness put into the design is clearly evident.


It does not only appear fantastic but is made with simplicity keeping up with a modern twist. These models are relatively more realistic and useful for everyday use.


The standard specifications are:

Leather-trimmed steering

Modifiable steering (tilt only)

Folding powered door mirrors

Powered windows 

Air-Conditioner with pollen filter

Manual anti-glare in the rear mirror 

Audio system with MP3 compatibility and decoder

Dark rear-windows for privacy

Keyless fuel lid release

6 CD stacker

Remote/Keyless central locking

Digital clock


Speed-sensitive intermittent wipers


Mitsubishi Colt Safety features:

Airbag – Driver and passengers as standard

Brake Assist

Seatbelt with load limiters and Pretensioners (1st row)

Seatback Pocket

Front disc ventilated brakes

Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) 

Engine Immobilizer


Even if Colt Mitsubishi has the above-mentioned safety features, there is a bulk of hi-tech and advanced safety features that are missing in the entry-level variant. For instance, the side-curtain air-bags and 3-point seat-belt for the center-rear position.


Cons/Problems of buying Mitsubishi Colt:

Some of the significant problems in the models made from 2006 to 2011 are:

Lack of audio control buttons on the steering

Lacks cargo area light

Front thick pillars can hinder vision at certain angles

No center-mounted roof light

Collapsible rear seats that do not get flat to enhance the space

Unnecessarily tall boxy dimensions

Curtain airbags come as optional

The manual gearbox can get a bit noisy


Final verdict:

After considering Mitsubishi Colt all inside specs, motor performance, and styling, we can say it comes as usable, reliable, and fun to drive the vehicle overall. The specifications in Mitsubishi Colt Plus 2011 are outstanding. Additionally, the price range is also market-competitive. The gearbox is quite reasonable, efficient, and easy to manage. You will be impressed with its sensible layout but the inside offers mediocrity.


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