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Mercedes AMG C63 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Mercedes AMG C63 Review Australia

Finding the right luxury class vehicle tends to be easier, with the various options that are available. However, if you refine your search to compact-luxury vehicles, you might not be able to find a lot of options. There are a few cars in the class that can deliver ridiculously high performance as well as being compact in size.


Introducing the Mercedes AMG C63, which has become a benchmark of luxury, high performance, and modern muscle for the past few years. Comfort, cutting-edge tech, elegance, and a high performing engine are some of the words that have come to be associated with the brand. So, what makes the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG such a great car in the class? Read on to find out.


Mercedes has always been a name of elegance and luxury, and the AMG series are a step ahead. The cars that come to mind are the modern age muscle cars with twin-turbocharged V8 engines and rear-wheel drives. The engine is so powerful, that you can even plan a trip to the moon on it. The Mercedes C63 is available in multiple trims, as a sedan, coupe, or convertible.


The engine is hand-built with the utmost excellence, with a fun ride that would rarely leave anything to be desired. The exterior of the C63 AMG is designed in a way that it is easily one of ten most handsome cars in the luxury class of supercars. The LED headlights, front grille, and the gaping air dams give an overall beast look to the front side of the exterior.


The base model has 18-inch alloy wheels. The rear has elongated LED headlights, a short trunk to complete the compact look, and a diffuser that will surely make heads turn. But let us assure you that the car delivers much more when it comes to comfort and the driving experience.


Engine Specifications:

The Mercedes C63 AMG 2020 is powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine which is carefully handcrafted to continue the high-performance legacy of the series. The engine is capable of producing 469 horsepower and a torque of 479 lb-ft. The power is sent to the rear wheel via a nine-speed MCT automatic transmission, allowing the car to reach 0-60 mph in exactly 3.8 seconds!


Driving Experience:

There is hardly any reason that you will find about the driving experience to complain about in the Mercedes AMG C63. The rear-wheel-drive is excellent and seldom leaves any point where you wish for an all-wheel-drive option. The power transmission is deftly handled by the adaptive ride control suspension.


Riding around corners is made laughably simple, thanks to an electronic limited-slip differential. This means that you can attach any bend or turn at your will if you are caught in a wild urge to test the car. The steering wheel is found to be responsive and well-weighted, to give an even better communicative experience with your car. The AMG C63 is also equipped with an adaptive suspension that rarely lets you register any bump on the road.


Even then, you might feel that the suspension could have been improved when you take the car in the countryside and the AMG lets you feel all of the road imperfections to the core.

The brakes are perfect with no fault whatsoever, the road grip is one of the best in the World and you can take on corners at will.



Even though the Mercedes AMG C63 is a four-seater car, the rear seats are barely enough to seat two adults. You can fit in two children though if that is of any help. The front seats, on the other hand, offer more than enough space to comfortably seat full-sized adults, with ample head and legroom. The front seats are equipped with 14-way power adjustments, allowing for a good view outside and easy access to the steering wheel for the driver.


You can also opt for the optional AMG Performance seats for a sportier look and feel. Overall, the interior of the Mercedes AMG C63 is one that encompasses luxury and style, with a firm ride that does not ride you even on the longest of journeys.



The Mercedes AMG C63 is loaded with tons of standard features and state of the art technology that you would expect from a Mercedes vehicle. It offers keyless entry and you can even control the ignition using an app from your smartphone. You also get a panoramic sunroof and an analog clock to time your laps. The front seats are power-adjustable and heated. The dashboard supports an AMG specific cluster. The car also includes dual-zone climate control, an electronic trunk closer, and adaptive LED headlights.


Optional features that you can go for include ventilated front seats, 360-degree view camera, a digital cluster, and park assist. There are also multiple safety features that are discussed further.


The infotainment system that is included in the AMG C63 is worth mentioning here. It consists of a 13-speaker digital surround system that comes as standard. You can manipulate the sound system through the console on the dash or through the controls on the steering wheel. There is also a dash-mounted infotainment screen through which you can see the visibility as well. The system is compatible with satellite radio, Apple and Android CarPlay, USB ports, and Bluetooth.


Safety Features:

The Mercedes AMG C63 is top-rated when it comes to safety ratings. You get top of the line safety features which include blind-spot warning, drowsy driver warning, collision warning, eight airbags, adaptive cruise control, rear cross-traffic alert, and autonomous emergency braking.



The base model sedan has a price tag of a handsome $161,000 excluding on-road costs. The C63 AMG Wagon is slightly pricier at $163,500 at the time this article was written. The two-door coupe, if you prefer the sportier version, is priced at $165,000. The top of the line Mercedes AMG C63 Convertible will cost you $185,000.



The AMG C63 is offered in various colors, which are listed below:

 ✓ Obsidian Black Metallic

 ✓ Brilliant Blue Metallic

 ✓ Iridium Silver Metallic

 ✓ Polar White

 ✓ Selenite Grey Magno

 ✓ Selenite Grey Metallic

 ✓ Diamond White Metallic

 ✓ Graphite Grey Magno


Final Verdict:

The Mercedes AMG C63 is without doubt one of the best compact luxury classes that you will see this year. It is true that it has some drawbacks, such as the useless rear seats, the suspension can be harsh in rough terrain and the weight is comparatively great, but the performance and acceleration is unmatched. The interior is both comfortable and luxurious, with the best quality used. You can also go for extra options or the multiple trim levels as per your need.

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