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Mercedes-AMG A45 S Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

AMG A45 S Review Australia


The new Mercedes-AMG A45 S offers the practicality of a family hatch with all the modern creature comforts. Although now the styling and exhaustion of the AMG A45 S is a little restrained, the car still has that crazy speed that blurs the line between hyper-hatch and out-and-out sports car. With the Mercedes-AMG A45 S, you will be able to tear up the racetrack tarmac. This is because the hatchback comes with ballistic speed and shows exemplary road manners. To know more about Mercedes Benz, A45 S, keep on reading! 


AMG A45 S engine:

The AMG A45 S comes with one of the most powerful engines. It has a  four-cylinder 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine. This engine produces 310kW of power and 500 Nm of torque. It is coupled with an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. 


It has a roller bearing twin-scroll turbocharger. At its peak, this turbocharger helps to dial-up an incredible 2.1bar of boost pressure. Instead of using the traditional pneumatic setup, this system uses an electronic wastegate. This electronic wastegate improves ramping of the turbocharger and boost control. 


In order to reduce the amount of plumbing required and increase efficiency, the engine of the Mercedes-AMG A45 S has been rotated 180 degrees over the outgoing model. The turbocharger in Mercedes-AMG A45 S, therefore, is present at the rear of the engine, closer to the cabin. 


AMG A45 S exterior:

The A45 S is a small car, but it has four doors, five seats and a boot. The new AMG A45 has a more toned-down look. To showcase its performance intent, the new A45 S has enough exterior trimmings. At first glance, we can say that the exterior design of the AMG A45 is somewhere between a boy racer and a sophisticated driving machine. 


Almost all of the exterior design portray the signs of performance of the Mercedes. It has a menacing-looking front end and 19-inch matt-black alloy wheels that incorporate Michelin tyres. These wheels show a unique business look sitting over large red brake callipers. It has a beefed-up rear end that contains a modestly styled spoiler. This spoiler is placed over the not-so-subtle set of exhaust pipes that are present on either side of a sizable diffuser. 


Mercedes-AMG A45 S is a hatchback that has the following measurements:

 4445mm in length

 1850mm in width

 1412mm in height


The measurements imply that it has a relatively modest amount of cabin space.


AMG A45 S interior:

The interior of the AMG A45 S is very practical. As the A45 S is a small car, it has a smaller cabin. Despite being small, this cabin has plenty of room while driving, and the seating position is also perfect. But the seats behind the driving seats are a bit congested as your knees might touch the seatback. The headroom is also just average, not suitable for people with a tall height.  If you are looking for a family car, the AMG A45 S would be great if you have a small family, as a family of three or four. But you might need a bigger one if your family starts to grow. 


The cabin storage is excellent. On the rear end of the cabin, you will get the following:

 Two cup holders in the rear centre 

 Fold-down armrest

 Small door pockets

 Seat Back nets


On the upfront, you will get the following: 

 Two cup holders

 Giant door pockets

 A big split-opening centre console bin

 A tray for the wireless charger


The boot space of the AMG A45 S is pretty good. It has 370 litres of boot space. The boot has wide-opening, and also another practical feature is that the rear seats can be folded down to open up more cargo-carrying space. The A45 S has 1210 litres of boot space.


The cabin also includes two USB-C ports on the upfront and two USB-C ports on the rear-end. Additionally, the back seat passengers can also enjoy directional air vents, along with dark tinted windows.


AMG A45 specs:


Standard exterior feature:

On the outside, the Mercedes-AMG A45 S includes the following:

 19-inch matte black alloy wheels

 Quad 90mm exhaust outlets, uprated AMG brakes

 Panamericana grille

 Multi-beam adaptive LED headlamps

 Privacy glass

 AMG aero package

 A power hump on the bonnet

 Parking sensors

 A surround-view camera with auto parking

 LED taillights

 Proximity entry and start


Standard Interior feature:

On the Inside, the Mercedes-AMG A45 S includes the following features:

 Dual 10.25-inch screens

 Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) infotainment

 USB-C connectivity in front and rear

 Wireless phone charging

 Heated AMG performance front seats


AMG A45 safety:

In 2018 ANCAP tested the Mercedes-AMG A45 S. In this test, AMG A45 received the maximum five-star score. The Mercedes-AMG A45 S has an impressive list of safety equipment.


It comes with the following safety features:

 Nine airbags

 A 360-degree camera


 Cross-traffic function

 Blind-spot warning,

 Lane-keeping assistance

 Lane change assistance

 Auto parking 

 Adaptive cruise control


It also has two ISOFIX mounts and three top tether points for child seats in the second row. You can easily adjust top tether seats in these small hatches because they provide easy access to the hook point.


AMG A45 S Pricing:

Coming to the price of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2020 series, the prices range from $49,800 for the basic trim level to $114,990 for the top of the range Hatchback A-Class A45 S. 



 We get an amazing 310kW of power from a four-cylinder!

 It has outstanding performance that does not destroy the spine.

 This Mercedes has all the hatch practicality. 



 The rear head- and legroom is limited

 This looks a bit too low-key

 The hatchback can be thirsty on the road


Final verdict!

Overall, we can say that the Mercedes-AMG A45 S is an amazing and very fast hatchback. It has a powerful and phenomenal engine with an equally good chassis. With its unique features, red hot performance and safety tech, you can boast about it anywhere. It is An incredibly well put together hatchback that is great fun to drive and perfect for a small family. If you decide to buy one of these, ensure that you get to know about its hidden past. If you want to know the history of your vehicle at an affordable price, visit Quick Revs’ online platform now. 


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