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Mercedes 190E Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Mercedes 190E Review Australia


Mercedes Benz is well known and popularly recognized as a premium brand. The brand has kept its amazing reputation of good quality and reliability in Australia. Mercedes Benz always has been a high-end, expensive automobile brand, but the motorsports Sedan, Mercedes 190E gave people that breakthrough. A budget limited, available to many! The Mercedes Benz 190E comes with similar features, reliability, prestige, and quality as every other Mercedes Benz. Only the equipped auto version of Mercedes 190E made it to the Australian market. In the sub-compact market, Mercedes 190E was the first Benz move.


Mercedes 190E Engine:

The original, smallest of all Benz was first introduced in 1985. Initially, it came with a single 2.0 overhead camshaft engine producing 18kW and 175 Nm. And for some time, the engine got upgraded to a single overhead 2.6-liter six-cylinder engine. This came between 1987 to 1991 producing 121 kW and 225 Nm.


Mercedes Benz 190E also came in 2.0-liter four-cylinder offered from 1992 to 1994. The 2.0-liter engine produced 89kW and 175Nm. The 190 2.6 would cover 400 meters in about 16 seconds and offers stability – hence, your little sporty package. The estimated fuel consumption for the Mercedes Benz 190E for Sedan per ULP in the year 1994 range from 9.3L per 100 Km.


Mercedes 190E Exterior:

Mercedes Benz 190E came with a robust and reliable exterior, with a rust-free, strong body. Mercedes 190E consists of four doors and five seats. The exterior is chrome finished with Grille Surround.


Following are the dimensions or measurements of Mercedes 190E:

 Height: 1375mm (measured from ground to the top of the car)

 Width: 1690mm (across all variants)

 Length: 4448mm (across all variants)


The sedan weighs about 1220 kg with a wheel size of 15 x 6 inches across all variants. The 190 2.6 comes with metallic paint and alloy wheels. It also contains rear fog lamps for clear visibility in traffic. The latest available model of Mercedes 190 comes with a towing capacity of 1200Kg. The initial range of Mercedes 190E contained a single row timing chain but later 2 timing chains were introduced (in the next 190E sedan models). The hardware and overall look stand out pretty well. The turning circle of Mercedes Benz 190E is 10.6m.


Mercedes 190E Interior:

The inside of Mercedes 190E might seem small from the outside but is pretty okay, compared to the other Mercedes Benz ranges, and offers generous accommodation. Mercedes 190 is a small car also known as Baby Benz. 190 dashboard and the complete layout is similar to the rest of the line-up. The seats are firm and fitted just as seen in its older brothers. Both 2.6 and 2.4 Mercedes 190 are fitted with ABS (Antilock Brakes), along with a first aid kit and central locking for emergency and security reasons respectively.


The Mercedes Benz 190 front row seats offer a height-adjustable driving seat along with a pretty good and usable boot size.


Mercedes 190E Specs:

Following are the specifications for Mercedes 190E.


Standard Exterior Features of Mercedes 190E:

 Metallic Paint

 Alloy Wheels

 Cruise Control

 Power Sunroof

 Alarm system

 Power Windows

 Rear fog lamps

 Steel Rim Material

 55L fuel tank capacity


Standard Interior Features of Mercedes 190E:

 Anti-locking Brakes

 Air Conditioning

 Radio Cassette with 4 speakers

 Five Firm and fitted seats

 Leather trim


The wide range of Mercedes 190 comes in ranges from 1.8 liters to 2.6 liters with auto and manual controls.



If we talk about the pricing of Mercedes Benz 190E, it comes in a wide range. Starting from $3900 to $6,380. This price is for the last manufacturing year of Mercedes 190E i.e., 1994. The pricing of the Mercedes 190E Sedan depends on the type of trim and specs you choose to purchase.



Mercedes Benz 190E offer:

 High degree engineering

 A smooth ride; no bumps

✓ Depending on specs, a budget-friendly motorsport sedan



  The Mercedes 190E had a lesser victory and more failure. Despite being a ‘budget friendly’ sport, the car isn’t worth that much money. Especially the Mercedes 190E 2.6.

 Only Auto equipped version is available in Australia

 No airbags

 Among the initial motorsport sedan, timing chains can also get loose. Keep a lookout for the death rattle

 Shudders during slips in the automatic gearboxes

 Lack of safety equipment


The Final Verdict:

To be discrete, if you are looking for a budget-limited motorsports sedan, Mercedes Benz 190E (with some specific specs) can be your car. But the lack of safety precautions i.e., airbags, makes the Mercedes Benz 190E a less preferable choice compared to today’s highly equipped and safe cars. Before getting yourself a Mercedes 190E, a complete inspection of disc brakes, tyers, exhaust systems, shock absorbers should be assessed. Including interior leather trim and the motorsport’s body panels. Even though the car is reliable and robust, its spare parts cost way more than other cars. For a safer side, it is better to check for any kinds of oil leaks and wear in the brushes. If the brushes are worn, they are pretty cheap and can be replaced. When buying an old car these days it is better to check the safety equipment i.e., seat belts. Inspect their wear and tear, in case there is a problem, you might want to consider replacing them. Note that, before buying a Benz car make sure that it complies with the design rules of Australia as well. 


However, before buying it, ensure that you get its detailed history from the Quick Revs online platform.


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