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Mazda 626 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Mazda 626 Review Australia


Mazda 626 can be simply defined as a vehicle with a bland ride as it lacks sportiness. Its softer handling and easy-to-steer wheel make it a preferable option. Even if you find it not sporty enough, you will not be disappointed with its driving composure. While cruising, it will never make you feel like it is difficult to ride. An ultimate stronger structure is a plus that has multiple bought benefits to the engine, power, and weight.


We can say, the last versions are highly refined which makes it a good pick for people who focus on driving quality more than on cabin luxury. Along with top-quality construction, the interior with good standard equipment is a combo, one can desire.


This high functionality Mazda’s mid-size car is also known as Mazda Capella. Built from 1970 to 2002, it has received superior mechanical and styling refinements. It is a Japan-made car which drives better than you would expect. Being compact, it has unlimited benefits along with spacious inside. It is covered for over 6 generations. Mazda 626 was also manufactured in North America with a unique styling but it seems unnecessarily huge and heavy. Even the latest models are underpowered.


Mazda 626 Engine:

The engine is extremely reliable and no matter what size it is, you will find it reasonably durable. The car is not made for long road-trips or high-speed cruising. On high accelerations, you will feel the engine a bit underdone. Besides, if you have loaded the car with storage or passengers, the vehicle will not give the right response. Although, the car is old and so is the motor installed within but you will still feel how powerful the engine is.


Coming to its V6 engines, consider it the best option. Offering a smoother, sweeter, and more civilized ride. It is a system for the drivers who demand extra performance. The finest touch of dual camshafts per cylinders and mechanical fuel-injection make the V6 more desirable. Apart from V6 engines, the car motor provides practicality.


The MacPherson struts up suspension system are particularly designed to maximize the ride quality. The amazing stopping power is provided from its front ventilated and rear solid brakes. As far as the gearbox is concerned, you will get both options 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic. Surprisingly, both transmissions are refined beyond the point of complaint.


Mazda 626 Turbo models:

Do you need some extra speed, power, or torque? You can opt for the turbocharged diesel engine. To keep up the pace, Mazda 626 comes with an efficient intercooler. All Mazda 626 turbo options are equipped with a 2.2L 4-cylinder engine. It can provide you as much as 145 bhp of power and 190 pound-feet of torque. The main advantage is its improved maneuverability.


Mazda 626 1970 model:

Starting from the first model, you can say Mazda 626 is absolutely not suitable for 2021. Lacking a V6 engine with no deal of 4-wheel steering makes it more complicated. The transmissions are the same as the latest trims but the engine has a significant difference in power. With the 2L 4-cylinder engine, you will not be able to drive satisfactorily.


So, let's skip to the generation that offers better options.


Fifth-generation (1991-1997):

As it comes in two versions, you need to be selective about what you want. The International variant named “GE” is designed with a transverse-placed engine right under the hood at the front. Available in FWD and 4WD, it has an efficient gearbox and smooth torque converter.


Now, you have a variety of engines to choose from with different power, torque, and fuel consumption rate.

1.8L with 77 kW power and 154 Nm torque

2L V6 with 85-88 kW power and 170-172 NM torque

2.5 V6 with 121-122 kW power and 217 Nm torque

The turbocharged engine is 2.0L and runs on diesel.


Moving on to the Japanese versions called “CG”. They are available with distinctive bodywork, featuring 1.8 or 2L. Unfortunately, it is not available in the 2.5L setup. Its Inline-4 engines are pretty distinguishing. Now, you can have a seamless 4-wheel drive with the perk of a larger engine.


Sixth generation (1997-2005):

Available in GF, and GW, Mazda 626 is something extra. Although the engine sizes and liters capacity are the same, power and torque are different either detuned or enhanced. It means you will either get a more refined engine or detuned motor lacking not only power but also strength.


Running on the 1.8L engine powered by only 66 kW might bug you on the road as it will lack the speed to take you on long drives. Besides, the torque is also minimized. The real upgrade is done in the 2L inline-4 engine as now it comes with the range of 85-100 kW power. The real gem is the 2.0L turbocharged engine that is only available in diesel but has power of 74 kW and 220 NM torque.


Mazda 626 Design:

All-year models have quite a strong chassis construction along with conventional styling. The layout comes with an outstanding design touch. The superior refinement not only adds to the beauty but also the functionality.


The interior in the higher-spec models is typically well-finessed. The use of good quality equipment is a plus. Even though it is bland, the cabin is pretty expansive even at the rear seating configuration. The minimized wheel-arch intrusion extends the cargo space. To add up to the accommodation, the rear seats are collapsible.


You will be surprised how better-than-average comfortability you will be getting with the decent driving position. If you are in the favor of the vehicles with a delicate and subtle look, you will like Mazda 626. Having a sleek front grabs attention, instantly. If you like international (GE), you will not get a Mazda 626 station wagon and other body styles in a slightly narrower shape. The real difference you can see in the 1996 and 1997 models.


Comparatively, more advanced, refined, and modified for comfort. If you are inclined towards the 6th generation of Mazda 626, you will get broader wheels, 4-wheel discs, and rear heat ducts infused perfectly in the layout.


Standard 1997 model spec:


Dual front-row airbags

Remote central locking

Cruise control (Classic)

Climate-control AC (Luxury model)

CD player (Luxury model)


Standard 2000 model spec (Hatchback and Sedan classic):

Power antenna

Powered steering (tilt-only)

4-speaker stereo

Climate control

Cruise control

Fuel lid release

Fog lights front

Powered windows (Front and Rear)

Intermittent wipers

Leather-trimmed steering and gear knob


Electric mirrors

15-inch alloy wheels


In addition to the above-mentioned features, the classic eclipse has carbon fiber inserts, chrome finesse interior highlights, and scuff plates.


Standard 2000 model spec (Wagon):

Rear wipers

Rear heated windows

Tinted windows

Halogen headlights

Trip Computer

Analogue Speedometer and Tachometer


Air Condition

Outside Temperature

Anti-glare rear-view mirror (Manual)

Glove Compartment Lockable

Guide Light

12V Outlet

Cigarette Lighter

Adjustable front row seats


Safety features of Mazda 626:

ABS (Anti Block brakes)


Central locking

Engine immobilizer

Three-Point Seat Belts


Although, it lacks Integrated Child Seat


Final verdict:

Mazda 626 has a strong body structure, undoubtedly and Mazda has accelerated its efforts on safety, as well. Consider it a fail-safe FWD. No horrible experience, only solid middle-of-the-road competence.


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