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Mclaren 675LT Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Mclaren 675LT Review Australia


Supercars are always in high demand because there is no end to technology. The mechanics are evolving all-time, bringing new aesthetics, and McLaren automotive has fulfilled its role in manufacturing a tremendous variety of commanding sports cars. Talking about McLaren, how can we miss the McLaren 675LT. The derivation of another impressive car named 650S. Made on the same pattern and layout, it is more refined, firmer, more powerful, quicker, and the list continues. But what makes it a preferable car? It's an extremely lightweight chassis.


Being a track-focused automobile, McLaren 675LT is made only in the coupe body style. Full of speed and racing abilities, it is a great car to ride. But unfortunately, it was manufactured for a year only and in a minimal number of 500.


The stylish body combined with a bespoke engine sounds like a fantastic combo letting you enjoy a classic journey. Every component fixed inside shows premium quality. And the technology? It is more advanced than you can expect. Moving at a fierce speed, it has an equally engaging and sharp ride.


Origin of the name:

The name and code of this incredible car, McLaren 675LT, used to be a mystery but not anymore. For those who don’t know, the term comprises a 675 and LT. The number (675) represents the power output in PS, and the digits (LT) means the "Long Tail" that was a highlighted feature of the 1997 McLaren F1 GT.


Engine and Road Performance:

This wonderful car will impress you at a glance with its design but will leave you awestruck with its magnificent road speed, powerful machinery, and durable setup. McLaren 675LT is installed with an M838T 3.8L engine that works on a twin-turbocharged V8 setup. On the one hand, the whole setup seems highly reliable. On the other hand, it turns out to be lighter, letting you enjoy the massive power of 675 PS @ 7,100 rpm combined with the torque of 700 Nm. @ 5,500 rpm.


In-gear thrust is fierce and equally exciting. Even when you are driving at full throttle, it won’t go astray. Its premium on-track performance is one of its visible advantages. You can call it an excellent all-rounder vehicle for all types of drivers.


Being lightweight is not the only strength it has; it comes with an amazing exhaust setup, too. It offers trouble-free rear-wheel drive (RWD), making road holding easier. Once seated behind the steering, you would love how smooth handling behavior it has. To double the ride comfort, and adaptable set of front and rear suspensions has been equipped. The addition of the turbocharger compressor wheels has optimized the fuel use in McLaren 675LT.


Every other feature is improved in its efficiency and overall performance. If you need something extra, this car is your solution. It comes with an unbelievable Track mode built to let you harness the built-up kinetic energy for delivering a classic thrust of torque whenever you shift the gear. McLaren 675LT has a pretty responsive 7-speed automatic dual-clutch gearbox that shifts seamlessly as far as the transmission is concerned. It is equally intuitive and is best coupled for maximizing the engine’s on-road capabilities.


Don’t worry about its brakes as you would find its braking system extremely reliable providing maximum stopping power. Even if you are driving at high accelerations, McLaren 675LT will stop with minimal body roll and brilliant cornering skills. To make the brakes perform better, a refined 10-spoke wheel design has been introduced. Well, it does more than just supporting the brakes. It makes the car comprehensively track-focused along with unparalleled road grip. Definitely a usable car!


Soaking away all the bumps, it feels suppler than you can imagine, offering the level of power and handling that is difficult to find. To support the mighty engine and make it tractable, the directional steering is fitted in McLaren 675LT.



Where the engine performance is amazing, the chassis seems equally appealing. The company has re-engineered the entire setup of McLaren 675LT, bringing another dimension to the car design. If you look closely, you will see every component shouting premium inside out. Truly speaking, it has so much to offer that we don’t know where to start!


The material used for construction is highly durable and sturdy apart from being lightweight. Starting from the B-pillar to the carbon fiber layout, you would like every part. The side skirts are made more prominent, along with keeping side air intakes broader. Rear body lower panel and arches, deck and bumper, diffuser and Longtail airbrake, everything appears sharper, more expansive, sturdier, and obviously made lighter.


McLaren 675LT has a uni-constructed body of tougher carbon fiber. Apart from the overall structure, you can find carbon fiber accentuated inside the cabin. It is specially fabricated to make it ultra-lightweight and stiffer at the exact moment. The increased rigidity seems like a big plus for such a car of its size. Even the front and rear bumpers are carbon fiber construction. You can imagine how significant weight savings they have made through the intelligent infusion of carbon fiber.


Moving into the cabin, you will find all seats wrapped in high-quality and soft-felt Alcantara. The carpeting has been removed, as well. The worst part of McLaren 675LT is removing the AC unit to save extra KGs, but they didn’t realize that they are excluding one of the necessities. So, all trims are provided with a height-adjustable passenger seat and AC but as no-cost options. The low-slung cockpit is stylish and workable.


Some more:

10-spoke forged aluminium wheels

Titanium wheel nuts

Dihedral doors

Satellite navigation



Meridian sound system

McLaren Track Telemetry app

LED headlights

Keyless entry


Cons of buying McLaren 675LT:

Limited room for storage

Comparatively, lesser ride comfort to 650S

An air conditioner is not available as a standard


675LT Spider (2016–2017):

McLaren 675LT Spider is a convertible variant of the McLaren 675LT marketed back in 2015. Although, it has similar power and torque mated with the same 3.8L turbocharged V8 engine. The thing that makes it a different vehicle is its fashionable folding hardtop roof. Talking about its drawback, it has one: reduced top speed. It also delivers matchless on-road performance.


About 40% of the body panels are made with carbon fiber, including:

Retractable roof




Rear deck

Side blades

The entire front and rear wings

Fuel filler flap


Final verdict:

Undoubtedly, McLaren 675LT is the best car to be taken on the race track for a spellbinding performance. McLaren 675LT comes with no competition. Being a unique machine, it has a competent engine and technology. Lighter, faster, more focused, and more fun that is how it should be defined. Manufactured to provide supernatural cornering and road balance, It stands alone on the podium!


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