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Mazda RX5 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Mazda RX5 Review Australia


Mazda is an automobile manufacturing company that needs no formal or any sugar-coated introduction. It is the name everyone is familiar with. For those who want to make a wise investment by buying a stylish yet glamorous, appealing yet functional, and good on-road performing vehicle, look no further! MAZDA it is!


Now coming to today’s discussion, that is Mazda RX5 or RX-5. Although it is really an old car lacking all the advanced technology and software, it will still leave you awestruck with its eye-catching design. This incredible car is made in coupe-style, absolutely stunning to see and brilliantly smooth to drive. It was manufactured for only a couple of years. From 1976 to 1978, this usable car has captivated everyone’s heart and spectator’s eyes!


Even back in the late 1970s, Mazda didn’t fail to amaze us. Besides, if you really need to have a collection of some fantastic classic old cars, this is a must-have car.


Engine and performance:

What makes this car highly maneuverable? Absolutely it's the engine! The machinery is durable, robust, powerful, and reliable. What else can you ask for?

Inside this magnificent Mazda RX5, you can find a 1.3L Aspirated Inline engine featuring 2-cyl. Usually called the 13B L engine, it is made rotary. Yes, another unique aspect to fall in love with. The machine is placed at the front and runs on petrol. The engine seems absolutely compatible with the chassis. The trouble-free RWD makes you enjoy a stable ride. Even at high accelerations, the ride feels firm. Road handling is also a big plus.


The whole setup is laid out strategically. Even the single carburetor plays an essential role in making the drive as smooth as possible. The maximum power is noted 100kW @ 6500 rpm. Don’t worry, the engine is torquey enough. Every part is engineered to last longer.


As far as the transmission is concerned, you have two options in Mazda RX5 to choose from:

5-speed Manual

3-speed Automatic


Both gears are floor-placed and at easy access. Where its intuitive brakes offer impressive stopping power, it also minimizes the body roll. Consequently, the cornering ability also seems to improve. On the front, Mazda RX5 has ventilated, and at the rear, it has disc brakes. Apart from all the engine equipment, it has a braking setup and set of suspensions that provide excellent road handling. It has a fuel tank capacity of 65L. Sounds fair enough! The steering is also directional and responsive.



Although the Mazda RX5 has an engine with all the necessary parts, it lacks the specification list. From the exterior, it can make you go crazy. It comes with alloy wheels and chrome-finessed bumpers. There are many other places where you can find chrome accents, such as the exhaust tip, front grille, and window surrounds. Not so loud but noticeable enough!


Moving to the interior, it is all covered in velour. Somewhat acceptable, but not if you are a fan of luxury. Everything is kept basic and simple. There is also a velour insert in the doors. The functionality is maintained throughout the cabin layout of the Mazda RX5. Every button seems to be placed at easy accessibility. Inside, there is a power steering and tachometer. You can find the woodgrain infused in the styling of the dashboard and steering.


Mazda RX-5 CD 1975 - 1982: 

This is one of the most purchased and appreciated variants of the Mazda RX5. Also called Cosmo AP, the Mazda RX5 CD was marketed back in 1975. The inspiration for its name was taken from the first-made Mazda powered by a rotary engine called the 110S Cosmo Sport. And, AP stands for “anti-pollution”. This car has definitely received worldwide exposure as it was admired by every car enthusiast.



If we talk about the engine, you can have it in any of the two highly functional and stable engine configurations: 12A and 13B. Both are twin-rotor engines and are considered reliable for long drives even. Once you are seated behind its steering, your interest to drive it, again and again, will spark.


For the transmission, two gear shifts are available:

5-speed manual

3-speed automatic


The power range for this amazing car lies between 61 to 82 kW, supported by the torque ranging from 134 to 167. It has an engine with four cylinders. It is made to deliver a smooth Two Wheel Drive that is actually similar to RWD. Running on petrol, it acts fuel-efficient. As per the users, the fuel consumption rate is found to be 10.7 (combined). The volume of the fuel tank is kept at 65L, enough to take you on long rides.


RX5 Mazda is a perfect blend of low fuel consumption and high on-road performance!



In a single glance, you will know how strongly it carries the American style in its styling. This 2-door coupe fashioning is pretty alluring. You would absolutely like its vertically-lined radiator grille. Available in an arresting red paint, it will instantly grab the spotlight. The materials used inside appear premium.


Final verdict:

If you want to buy a classic old car, it is worth the money and effort. But, be careful because the car is pretty old and can get tough to maintain. So, how about check the car's information beforehand? It can be done by visiting our official site Quick Revs, where we have an all-time open portal. Enter the details and get all the desired history of the car model.

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