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Mazda BT-50 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


There are a lot of ute-makers, and this year many new utes have come in the market. But none of the utes has gone under the kind of change that is currently taking place at Mazda. The third generation of Mazda’s BT-50 ute range has finally hit the local market. The first impressions of BT-50 assure that the wholesale revamp has undoubtedly improved the breed. They have additionally created a compelling dual-cab ute offering.


The Mazda BT-50 shares its DNA with Isuzu D-Max. We can simply say that Mazda Australia agrees that the BT-50 is effectively a restyled and re-skinned D-Max. Its specifications are fiddled to a point where both utes range have the same suspension and steering tuning. The Mazda BT-50 not only has a new nose but also has new internals, a new body, and a suite of new safety and technology features.



The BT-50 is mechanically very similar to the Isuzu D-Max. This implies that its power comes from a turbocharged 3.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engine. This engine produces 140kW of power and 450 Nm of torque.


That’s actually slightly down from the previous BT-50, which had a five-cylinder engine that produces 147kW of power and 470 Nm of torque, but the new ute is lighter. Mazda says the new version performs better than its predecessor, even with lower outputs.



By looking at the Mazda BT-50 XTR, it feels both seemingly fit for Australian ute buyer tastes and representative of how Mazda hopes to position its new BT-50. We can say that the new Mazda BT-50 is an upmarket, comfortable, and family-friendly ute. It offers more of a lifestyle bent than some rivals. The exterior of the ute provides a unique look. 


The BT-50 XTR has:

 18-inch alloys

 LED lighting

 Auto-leveling headlights

 Fog lights

 Side steps

 Underbody protection

 Power-folding mirrors

 Rain-sensing wipers

 Electric windows

 Rear parking sensors

 Chrome highlights



BT-50 has similar architecture to the D-Max, but it also has a few touches that differentiate it. It incorporates a unique design for the top glove box and new air vent. It also has a fancy Mazda graphic on startup for the trip computer and a slightly tweaked steering wheel. The cloth seat trim is unique, and there’s lovely soft leather trim on the dashboard. The driving position in the BT-50 is perfect for different body shapes. It has ample seat adjustment and an adjustable steering wheel.


The infotainment system is a massive leap forward from the old BT-50. It provides more polished graphics and faster responses. It has a simple and relatively basic menu structure. 


Mazda offers:

 Two deep cup holders on the transmission tunnel

 A deep storage bin under the doors

 A small space for garage clickers


The rear passenger seats have ample leg- and headroom, along with rear air vents and USB power. The Interior of the mid-range model upgrades to 9.0-inch infotainment over the entry XT’s 7.0-inch design featuring:

 Proprietary satellite navigation



 A reversing camera

 Eight-speaker audio

 Wired/wireless Apple CarPlay

 Wired Android Auto.



ANCAP rated the new Mazda BT-50, like the related D-Max, five stars in accordance with the toughest 2020 protocols.


The rating is based on:

 An adult occupant protection score of 83%, 

 A child occupant protection score of 89%, 

 A vulnerable road user score of 67%,

 A safety assists score of 85%


The Mazda BT-50 battery has front and front-side airbags. It also features a front centre airbag. This helps to prevent flailing arms or heads colliding in a side-impact collision.


Some standard safety equipment of Mazda BT-50 range includes:

 Rear cross-traffic alert

 Autonomous emergency braking

 Traffic sign recognition

 Driver attention monitoring

 Adaptive cruise control with stop/go

 Forward collision warning

 Lane-departure warning

 Lane-keeping assist

 Blind-spot monitoring

 Turn assist



 The Infotainment system is better but still feels aftermarket

 It has a mixed cabin execution

 It has a lazy powertrain calibration 

 Some of its designs are faux pas

 It has a less warranty than mechanically identical D-Max

 It could have been more 'Mazda' inside


Final verdict:

Our final verdict BT-50 is a good and a likable thing. Like the Isuzu D-Max with its chassis and drivetrain, the BT-50 is a well-built ute. It’s sorted on the road and has a more modern cabin than its predecessor. The standard suite of safety equipment is also extensive. There are plenty of things to like in the BT-50. Its cabin provides a more Mazda-ish feel. At the same time, the exterior styling helps it to stand out among the dual-cab crowd. The BT-50 XTR has an exciting spot for value. It only undercuts the BT-50 GT by just $2780 on the list price and $3000 on ABN drive-away price. In order to check out the history and background of your Mazda BT-50, contact us! At Quick Revs, we provide our customers with a detailed report about the history of the car, including any accidental or theft history. Send us your car’s details and get an easy-to-read report in no time!

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