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Mazda CX 8 - A comfortable SUV to drive

Looking for a family but sporty SUV? Mazda CX-08 is all that you need. A Standard of quality maintained within the stylish model of Mazda CX-8. A seven-seater SUV is designed in a way that has produced itself a brand. 

However, the model is more significant than CX5 but smaller than CX9. It is designed to compensate for both the features of CX5 and CX9. The diesel engine of CX8 with an excellent interior that has everything required in a perfect SUV for a family as well as a sports car. Mazda always expresses the pride in making amazing cars to drive, and CX8 is manufactured in an admirable way that it steers in a unique way and provides excellence while driving. 


What’s unique in it:

To compete with other brands introducing SUVs CX-8 is a competition, although this provides a broad vision to Mazda with all the models that include CX-3/CX-5/CX-8/CX-9.Toyota, for instance, has the fuel controlled Kluger to go up against the CX-9, yet the diesel-fueled Fortuner is a progressively rough, rough terrain SUV that isn't as family SUV but for the individuals who carry on with an urban way of life. 


Safety Features:

The installed safety features for your security are listed below:

  •   It has six airbags.

  •   Emergency braking with the detection of the pedestrian and cyclist

  •   Active lane-keeping assist

  •   Rear cross-traffic alert

  •   Adaptive cruise control 

  •   Reversing camera


Fuel Consumption:

The sporty SUV uses Diesel with an approximate capacity of 74 Litres within the consumption of 6L/100km. The speedy mileage with the best fuel consumption makes it different and attractive to buy. As many people around the world prefer excellent fuel coverage cars rather than brands with no quality.


Engine Specifications:

The speedy and sporty model has the best working engine that includes engine type of TWIN TURBO CDI and maintains a size of 2.2L. The maximum torque calculated is 450Nm@ 2000 rpm adding up the maximum power of 140kW@4500rpm.



  •   It has a quiet cabin.

  •   The excellent fuel-efficient diesel engine 

  •   The best feature, Cabin comfort



  There is no petrol engine. 

  The Mid-spec options are missing.

  With the poor quality 360-degree camera


Modern Technology used:

  •   The color windscreen that shows Active Driving Display 

  •   Standard temperature display 

  •   The Critical function warning lights/chimes 

  •   The Stop and Go function with Mazda Radar Cruise Control (MRCC) 

  •   Driver's left footrest 

  •   Low fuel warning light 

  •   With leather, tilt and adjustable Steering wheel 

  •   Tachometer and electronic odometer/trip meter

  •   Trip computer 


Measurement and Weight:

The height of this model is about 1725mm and the length is almost 4900mm while the total width is 1840mm. The towing capacity of Mazda CX8 with brake is 2000 and without brake is 750.


Standard Features:

The features in this model are unique as compared to other models of Mazda. The SUV is customized in a way that suits all your needs to drive comfortably.

  •   The automatic LED headlights and taillights

  •   Rain-sensing wipers

  •   With 7.0-inch infotainment screen 

  •   MZD Connect and the native sat-navigation system as there is no android auto or any Apple car play is installed 

  •   Powered and folding mirrors

  •   Ahead-up display

  •   Three-zone climate control 

  •   Mazda’s active safety systems that have only front parking sensors

  •   36-degree view monitor 

  •   For top screen variant Adaptive LED headlights 


Price of CX-08:

The latest price of this luxury model is about $63,090 MRLP. The quality SUV that has been equipped for the comfort of the driver. This SUV is basically the competition to the other SUVs introduced although it is a family car it has all the sporty features in it.


Seating and Storage capacity:

The seven-seater car is made more comfortable than CX5, the smaller dimensions with quality interior. It handles all your needs for storage. The family-sized SUV has a large storage and spacious seating area that fulfills all your requirements for a car with great storage.

For example, if you do not require 7 seats you can fold down the eats and use it as cargo with the space of 775L, which suits all your needs of traveling.


Mazda CX8 Reviews:

Review 1:

Great for family transport with a third row. Economical on Deisel, service costs are great value for money. This car is a great all-round option, stylish yet full of features like Navigation, great sound system, mats, and comfortable seating for all passengers.

Purchased in May 2018 at Mazda Dealers for $60,000.00.


Review 2:

Mazda cx8 has everything we wanted and more. Plenty of space for our 3 kids and friends when needed. Extremely fuel-efficient - currently going at 7l to 100km. Has all the newest tech, and love the screen on the dash that gives you all the info you need. A great car - i highly recommend

Purchased in November 2019 for $45,000.00.


Review 3:

I have had this car for a month now and love it! It has loads of features that were extras on other vehicles we test drove. Great on fuel with around 6l/100 which is close to claimed.

Purchased in September 2019 at Mazda Dealers for $43,000.00.


Review 4:

The CX8 is so good in so many ways; easier to maneuver than CX9, third-row seats are a good size, comfortable, quiet, safe with all the new tech, airbags extend to 3rd row, good boot size with 5 seats up, good fuel economy, good price, and the heads up display is excellent from the perspectives of keeping eyes on road and keeping under the speed limit. As much as it ticks all the boxes, I would still prefer to drive a station wagon. There is nothing wrong with it, except it’s another SUV, albeit a very good one.

Purchased in July 2019 at MacCarthur Mazda for $43,500.00.


Review 5:

It has been nearly a year since we bought this car & it has been a wonderful experience until now. The car provides a LOT of extras, safety feature at quite competitive price. It is smaller than CX-9 which helps in maneuverability. The diesel engine has nice torque & car feels responsive. The diesel engine is quite frugal as well, returning good real-world mileage. All premium Mazda safety features like EBS, Adaptive cruise control, lane-assist are present in this car along with Heads-up display. Head up display is QUITE useful; & very happy that Mazda included it in the base model.

Overall very nice SUV! Purchased in March 2019 at Mazda Dealers for $42,600.00.



The fuel-efficient SUV, introduced with amazing interior and exterior designs. The car that fits all your needs of driving, You don’t need to worry about anything while driving a car it has all the sensitivity features installed to prevent you from hazardous situations and bad climatic situations as well. The safety features that ensures you of the safe driving makes it excellent to drive.

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