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Mitsubishi ASX Review | Is the Mitsubishi ASX the perfect choice?

Mitsubishi ASX Review

Mitsubishi Motors is one of the oldest car manufacturing companies dating back to even before the first world war. It was founded in 1870 in Tokyo, Japan, and that is where the headquarters of the company lies. With the advent of their world-famous car series named Mitsubishi Lancer, they gained a lot of reputation and several sources promoted their products in games (like Need for Speed, Grand Turismo, etc.), TV shows, and movies.


Even before that, the Mitsubishi Motors was widely known but their reputation skyrocketed after the invention of the internet. Currently, Mitsubishi Motors’ latest product in their small SUV category is the 2019 Mitsubishi ASX. There have been a lot of previous models of these vehicles before, but our prime target today is the 2019 variation of the series.


Therefore, you can find everything related to the aforementioned vehicle in the upcoming review including its price, range, specifications, problems, and pros and cons of having it. In the end, you will also find the answer to the question of should you buy it.


Mitsubishi ASX:

Let’s start off with the basics and provide a brief introduction to the vehicle itself. This model of the vehicle is basically a replica of the original vehicle made in 2010 with some tweaks here and there. The exterior of the vehicle is rarely changed since they are not looking to completely renovate the entirety of the vehicle, but instead, targeting to keep it up to date all while maintaining a relationship in design with the previous models of the vehicles in this series.

Although Mitsubishi claims that the 2019 ASX is “built for owning the city” and “built for turning heads”, the reality is far from it. The design is a bit sadistic and old as compared to its direct competitors. The rear end of the vehicle looks a lot similar to the old Toyota Vitz. The vehicle is spacious, no doubt in that though.


However, there is a bit of a complication here too in terms of seat size. There is enough room to keep all the luggage in the small compartment (can it really be called the “trunk” of the car?) located on the rear end, the seats are way too small to fit in four full-grown men in the backseat. The front seats are good to accommodate one person, as they should, but the back ones are just a bit problematic. The price is a huge plus for this vehicle. If you’re in for a budget vehicle with a high value, you’re in for a treat with this Mitsubishi ASX.

Let’s head into the technicalities and in depth-analysis of the vehicle and provide our opinion as we go.


Mitsubishi ASX Price:

With a number of options available to select from, the 2019 Mitsubishi ASX offers a variety of variants (ranges) with different prices offered for different kinds of specifications. The average price lands at about $26,500. The price of all the ranges of the vehicles is as follows:


    1- ES 2WD Petrol (Manual) - $23,990
    2- ES 2WD Petrol (CVT Auto) - $23,990
    3- BLACK EDITION 2WD Petrol (CVT Auto) - $25,490
    4- ES ADAS 2WD Petrol (CVT Auto) - $26,490
    5- LS 2WD Petrol (CVT Auto) - $27,490
    6- EXCEED 2WD Petrol (CVT Auto) - $31,490


Mitsubishi ASX Range:

The range of the vehicle has been listed on top, however, if you want a detailed explanation of the differences between all the variations of the vehicle, please check out the list below which mentions the product features as well as the price and other relevant things:

 1- ES 2WD Petrol (Manual): The ES Manual variant of the vehicle’s most prominent feature of all is its manual transmission, as the name suggests. Apart from that, it has the regular rear camera, cruise control, 2.0L petrol engine, and the Smartphone Link Display Audio (which is available in all the models of the vehicle recently). It costs $23,990.

 2- ES 2WD Petrol (Auto): The only difference between the variant of the same name with the just the “auto” addition in the background is, as obvious, the automatic transmission system. However, unlike the aforementioned model which had a 5-gear transmission system, this one has 6 but they are controlled automatically. The price is the same as the manual one; $23,990.

 3- BLACK EDITION 2WD Petrol (CVT Auto): As the name suggests, this variant has an overall black touch to it. With the black mirrors, black 18” alloy wheels, and chrome exhaust tip, this version costs just a $1,500 above the standard ES 2WD variants (landing at $25,490). This one also has front fog lamps as well as rear parking sensors and the SDA system.

 4- ES ADAS 2WD Petrol (CVT Auto): This version of the vehicle has some extra features added to it including the infamous lane departure warning system, lane change assist system, collision mitigation, and automatic rain-sensing wipers. With an extra $1,000 added to the previous model, you can get this vehicle for $26,490.
LS 2WD Petrol (CVT Auto):  The LS 2WD Petrol variant of the vehicle has reverse camera and sensors, Smart Key entry, and One-Touch Start systems along with forwarding collision mitigation and lane departure warning.

 5- EXCEED 2WD Petrol (CVT Auto):  The most expensive versions in the series of the vehicles, EXCEED 2WD Petrol of Mitsubishi ASX has a panoramic glass roof with LED mood lighting, leather seat facings and heated front seats, Smart Key entry and One Touch Start, and Blind Spot Warning and Lane Change Assist. All of these features have made the cost of this vehicle $31, 490.



The 2019 Mitsubishi ASX uses a 2.0L Petrol engine. The fuel type is Unleaded with a 91 RON minimum recommended. The fuel tank capacity is 63 Liters of fuel. As mentioned earlier, one of the variants of the vehicle has manual transmission while the rest have automatic ones. Just like all of the modern vehicles, this one has appropriate airbags, seatbelts, child safety protocols, and driving assistance systems. You can find all of the other specifications on Mitsubishi’s Official Website.


Fuel Consumption:

2019 Mitsubishi ASX has a fuel consumption rate of 7.6 Liters per 100 Kilometers. Considering that this is a Mitsubishi small SUV, these figures are pretty great and impressive. The vehicle consumes less fuel than what is expected from these types of vehicles. 


Problems with Mitsubishi ASX:

The problems with Mitsubishi ASX which our inspection and research have highlighted are:

 1- Many people have complained about the choice of engine in this vehicle. The petrol engine is great as it is cost-efficient, however, the performance drops with it and there are much more convenient diesel engines that can be used in place of these.

 2- The noise reduction can also become a problem, especially when trying to communicate with backseat passengers.


Should you buy it?

The answer to this controversial question is really situational. If you want a budget vehicle with great value but not THAT much on the appearance factor so as to make it the same as a luxury car, you should surely buy it. Otherwise, there are a lot of other car options you can consider.

Before you purchase a vehicle, you should perform several checks on it and QuickREVs offers to perform them for you easily and efficiently.

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