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Mercedes C250 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Mercedes C250 Review Australia


Mercedes C250 Review Australia

Are you looking for a compact-sized executive car that offers not only durability and speed but also takes care of comfort? The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is a series of compact-sized executive cars manufactured by Daimler AG. Available in the market since 1993, the Mercedes C250 made from 2012 to 2015 is the smallest, sportier, lightweight, and most economical Sedan. It might be the most suitable choice.


High-class dynamics and catchy interior at such a great price are its strongest suit. Another essential feature is its two driving modes: sport & Economy mode. No matter, if you choose the Sport or a Luxury model, they offer almost similar speed and road handling. Where Sport models will deliver a firmer ride, the Luxury models are known for handling road bumps effortlessly. The on-road control is astonishingly smooth and precise.



The company has equipped the motor with a long list of powerful, sturdy, and amazing equipment to maximize the ease along with ensuring a softer ride. If you are in the search of a car for daily use, the Mercedes C250 surely provides more than enough acceleration to feel sufficiently fast. Offered in only RWD, its front-mounted engine is hard-wearing.


To complement the driving comfort, tautly-sprung suspensions are installed that are not only potent but also responsive. As far as the transmission is concerned, the users have always supported the responsiveness and quirkiness of a gearbox. Its robust base engine is designed to give a composed steering feel.


Well, the braking system also lacks almost nothing. Once you hit the road, you will not believe how comfortable the ride feels, nearly giving the vibes of a Merced, es C250 just floating over the roughest of the drivetrain. The engine is compact makes it suitable for long drives. The surprising element is noise reduction.


You will find its 1.8L turbocharged 4-cyl engine really satisfactory. Do you know in its turbo, you will not face any turbo lag. It is capable of delivering power of 150 kilowatts @ 3800 rpm mated with the torque of 500 Nm @ 1600 rpm.


The 2015 trims offer unruffled road conduct and solid brakes. Its hefty wall of torque, imposing quietness, and skillful gearbox combine to equip it with a graceful rolling response. So, we can all agree that purchasing a Mercedes C250 will not be a bad decision as it is a strong, comfortable, and completely fuss-free performer.



The 1.8L turbocharged engine is mated with 7-speed shift-able automatic transmission that has always received positive remarks for its smoothness. Truly speaking, it is fun to drive in auto-mode. Another benefit of its gearbox is the short-shifting that is specially tailored to save fuel.


Cruising in a sport mode with an auto gear shifter will not only minimize the fuel mileage but also boosts road performance. The ride feels pretty firm around the city.

Remember, no C250 is equipped with a 4MATIC.


Fuel economy

It is advised to always look for the vehicle that is light on the pocket, which means that shows reasonable fuel usage. The estimated values for the fuel consumption of Mercedes Benz C250 are known to be wonderful. If you are riding in a C250 sedan or coupe, it will provide a rate of 21/31 mpg city/highway.


C250 Estate and BlueTEC Sport

It features a 2L 4-cylinder engine fitted with a turbocharger and intercooler. The maximum value of power is known to be 155kW whereas, for the torque, the value is 350NM. Both versions will provide you the same slick-shifting 7-speed automatic transmission.


The reason behind its plenty of punch is the compatibility with Euro 6. The touch of a sharp torque and suspension response makes it a desirable vehicle to drive.

Well, wait, it has its downside! First, under throttle, it slightly feels like a firecracker. Secondly, it does not seem so effortless while cruising on the highway.



Overall, the styling can be explained as subtle yet elegant. Relatively, the latest models of Mercedes C250 appear much more aggressive, young, and modern. It is not only spacious but safer due to the installation of technologically advanced equipment. The company has made it stronger yet lighter, and well-organized from the inside.


If we start from the interior, the first thing you will notice is its ultra-comfortable and supportive front-row seats. They come with ample adjustability and legroom. Even the headroom is outstanding. And, don’t worry about the rear, the 2nd-row seats also have enough room for leg and arm, foot, and head due to a wider seating aperture. Being a station wagon, you get the added benefit of a usable footwell.


The driving position must be relaxing and the Mercedes C250 makes sure that you get adjusted quickly and comfortably. The decent driving position is not the only feature that makes you buy it, but it's good rear and front visibility. The seats are superbly trimmed with soft-felt fabric. The use of genuine wood veneer and metal finessed accents add up to the fanciness.


C-Class is well-laid with a bundle of standard equipment. Upfront, there is an elegant dashboard decorated with an incredible floating infotainment cluster. Significant specs are:


 ✓ Automatic LED headlights

 ✓ 19’’ alloy wheels

 ✓ Intuitive rotary dial

 ✓ Privacy glass

 ✓ Remote/Keyless entry and start

 ✓ High-resolution display screens

 ✓ C-Class Estate Mercedes Benz C250

 ✓ Chrome finessed side lashings

 ✓ Robust roof rails

 ✓ Black ash wood insets

 ✓ 7-inch multifunctional touch screen

 ✓ Advanced and refined COMAND (infotainment system)

 ✓ Voice recognition workable for navigation

 ✓ Premium 13-speaker stereo system (optional)

 ✓ DAB

 ✓ Adaptive and responsive cruise control

 ✓ SD memory cards compatibility

 ✓ USB sticks and portals

 ✓ Bluetooth phone connectivity

 ✓ Fast audio streaming

 ✓ Data tethering


Safety features

The Mercedes C250 CDI 4Matic BlueEfficiency has an amazing safety feature that is a highly advanced Electronic Stability Program along with a 4ETS traction system. Besides, the latest models of the C-Class 250 include the following more refined active and passive safety specs that ensure the passenger’s protection.


 ✓ Attention assist

 ✓ Blind-spot assistance

 ✓ Collision prevention assistance

 ✓ Electronic stability program having acceleration skid control

 ✓ Steering assist

 ✓ Radar cruise control featuring stop & go function

 ✓ Auto brake with pedestrian alert

 ✓ Rear cross-traffic assist

 ✓ Active blind-spot assist

 ✓ Active lane-keeping assist

 ✓ 9 airbags


Cons of buying Mercedes C250


 ✓ Considering Mercedes, you will find its interior and seat-trimming pretty basic

 ✓ Overall, the Interior looks uninspiring

 ✓ Engine options are limited

 ✓ Only RWD is offered with an option of no 4MATIC AWD

 ✓ COMAND of Mercedes C250 has difficult functionalities and lack practicality as it is pretty hard to use

 ✓ Transmission might get lazy sometimes

 ✓ The suspension setup needs an upgrade to offer a quality ride comfort


Final verdict

From the performance aspect, the Mercedes C250 is a good cruiser with a low fuel consumption rate. Undoubtedly, the motor is strongly reliable. Although the interior lacks extravagance but guarantees comfort. The engine and gearbox combination is exemplary. Besides, you will be getting satisfactory standard equipment at a reasonable price.


Surprisingly quick and agile, C250 Mercedes is dedicated to delivering an excellent ride quality over any road surface. And, remember, its turbocharged 4-cyl engine is no slouch.


If your views are cleared by reading this review, you can also get instant details about the car's previous driving experience. Plus, you can get accidental and theft history, too. Visit our website and get all the details you need.



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