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Maxxis Tyres Review |The Best Tyres company in Australia?

Maxxis Tyres                  

Crazy about cars? Then maintaining your car should be on your priority. Many of us purchased the latest models and leave them as they are (not caring so much) which is not right. As a car lover, your ride should be cleaned, upgraded and should give you peace whenever you look at it. Most car lovers are very picky about car accessories especially when it comes to the tyres which are being used in their vehicle and they should be!


Well talking about the tyres...

Maxxis tyres represent a quality-based brand that sustains power for various kinds of surfaces. The talented team working knows how to make great tyres and is serving more than 40 years and the services they provide are simply remarkable.


To make life long customers we produce quality tyres that include an ideal balance of performance and safety. Maxxis offer choice, value, and excellent quality of tyres that it ideally suits both commercial and industrial situations 


The Maxxis offering tyres for different ranges:

  Cars tyres

  4WD & SUV tyres

  Motorcycles tyres

  Light Truck & Van tyres

  Truck & Bus tyres

  Construction tyres

  Forklift tyres

  Lawn & Garden tyres

  ATV & MX tyres


Every tyre in these offered ranges offers numerous features that provide you the stability on the road with the absolute assurance to travel anywhere. No matter if the road is hilly or completely broken Maxxis tyres are made in a way that provides you and your vehicle a comfort while traveling. Maxxis Mtb tyres are the best that has sidewall stability and protects the rim from hard hits.


Maxxis tyres Technology: 


The only function of tyre bead is that it keeps the tyre in contact with the rim when it is inflated. The three kinds of beads are:

  Wire Bead

  Foldable Bead 

  Carbon Fiber Bead



An inflexible metal wire is used as the bead material in applications where extreme quality is required and transportability isn't a factor. 



Foldable beads are lighter in weight and make the tyre secured to the rim that is how it can easily be transported. However, the bead is made of spun aramid or Kevlar® fibers.


Carbon Fiber Bead:

To withstand the forces exerted by a high-pressure road tyre a flexible stronger material introduced is Carbon Fiber bead.



There are two types of casing in Maxxis tyres:




Maxxis all-terrain tyres include one layer of nylon that is wrapped from bead to bead. It is lighter in weight. While two layers of casing nylon material used from bead to bead are double-ply casing. With all the features Maxxis tyres price is standard and affordable as well.


Maxxis Tyres Reviews:

Review 1:

Good tyre off-road, very durable and great for grip, however average on road especially when wet, though they are chuckier A/T's so it should be expected, however gotten good km's from them and have lasted well, even when I had an upper control arm snap and go between the tyre and rim and did no damage


Review 2:

This is the second batch of Maxxis AT980 Tyres I have fitted to my Triton. The first time I used the AT980 Tyres I couldn't fault them. I drove 88000 klm's, Hyway touring as well as off road on them and could have done possibly another 10,000klm's if I wanted before changing. I was impressed by the standard of the tyre so i put another set of Maxxis AT 980's on my Triton and at approx 65000 the tyres are almost ready to be changed. The handling of the tyres isnt the best over rough conditions. The tyres have trouble with traction on and off road, dry or wet conditions.

Review 3:

These Tyres are fantastic! I have been on the sand, mud, rock, gravel roads with these tyres and they perform excellently in comparison with a tyre like the BF Goodrich KO2. On the road they perform just as good, great grip! In the wet they lack a little when they start to wear down just for the sliding factor! Still an excellent tyre and would definitely recommend to anyone and would buy again!


Review 4:

The 980 looks great and aggressive. It performs well on road when its dry condition and beach driving is awesome. However when the road gets a bit wet and slippery turning corners and roundabout at low speed you can start feeling the traction from the rubber and asphalt slipping away. The most obvious down fall for the 980s is the road noise and there's nothing you can do about it but turn the radio volume up a bit more to get your attention off the rumbling noise from the tyres. What i like about the 980s is its off road capability and the traction you need to get you out of boggy situation. Also they could of have done better designing a tougher side wall. I have them on now for 80ks and i don't think I can get any more out of them. My opinion if you?re going to do a lot of road driving i wouldn't suggest you invest on the 980s unless you like the rumbling noise and you do a lot off roading. Needless to say I wouldn't get these again.


Review 5:

These tyres have been on the vehicle for the last 4/5 years. They have been reliable over a range of driving conditions, from long highway use to country roads and dirt tracks. They performed as expected and when driven to the right conditions. Where they get a bit sketchy, is in the wet. My set of tyres handle quite poorly in the wet, and I have to be on higher alert when driving in the wet. These tyres are much chop in muddy conditions either, but then their not designed for muddy interaction. It’s an ok tyre, it does the job.



Maxxis car tyres were founded in Taiwan in 1967 with the affordable tyre prices that should be affordable in range of the customers. Talking about Maxxis bike tyres or cars it is almost the same quality for every type of tyre. The efficient sustainability of tyre are easy on muddy as well as hilly surfaces. It fears no surface and covers a great mileage with great power. Within, all the positive and negative reviews in my opinion Maxxis tyres, are the best tyres that they know how to produce unique designs and maintain the standard of their products that will definitely evaluate riders to some extent.

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