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Mercedes GLC 250 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Mercedes GLC 250 Review Australia


If you are a real car enthusiast, you already know how impressive the Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class is. Loaded with comfort features and powerful engine configurations, it is absolutely a fantastic compact yet luxurious crossover SUV. Talking about one of the most powerful and robust variants, it is the Mercedes GLC 250. The latest version (2021) sits at the top of the SUV list that reflects extravagance.


No matter how old a model you pick (as it has been manufactured since 2016), you would not be able to resist admiring its energetic engine, smooth road performance, maximum comfortability, and high-end cabin finessing. The wealth of standard features is lovely and equally enticing. Presenting a classic blend of luxury, drivability, utility, and advanced technology, you will feel big in this big and spacious SUV.


If you search for a car that can provide you comfort and trouble-free performance, the Mercedes GLC 250 is an appealing option. Elegant in design while keeping the meaning of true luxury. And, how can you ignore its solid fuel economy – a big plus!


Road performance:

This SUV is designed with a potent engine to handle daily use and gravel roads with equal ease. With compatible machinery, the motor has surpassed every standard of on-road performance. The surefooted handling feels impressive. The suspension setup seems highly refined, ensuring a lovely, soothing, noiseless ride. If you have a full load on board, you might experience some jolts.


To minimize the noise of the engine, sound deadening is installed in the engine bay. It has successfully isolated the engine grunt. That is how you will enjoy a refined in-cabin driving experience. To complement the suspension, the company has infused a responsive braking setup in the Mercedes GLC 250. It controls the body roll without exaggerating the cornering ability. We can say it delivers an appropriate stopping power reducing the risk of getting hit.


The throttle response is made quick and intuitive to keep your drive engaging. Another factor that makes your drive splendid is the steering. Not heavy, not lightweight, quick to respond, directional and linear, smooth and trouble-free! The engine of Mercedes GLC 250 also comes with adaptive cruise control, letting you keep a safe distance from the automobile in front.


Well, there are two more aspects you need to focus on—first, the durability of the machinery. You would love how reliable the whole setup is. The product that you can count on. And second, the transmission that changes swiftly. The vehicle seems exceptionally maneuverable. Offering ease of use provides pleasant family rides, whether you choose a Mercedes GLC 250 SUV or a coupe.



Only two engine configurations are offered for SUV and coupe, separating the Mercedes Benz GLC 250 4Matic from GLC 250d 4Matic.

The 1,991 CC 16V 4-cylinder turbo engine is installed in the GLC 250 4Matic that runs on petrol. It is capable of producing 155 kW power @ 5,500 with a torque of  350 Nm. @ 1,200 RPM.

2,143 CC 16V 4-cylinder turbocharged engine offered in GLC 250d 4Matic. It uses diesel as a fuel and can provide maximum power of 150 kW @ 3,800. Whereas the torque value is noted as 500 Nm. @ 1,600 RPM.


Moving on to the transmission, a 9-speed Automatic G-Tronic is present. It fully complements the drive and makes the car run effortlessly. The fuel tank capacity is also satisfying as it can let you carry 66L. The claimed fuel consumption rate for GLC 250 is 7.2L/100km of (PUP) Premium Unleaded. Sounds reasonable!



The best way to explain the Mercedes GLC 250 is a car with a compact yet spacious layout offering all the luxuries one SUV can provide. In short, it ticks all boxes. Apart from the engine, it does have a well-finished interior with a modern touch. You will find plenty of user-friendly and advanced technology inside the cabin. Consider, GLC 250 Mercedes, an incredible all-around package.


Its appearance is stylish, classy, and confident. In fact, the very first impression will probably be one word: AWESOME! So, it is a pretty safe choice for all the SUVs. It will be just a car with non-metallic white paintwork to the naked eye, but it is much more than that. Even in the middle of the road, you will be able to spot it. In the coupe, the tailgate is powered. 


The handsome design, the most exemplary finesse, industry-leading speed, hi-tech refinement, and reasonable space!


The most striking features from the outside that will catch your attention right away are 20 Inch Alloy Wheels and trendy DRLs – LED. The Roof Rails adds to the robustness of the exterior. The company understands privacy, and that is why Privacy Glass is featured on Rear and Side Windows.


On the one hand, the exterior has durable build quality. On the other hand, the interior is made of premium materials that are equally fashionable. Made of attractive materials, the well-laid controls look wonderful and promote the comfort of use. The features focusing on passenger accommodations are brilliant. Mercedes GLC 250 is packed with luxurious equipment. The only drawback is its less generous cabin space. Considering other specs, the limited interior cubby storage can be compensated.


Equipped with a high-resolution and multipurpose infotainment setup, all control inputs are incredibly manageable. Once seated inside, you will be stunned with its contemporary features. The cabin is remarkably well finished with leather complementing a high-end dashboard and central console. Modernism is kept with its wood effect and brushed metal accents. It guarantees excellent seat comfort with supportive bolsters incorporated in driver and passenger seats.


Some more:

12 Volt Power Outlet

Dual Zone Auto Climate Control

Adjustable Speed Limiter

AUX/USB Input Socket

Bluetooth Connectivity

DAB Radio

MP3 Compatible Audio/CD Player

Power front seats

Power and heated Mirrors With Folding and Indicators

Power Windows

5 Speakers audio setup

Rain Sensing Wipers

Satellite Navigation

Trip Computer


Cons of buying Mercedes GLC 250:

Cramped cargo space

Lesser towing capacity

Congested rear seats



Safety features: 

Airbags Package

Brake Assist


Anti-lock Braking

Electronic Brake Force Distribution

Hill Assistance 

Blind Spot Monitoring

Remote Central Locking 

Engine Immobilizer

Lane Assistance

Child Proof Rear Door Locks

Cross Traffic Recognition

Surround Camera System

Speed Sensing Auto Door Lock

Traction Control System


Final verdict:

This German-built Mercedes GLC 250 is really a splendid AWD 4-door wagon of medium size. Its tech-laden inside is well appointed. The exterior is kept practical and equally functional. Once driven, you would look forward to driving it every day. It is an extremely easy car to live with. Compared to the rivals, it is one of the most reasonably priced Mercedes-Benz petrol-powered GLC Coupe. The company has a stunningly tailored, 5-seat, medium SUV, with a long list of unique specifications giving premium feels.


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