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Mini Cooper Convertible Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Mini Cooper Convertible Review Australia


The Mini Cooper Convertible runs on the philosophy of "fun first". Some might get critical about it, but some people want a break from bland commuters or a sensible minivan. Many people nowadays want to cart the kids around in a unique ride. No matter what age or gender you have, a Mini Cooper Convertible is a drive that is simply for the pure joy of it. By buying this car, you can enjoy the wind flowing through your hair, exhilaration, and freedom. To know more about Mini Cooper Convertible, read on!


Mini Cooper Convertible Engine:

The 2021 Mini Cooper Convertible has all the same powertrain options. It runs on a 1.5L turbo three-pot. However, it does not strict the buyers to the seven-speed automatic transmission. Additionally, the six-speed manual returns to this year's standard specs. This engine produces 134 hp of power and 62 lb-ft of torque. The power is provided to the front wheels only. It is perfect for cruising around town or having a bit of light fun.


Mini Cooper Convertible Exterior:

The exterior styling and design of the Mini Cooper Convertible are similar as it always has been. It still has that cartoonish styling and design that is loved by everyone. This Mini Cooper has got enormous headlights and a smiling grille. It has got matching ear-end Union Jack taillights, folding soft-top roof and mirror caps. 


The three trims of the Mini Cooper ride on different wheels. The base-level rides on 15-inch alloy wheels, the Cooper S has slightly larger 16-inch alloy wheels, and the new Sidewalk special edition has 17-inch  unique Scissor Spoke wheels. 


Coming to the headlights, the base level comes with automatic headlights, whereas the other upper models come outfitted with LED headlights and complimentary fog lights. 


The most upper trim,  Sidewalk, also offers some unique exterior colour options. These colours include the Deep Laguna Blue and Mini Yours Enigmatic Black, which accompany Anthracite fabric top emblazoned with Sidewalk graphics.


Mini Cooper Convertible interior:

The interior of the Mini Cooper Convertible looks wise and is as stylish as a luxury brand, but when it comes to the space, the cooper is not that spacious. This is because the styling of this type of car is somewhat boxy. This boxy look offers rough headroom but gets compromised when it comes to the legroom. Besides, during open-top driving, the talk of headroom becomes moot. 


The seat upfront can't complain much, but the rear seat passengers can complain because the rear seats are genuinely cramped. All will go smoothly if you consider it a 2-seater, but If you try to utilise all of the seats of the Mini Cooper, then getting in and out of it might become tricky. 


The seats of the base Mini Cooper come with leatherette dressing, but you can also upgrade it to genuine leather as well. For leatherette, the interior colour option includes Black or Black/Light Grey, and as for the leather, you get the choice of  Black, Malt Brown, or Satellite Grey. The upper trim, the Sidewalk has unique floor mats, Sidewalk Anthracite leather lounge upholstery, and a sport leather-wrapped steering wheel. 


The cargo space in this boxy car is not practical and is very compact. It has almost 5.7 cubic feet of cargo space that gets further compromised when the roof of the Mini Cooper gets drawn down.


If you spend most of the time with an open-top, the back seats of the Mini Cooper can be used as an extra space for storage, as the seats at the back are not practical for holding passengers. The cargo space of the Mini will be enough if used for some light errand running. It can easily hold a few grocery bags from the corner store in the trunk or at the back seats. 


As stated before, the car's cabin is small, so it also has less storage space. Besides that, if you need extra storage space, the rear seats can fulfil that role! To hold small items, the Mini Cooper Convertible has a pair of cupholders in the front and some oddly placed storage bins. It also has a glove box, but that too isn't overly large, either.


Mini Cooper Convertible Specs:

The basic model of Mini Cooper Convertible comes standard with the following equipment:

 The 8.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system

 Wireless phone charging

 Wireless Apple CarPlay

 Semi-autonomous parking assist

 Cloth/leatherette upholstery

 Leather-wrapped steering wheel

 Automatic high-beam

 5.5-inch digital instrument cluster

 LED headlights and tail lights


Mini Cooper Convertible safety: 

The ANCAP, in 2014, has only tested the Mini 3-Door Hatch, and in that test, it scored four stars out of 5 score safety rating. Based on that test, we can generalise that the Mini Cooper Convertible will achieve something similar!


Besides that, the Mini Cooper Convertible models come standard with the following safety features:

 Autonomous emergency braking

 Pedestrian detection

 Front and rear parking sensors

 Traffic sign recognition

 Adaptive cruise control with stop/go

 Lane-departure warning

 Reversing camera


Mini Cooper Convertible price:

The price of the 2021 Mini Convertible varies based on the trim level you choose. The price range may start at $43,200 for the base level and go to $75,290 for the upper trim.



 It gives you the choice of two stupidly fun engines

 This Mini has excellent driving dynamics

 The interior has plush styling

 It offers plenty of customisation options

 The entry-level models are relatively affordable



 The trunk it has is highly impractical

 The larger wheels make the subpar ride worse

 Upon adding new features, it can get pricey very quickly

 The rear seats are not for practical use and exist for decoration only


The final verdict!

The 2021 Mini Cooper Convertible has not changed much, and that's not bad because it impressed us then, and it is also impressive now! The six-speed manual gearbox made it even more hands-on than it was before. In short, this car is all about delivering a good time. The only wrong thing is that it comes at the cost of reduced practicality. But it is difficult to find a car this fun at this price in Australia. If you choose to purchase the 2021  Mini Cooper, make sure that you enter its details in the Quick Revs online portal and get the account of its hidden past in no time! 


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