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Mazda 3 SP25 Review Australia | Specification, Pros, Cons

Mazda 3 sp25 Review Australia

The Mazda 3 is one of Australia's number 1 selling vehicles ever. The 2017 (slight) facelift with a wide range of new features installed is getting more attraction to drive the Mazda 3. 


However, Mazda SP25 Astina is a 6-speed programmed, vehicle. The Astina is almost $37,000, that further includes road costs. It is set at an affordable price, considering all the highlights you want to have in your car. 


These competitors are having high prices but lacking a standard of quality. These brands making their name only by raising prices rather than improving their quality


Safety features:

The Mazda 3 has made new safety highlights, that includes in the Astina variation. This has a latent lane-keep the assist, versatile LED headlamps, rear parking sensors, camera, automatic braking at both high and low speeds (especially for reversing) with the pedestrian and cyclist recognition, versatile cruise control having blind-spot monitoring ass well.


It additionally has 7 airbags and 3 ISOFIX installed, bringing it up to the much wanted 5-star ANCAP security rating. The most preferred security highlight would be the Adaptive LED headlamps. 


This component keeps the high bar on, while effectively shadowing the vehicles in front and the vehicles approaching near. It doesn't dazzle many other users on the road. However, it folds over their vehicle in a way so you can see much of the road ahead more than expected.


Engine Specifications:

The engine fitted in the car has a 2.5-liter motor with 138kW of intensity and 250 Nm of torque. It is economic as well as the power of the engine is accomplishing 6 liters for every 100 kilometers. 


The engine is rapid in action and reacts on time. Although it is an ideal car for the drivers who drive at a high speed. This automatic car has paddle-shifters at the back of the driver's seat, G-vectoring control and a games lever (this lever just changes transmission feel but does not affect suspension.), which adds up the sporty factor of the vehicle.


Additional features:

Technology keeps on updating and making Innovations in technology in order to compete more is a good symbol of success in the field of technology. However, Mazda 3 also keeps on updating its vehicle with the latest technology.


 It has two USB power points, one 12-volt plug-in-point, satellite tracking (with free updates for a long time), Bluetooth network connectivity, a head-up display, traffic sign recognition, and double zone climatic control. It doesn't have Apple CarPlay or Android Audio, despite the fact that it has a touchscreen installed.


What makes the Mazda3 a Good Car?

The Mazda3 is a remarkable compact vehicle that is efficient to drive. It comes in two body styles: car and hatchback. 


Regardless of which one you select, you'll get a vehicle with responsive guiding and slowing down, just as a sporty motor.


Inside, the Mazda3 looks upscale, and it is easy to use. The main drawback of this car is that it has cramped seating in the back.


Should I Buy a New or Used Mazda3?

The Mazda3 was restructured in 2019, further, there are various changes made in 2020. Forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control, and a driver condition monitor made a standard in all Mazda3s. 


These features are made optional in all the models of 2019. Prefer looking for an as similar 2019 model to the other new Mazda3 and likely much more affordable. 


Mazda3, with all the advantages of the upgrade, that includes a strong engine base with the phone integration and a combination by means of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 


If you are thinking to choose an old model, you might not have any to go farther back than the 2016 model year. That is the point at which a rearview camera and a touch-screen infotainment framework got standard.



 ✓ The standard adaptive LED Lights

 ✓ Excellent Sound System

 ✓ Safety Features are great.

 ✓ Punchy 2.5L Engine

 ✓ Auto-Locking is installed.



 ✓ Not adjustable Cruise Control

 ✓ Lack of Apple Car Play

 ✓ Passive Entry System 

 ✓ Worst Aircon Control Location 

 ✓ Long Bonnet is not classy.


Mazda 3 sp25 Reviews:

Reviews 1:

We bought of Mazda 3 as a replacement for our Diesel Mazda CX7. We were more than happy with the CX7 so what ever was going to replace it was facing a difficult task. The Mazda 3 completed this task with ease. Fuel economy was outstanding, price sharp and comfort excellent. I now know why we buy Mazda’s. Technology was excellent and the heads up display is not a gimmick as some would imagine but a good accessory. Ride is good.


Review 2:

This car turns heads, love the shape, the colour options. The interior is very well set out. The seats are very comfortable back and front. The leather feels so luxurious. It drives beautifully. Has great pick up. Great in all weather conditions. Very economical on fuel. Handles extremely well, feels like your driving a luxurious rally car! There isn't one bad thing about this car, it's perfect!


Review 3:

Mazda builds great cars! I just purchased a new 2015 Mazda 3 GT in Jet Black Mica and it is really beautiful. This is the first car where I have tried "sport" mode and it was awesome. I really was able to drive the car more aggressively and it put a smile on my face. The 2.5L engine and transmission are very smooth and responsive. I love the feel of the leather wrapped steering wheel and this car really corners on rails. The car feels premium and has a firm but really nice ride. I also love to turn back and look at the car when I park it, it makes me feel all happy inside. Take a test drive, it is a really nice car if you want something sporty.


Review 4:

Has been very reliable and easy to maintain. Looks great and well thought out design. Will almost definitely get another one. No negative feedback to be honest

For a well sized car the fuel economy is very good and the mechanic said he finds it easy to work on as he sees so many of them


Review 5:

Have our Mazda 3 Neo automatic for over 8 years with 110k. Mostly city driving but have done between Melbourne to Sydney. Never missed a beat and only replaced consumables. Would recommend.



The Mazda 3 sp25 is a car with all-new features. The car that knows the value of the up-gradation of accessories used in it. Further, this car is designed in a unique way and is available in many colors. The unique modifications made from the recent models makes it a quality car.

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