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Mazda RX3 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Mazda RX3 Review Australia


Mazda RX 3 in comparison to its previous models is smaller and looks sportier. Although you would find it strangely similar to the Mazda Grand Familia, it has slightly different mechanics. You can find it in 1971 to 1978 models. The company has successfully designed it in Super Deluxe coupé, Deluxe sedan, and station wagon body styles. It has shown incredible on-road and off-road performance. No doubt, the car has some major drawbacks being old but it guarantees a smooth and easy ride. Even on the race track, its special racing models have performed so great.


For daily use, it is reliable enough with a strong engine setup. The chassis is made sturdy while adding few particulars to keep the fanciness. Previous models will give you a highly disturbing and noisy ride but the latest trims come with impressive insulation. The engine performance is appropriate whereas the exterior styling is found to be unique and rare. If you feel comfortable driving in a manual mode, this car will provide you with excellent driver involvement as it has manual gearboxes as standard in all the variants. In short, it is nice to drive this small passenger car that comes with usability.


Generally, it is known as Mazda featuring a tremendous rotary engine, but in an international market, it goes by the name of Mazda RX 3. It comes in three series with no minor changes in mechanics as well as in styling. It is more powerful in comparison to a traditional inline engine, but it offers financial benefits like no other car. Being lesser than 1.5L, it keeps the Japanese from paying automobile taxes.



Moving on to its engine, we can say Mazda has tried to make something impressive. All models have a twin rotary engine placed longitudinally at the front, under the hood. This RWD vehicle has two options to offer in the aspect of engine sizes. If you need a small engine go for the primary version that is of only 982 CC (S102A). On the contrary, the larger version of RX 3 Mazda is 1146 CC (S124). A significant upgrade. Another important aspect that you must know is its fuel tank capacity. It goes without saying but as rotary engines drink oil fast, the smaller tanks are replaced with the bigger ones having 60L of the capacity.


Unfortunately, the engines are found to be highly expensive as they are fuel-thirsty. On one hand, it provides a pleasant and memorable ride. On the other hand, due to its slow speed, detuned power, and noisy engine, the whole driving experience demands patience. The suspension is stable and strong fitted as a semi-elliptic leaf spring in the rear axle. Mazda's braking system has always been highly responsive and the same goes for Mazda RX 3. It has disc brakes at the front whereas drums in the back. Both engines have certain common specs such as twin spark plugs and twin distributors except the one engine that is designed for the GT model.


Its worst fuel consumption rate is complemented with the stiffer transmission. The gearbox is somewhat good as it offers positive action. The steering comes with strong synchronizing with maximum smoothness.


Series I:

The older versions have a smaller engine, which means all series 1 variants are installed with a 10A setup. We would like to warn you about its slower on-road performance. Well, if you are still interested let’s see some more details.


Its power output is known to be 105 PS with an acceptable torque of 135 Nm. In a year late model (1972), you will get all the engines with die-cast rotor coating. Apart from its speed, the engine is highly durable as the motor housing is done with Transplant Coating Process (TCP). Both manual and automatic gearboxes are offered in four-speed manual and three-speed auto-mode.


The Series II:

Looking for a bigger engine version? 1973 RX 3 Mazda models are powered by a larger 12A engine with a single distributor. It helps enhance the power up to 130 PS with significantly increased torque to 156 Nm. While driving, you will find its clutch unnecessarily heavy. For a more advanced motor, opt for the 1974 model featuring an amazing 12B engine with a single distributor. It is somewhat similar in mechanics but offers a more efficient and durable ride. With a single spark plug and distributor, it provides you 130 horsepower and 115lb/ft torque.


Personally speaking, do not go for its 1975 as it comes with a distinctive REAPS-5 upgrade. Not recommendable due to its capacity to detune the engine torque. The motor has an alloy radiator. The highlight is the custom throttle body.


The same engine is installed in the GT model of Mazda RX 3 but as a standard. The only major difference is its slightly lowered suspension. The chassis is complemented with broader 5.5-inch wheel rims. Besides, you won’t get any automatic gearbox option. All it has to offer is a 5-speed gearbox for strong track performance.



If we talk about the weight based on the fact that the lighter the weight, the faster the vehicle, the Deluxe Mazda RX 3 coupé is heavier. It does come with an appealing exterior with a body stripe and a distended honeycomb front grille. The twin rounded headlamps add to the beauty. The inside is all revved up with a stylish clock, rear defogger, and a central console with a high armrest. To maximize comfort, steering is made manually adjustable and collapsible. It gives a subtle look with front and rear rounded lights, especially in coupé models.


Mazda has given an attractive style to the Series III by adding a lowered front spoiler lip which is also beneficial for improving speed. If its rotor shaped badge has been bugging you, you can choose later models with no badge. It is not covered with a metal sheet. Sedan vehicles have an aggressive front whereas the coupe is insanely loaded with advanced instrumentations. Seeing a lot of clustered buttons, and dials can make you feel irritated. In construction standard and interior instruments detailing, it is rated excellent. All standard Japanese models have a vinyl-trimmed cabin. Every piece of equipment is finely detailed.


In the latest models, all instrumentations are well arranged. The highlight is its dash-end vents for outstanding ventilation. It gives you a readable tachometer, radio with soft-felt leather-wrapped steering. The chrome-finessed door handles give premium feels. The sunroof is another exciting feature of the Mazda RX 3.


Also, it has:

✓ 3-spoke plastic wood grain steering wheel

✓ A single-speaker AM radio

✓ AppleCarPlay

✓ Climate Control with a Venetian blind

✓ It lacks safety features including ABS, ESP, and EBD

✓ Absence of power steering


Cons of buying Mazda RX 3:

✓ Extreme engine vibration that can be felt inside the cabin

✓ Insane engine shudders

✓ Heavy clutch

✓ High fuel use

✓ Crosswind stability is not impressive

✓ The throttle can backfire and can go violent

✓ Unbearable exhaust noise


Final verdict:

Mazda RX 3 is visually attractive but lacks luxurious features. The engines are powerful yet somewhat slow and sluggish in power, speed, and torque. The car is feasible to drive in the manual but also has a 3-speed auto transmission as an option. The car is affordable and gives a pleasant ride particularly the coupé especially.


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