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Mazda BT-50 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Mazda BT-50 Review Australia


Mazda, the Japanese manufacturer, has been producing Mazda BT 50 since 2006, a mid-sized compact pickup truck. The Japanese companies, Isuzu Motors, and Mazda announced the UTE deal on July 11, 2016. It was a third generation high-spec Mazda BT 50 pickup. Unfortunately, there is no plan to launch this graceful mid-sized pickup in the United States, but it indeed has potential in it.


The previous generation used to have a platform shared with Ford. But this time Mazda and Isuzu worked closely together. They have created this svelte new model truck. This all-new Mazda BT-50 got a heck of advanced technology. It combines a fuel-efficient engine with an elegant contemporary look. And, yes, obviously amazing safety features.


Further below, you will find out what makes Mazda BT 50 special. Let’s do this!


Mazda BT 50 engine:

The new Mazda BT 50 is based entirely on the latest Isuzu D-MAX. Everything from the engine and gearbox, ladder style platform suspension layout, and interior components are directly from Isuzu. That's not necessarily bad, as Isuzu has an excellent reputation for reliability and capability. The Engine in the BT-50 is a 3L 4JJ3-TCX turbo-diesel inline-4, generating 188 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque. It can have either 2 or 4 wheel-drive, That’s mated to a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission, and it gets along very well. As stated by Mazda, the BT-50 claims a hauling capacity of 7716 pounds and a maximum payload of 2348 pounds. These statistics are to some extent better than competitor mid-sized pickups in the United States.


The third-generation Mazda BT 50 engine has launched the adaptive cruise control feature for the very first time. Twin cameras support it in the windscreen instead of a radar sensor in the grille. It brings the possibility for off-road accessories to be installed in front of the vehicle. The BT-50 drives on an autonomous double-wishbone rigid set up at the front and leaf springs at the rear with reference to suspension. Stopping power comes in the form of hydraulic with vacuum servo assistance ventilated disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear. The 4WD type has an electric-engaged mechanism with low-range and locking rear diff. 


The Mazda BT 50 UTE was released in January 2021 in Thailand. It came with a smaller 1.9L engine. The 3rd generation BT 50 released in the Philippines in 2021 featured two trims.


All of these variants are power-driven by 3.0-litre 4JJ3-TCX engine:

 4x2 standard (6-speed manual and automatic)

 4x4 Premium (automatic only)

 Later, it becomes available in four trims: 

 1.9L Single Cab 4x4 (manual only)

 1.9L mid 4x4 (manual and automatic)

 1.9L High 4x4 (automatic only) 

 3L High Plus 4x4 (automatic only)


Mazda BT 50 exterior:

The top-spec Mazda BT 50 specs exhibit the newest advancement of the Japanese brand’s Kodo design standpoint. It has an unparalleled outlook, thanks to the modified Kodo design. This approach has changed this car into an invention by means of a more robust, practical emphasis. The BT-50’s profile gives an advanced and distinguished look. The flat polished bordered sheet metal and a face inspired by Mazda's crossover stalwarts, the CX-5 and CX-9, make it an appealing blend.


Despite the fact that it has the body shell, base structure, and wing mirrors of the Isuzu D-Max, Mazda prepared its maximum body sections exclusively. Nevertheless, in addition to the luxurious appearance of the new BT-50, the ultimate variation originates in the form of its substructures. Its revised anterior outlook appears to be more compelling with its gigantic 4-slat grille along with seamlessly fashioned LED headlights. A pair of sleek vertical lighting units underneath accommodates the LED daytime running lights (DRLs) and fog lamps. The roof handrails and non-slip step board enhances the robustiousness. While at the same time, the power-folding side mirrors and polished chrome-trim door handles grab your attention.


The top-spec Mazda BT 50 UTE model features 18-inches alloy wheels, while the other inferior variants get 17-inches rims. Things at the rear are modest yet well-designed. The vertical LED tail lights spread out to the truck’s sideways. The BT-50 also features a truck bed liner for untroubled and harmonious cargo loading and unloading.


Mazda BT 50 interior:

Inside the top-spec Mazda BT 50 variant, which is quite similar to Isuzu, you get a brown leather upholstered interior which provides a luxe feel to those individuals who find other trucks too burly. An electric driver adjustment is another biggest advantage. And how can you not admire its 7-inches big touchscreen offered in 4x2 variants. This infotainment system has an enlarged 9-inch display on the top-spec 4x4 model. In either option, wireless Apple CarPlay comes standard. Android Auto and Bluetooth are also offered.


Moreover, it features rain-sensing windshield wipers. What a marvelous feature! Although, unlike the D-MAX, this top-spec Mazda BT 50 interior has a bare tub. It comes with no tub liner or cover as standard, but it has a rubber floor mat in here to stop things sliding around. Sounds satisfactory! Also, it has a roomy state-of-the-art horizontally-designed cabin. The interior is enhanced with soft seats with sufficient backing and maintenance.


Mazda BT 50 has a seating capacity of 5 persons. Some better-quality materials for the cockpit also flew over the panels. Besides, the steering wheel makes things feel more extraordinary. It means the interior is pretty up to the mark.


Safety features:

The new Mazda BT-50 variant features wide-ranging safety features:

 Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

 Rear parking sensors 

 Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

 Traction control

 Reverse parking camera

 Hill Descent Control and Hill Start Assist

 Lane departure warning

 Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) 

 Blind Spot Monitoring

 Rear cross-traffic alert

 Forward collision warning

 Automatic high beam control

 Smart City Braking

 Engine Immobilizer 

 Theft Alarm

 Airbags (Dual SRS Airbags for 4x2 Models and 7 SRS Airbags for 4x4 Models)


Mazda BT 50 price:

Mazda has published various drive-away prices per type (4×2 and 4×4) and trim level. The price also varies as per the XT, XTR, GT, SP, and Thunder variants. The more luxurious the trim, the higher the price. For the 4×2 Mazda BT 50 2021, the price starts from $38,490, which goes up to $48,990. Pretty expensive, huh! You will find single-cab chassis, dual-cab pickup, and Freestyle cab-chassis in this range. Coming to the 4×4, the least price is $45,490 for a single-cab chassis. The peak price point is $65,99 for Mazda BT-50 Thunder dual-cab pickup.


Cons of buying Mazda BT 50:

 Mazda BT-50 is fuel inefficient. The amount of fuel consumed by the vehicle is execrable.

 The platform and engine begins to depreciate quickly


Final Verdict:

We are thrilled and happy for all those regions in the world in which the top-spec Mazda BT 50 2021 is launching along with its influential design, excellent and incomparable driving subtleties, and last but not least, the ultimate utilitarian focus. All things considered, the Mazda provided the pickup an all-embracing redesign through its signature Kodo design language front as well as center. The anterior clip more or less looks similar to a CX-5. However, its Isuzu origins reflect slightly more at the back.


If you decide to buy one of these, do go through the history of that car. In order to get a detailed account of the car's past, use the Quick Revs online platform. 

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