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MG3 Car Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

MG 3 Car Review


When the topic is subcompact cars, the MG3 comes second to none. Manufactured by SAIC (a Chinese automotive company) in 2013, it has become a pretty popular pick in the United Kingdom. It looks smart and drives firmly. This valuable supermini car is marketed at an attractively low price. That means the MG3 car is not only a helpful car but also an affordable one. It received a facelift in 2018, giving it a refreshed nose which is basically inspired by the ZS SUV. The 2018 version interior has improved technical equipment.


It has everything one must be looking for. For instance, it carries a unique sporty style, has safety features, features a long list of specifications, and comes with a cheap price tag. What else do you need!?


Being a daily commuter, it has a fairly decent kit guaranteeing an enjoyable drive. It offers good value. You can have MG3 in 3 appealing versions called Excite, Exclusive, and Exclusive Nav. Well, it has plenty of merits. But, it does have numerous drawbacks. It is nothing like any cutting-edge hatchback.


MG3 Car engine and road performance:

Despite getting an upgrade in 2018, no improvements have been made in its mechanical assembly. Every car receives an old and unrefined 1.5 VTi Tech 4-cyl petrol engine. Its FWD is soothing and trouble-free. As the MG3 engine is categorized as naturally aspirated, it will only deliver the power of 105bhp at 6,000 RPM mated with the torque of 137 Nm at 4,750 RPM. This is the only engine configuration offered, and it also happens to be pretty old-fashioned. Now, you must be getting the idea about its sluggishness and unamusing drive.


It has neither turbocharger nor supercharger units. That is why, if you want to feel a little thrust and power, you need to rev it rigorously. But remember, it will negatively impact the car’s fuel economy as well as emissions. You can expect a damaging output. We can term its drive fun and reasonably enjoyable. Don’t expect it to guarantee an ideal blend of power and economy.


One of the most important things that seem up to the mark is MG3’s suspension. They seem to be prepared specially to tackle UK roads. British engineers establish the overall chassis, so you can imagine the keenness. MG3 car gets lively when you hit the twisting roads. You will find its steering directional, perfectly placed, and well-weighted, making the handling precise. Moreover, it comes with a well-contained body roll.


The MG3 engine comes with a classy 5-speed gearbox. It shows smooth action. It helps you find a relaxing driving spot and pace. It is made quite responsive and quick. Besides, you will get a steering wheel adjustment with decent accommodation.


It is not a perfect pick to enjoy a meaningful performance. And how can you forget the most bizarre aspect of the engine – the noise. It can get terrible to bear even though you are driving slowly. This audible roar and growl surely destroy one’s comfort. The car’s agility is somewhat sub-par. You will feel the MG3 auto thumping over jerks and gravel roads.


Fuel Economy:

Talking about the economy, it lags behind those of competitors. As per the official statement, the standard fuel economy value is estimated to be 42.3mpg, and MG3 emits 152g/km. Seeing the difference here?! Well, you are stuck with it as it doesn’t carry any valuable technology to help you improve the fuel consumption rate.


MG3 Car exterior:

We all agree that the first impression counts, and the MG3 car will leave a memorable impression at first glance. It is neatly designed, giving clean looks and sharp detailing. This is a 5-door budget car but doesn’t seem like one because of its stylish exterior. Where the styling is gorgeous, it is also well proportioned. That is how you impress the buyers! Although it fails to compete with its old-fashioned engine, it stands out with its eye-catchy appearance.


It has high-mounted rear-lights ad LED daytime running lights (DRLs). The curved A-pillars add to its appeal. The characteristic traits are the long wheelbase and short overhangs. Ready to give a sporty stance! Adding to your surprise, the company has introduced a comprehensive range of personalization choices. For instance, you can have daring decals or multi-colored door mirror covers. You will also get plenty of wheel options. But, yes. You will be paying extra money to enjoy these favors.


It is constructed reasonably well, with outside panels displaying perfect assembly and the paint sporting a pleasant deep finesse. The shiny top of the dashboard looks nice. It has the Mercedes-AMG-style grille pattern complemented with diamond-cut alloy wheels to enhance the display charm.


But there is a problem with MG3 car – plastics. You will get a lot of plastics that bring cheapness and tends to chip away. It is also hard to touch. Moreover, the thin door panels feel downmarket.


MG3 Car interior:

Moving on to the inside, the cabin feels real lovely place to sit and drive. It is relaxing and equally spacious. And yes, stylish, too. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is a little more than any conventional supermini car’s cabin. Where quality is ensured, the seats guarantee support and comfortability. They seem not really strong enough to offset the choppy ride but tend to do their job well.


Inside the cabin is an 8-inch touchscreen to upmarket the appeal. Apart from the screen, you will get lavish equipment in MG3 auto, giving the worth of your money.


In the entry-level MG3 Excite, you will get:


 Apple CarPlay smartphone integration


 AUX inputs

 All-round electric windows

 Standard equipment in the Exclusive Nav version includes:

 Cost-effective sat-nav

 LED running lights

 16-inch diamond-cut alloys

 Grippy 195/55 tires

 Apple car play and android auto connectivity

 Reverse parking sensors


 All-round electric windows

 Sports seats

 Cruise control

 Reversing camera

 A 6-speaker audio system


Congratulations! You can avail styling upgrade packages on MG3 to enjoy marvelous add-ons. In short, the MG3 car is well worth looking at! You will love its handy storage with decent-sized door bins. Too much space to fit your things. A big glovebox perfectly gets along a lidded cubbyhole placed on top of the dashboard. The leg-room and knee-room are also pretty generous. And to boost access to the back seats, a 5-door-only layout is chosen.


Ah! Now comes the worst part: cheap materials and inconsistent build quality. The use of hard plastics, rickety switches, fiddly air-conditioning controls, and small stereo buttons makes it awful.


Cons of buying MG3 Car:

 Slightly old-fashioned engine

 Pretty firm ride

 The pace and agile road handling fail to match

 The suspension with a rigid edge causes the car to jump awkwardly over bumpy roads.

 Feels low-priced inside

 Lacks comfort and fine-tuning 

 Absent stop/start system

 Absent low-rolling-resistance tires

 Lacks brake energy recovery

 Disturbing engine noise


MG3 price:

With rates opening from around £12,000, it is really a supermini that comes priced just like a city car.


Final Verdict:

Considering the low price tag of the MG3 car, it matches the working and style, functions, and practicality. It is for those searching for hot hatch-style handling without putting strain on their budget. Undoubtedly, it is a stylish pick with a decent list of standard specifications. As it is only available as a 5-door car and one engine offer, you are pretty much restricted. But, it guarantees to give the most spacious cabin. If you are looking forward to buying one, ensure that you get its hidden past via Quick Revs' online platform. Our platform provides a detailed history of the car including past accidents and theft checks. 


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