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Mazda Tribute Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Mazda Tribute Review Australia

The first thing that you notice about the Mazda Tribute is that it is not exactly a truck disguised as an SUV. In fact, it has many wagon-like specifications and features in almost all aspects. For many people, this would be a good thing since the vehicle offers better handling and a comfortable ride when compared to rivals in the class. While for others, this might be a drawback.


In contrast to the sales performance figures, the Mazda Tribute is one of the best compact 4x4s available today in the market. It encompasses everything that you would desire of a small 4x4, with all the practicality and performance you would wish for. However, it failed to hit the market as it should have. This can be attributed to the lack of promotion from Mazda.


Then there is the factor of the Tribute following a low-key approach. Since Ford Motor Company owns a good proportion of Mazda, there are some similarities between the Tribute and the Ford Maverick. Put simply, they are largely the same vehicles. And neither has enjoyed a high profile. You might be wondering why that is. Well, the simplest explanation can be that Ford, which also owns Land Rover, did not want to mess up the sales for their premium line of vehicles. Makes sense, right?


All in all, the Mazda tribute has a lot to offer. Here is a car that has a relatively low asking price and enjoys all the benefits of major manufacturer development. Mazda tribute spare parts are readily available all over the map which makes this a good choice for a used car.



The Mazda Tribute is labeled as a compact SUV, manufactured by Mazda from 2000 to 2011. The development of the Tribute was a joint venture between Mazda and Ford. It is loosely based on Mazda’s 626 front-wheel drive platform. The same platform is utilized in the Ford Escape.


Being one of the last "truck-looking" SUVs on the market, the Tribute offers excellent visibility, a spacious practical interior, and an easy driving experience. The split rear seat folds flat (with headrests removed) and the liftgate glass opens separately. Maintenance costs are moderate. The Tribute was redesigned for the 2008 model year, although the platform remained the same. For 2012, the Tribute was discontinued and later replaced by a more efficient CX-5.


Models and Features:

The 4WD system engineering work for the Mazda Tribute was provided by Dana Corporation. It was produced jointly with Ford, where Ford also released their own version, known as the Escape. Even though both the vehicles followed almost the same design and structure, the Escape saw significantly fewer sales success.


The Tribute was offered in a four-cylinder engine with manual transmission. Or could opt for the more popular 3.0-liter quad-cam Mazda Tribute V6 with automatic transmission. The Ford Escape was only offered in V6.

The Mazda Tribute was initially available in three trims. The base was the Limited, then came the Classic, and lastly the Luxury model. In 2003, a Limited Sport model was also added to the ranks.


For the base Limited model, standard features included dual airbags, 16-inch alloy wheels, ABS with EBD, power steering, windows and mirrors, central locking, and front fog lights. You also got a tilt steering column, split fold rear seats, CD stacker, and cloth trim.


After, 2004, the Mazda Tribute saw some cosmetic changes which included side airbags on all the trims. Performance-wise, the Mazda Tribute V6 also saw enhancements with increased power and torque.



The interior for the Mazda Tribute is well equipped. But it fails to impress the ones who have an eye for aesthetics. Everything is well placed, intuitive, and works well, but still fails to be inspiring or luxurious. The overall feel is one of drab and cheap.


There is ample space for the front and rear passengers with more than enough leg and headspace. The boot is also well up to the mark since the Tribute is longer than many rivals.



The Mazda Tribute is built robustly with a sharp exterior styling and looks. Even though this is a car that is almost two decades old, the shapely headlights and beaky grille give it a modern look.


Mazda Tribute problems:

It has been noted that the liftgate release switch can become faulty after some time. This can prevent the liftgate or the liftgate glass from opening. However, the part is located in the trim bezel above the license plate and is not expensive to replace.


Another thing that should be taken into consideration is the loss of transmission fluid due to the leakage of the left axle seal. If you are faced with this problem, it is best to take your Tribute to the nearest Mazda dealer as soon as possible for repair. Problems with an immobilizer chip in the ignition key may cause a no-start issue.



Mazda Tribute's early models can be had for as low as $1800 but can vary depending on the condition of the vehicle. As the models ascend, the prices also include and can go as high as AUD 10,000 for the 2010 and 2011 models.


FINAL Verdict:

The Mazda Tribute offers an opportunity to get your hands on a quality compact SUV at a relatively low price. The low price is due to the weak image and the below-average interior, which means that these vehicles are not much in demand. This means that you can save big, especially shrewd buyers.


Overall, the Tribute is known to represent a superb reliability record and an excellent on-road performance. This is certainly not a car that you should easily slip when the chance falls upon you.


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