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Maserati SUV Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Maserati SUV Review Australia

When you consider the fact that Maserati has never tried their hands on an SUV before, it might come as a surprise. The Italian company has a rich history of manufacturing luxury cars with some of the most appealing sports cars. The Maserati Levante SUV is their first attempt on an SUV, and not a bad one at that.


The Maserati SUV has an upmarket appeal that is similar to the other sports cars and saloons that the company has been producing over the years. The pricing, however, is competitive within the luxury SUV class. This makes this more of an attraction to buyers.


That certainly does not mean that the quality is on the same level as the German rivals. Although, the chassis is impressive, and the ride comfort is almost excellent. And for some people, the Maserati badge is enough to tempt them into buying this stylish Italian SUV. In this Maserati SUV review, find out the specifications and features that make this one of the most stylish luxury SUVs in the class.


Marketed as a mid-size luxury crossover SUV, the Maserati Levante is loosely based on the Kubang concept car. The car debuted in 2011, at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Maserati officially started production in 2016, at their Mirafiori factory in Turin. The car went for sale in the United States in 2016 at the New York Auto Show. Sales for Europe and Australia commenced soon after. The earliest models were the Levante, and the Levante S. Subsequent models were added later.


Maserati Levante range:

The base model Maserati SUV Levante is equipped with a V6 engine with adequate power output. Next comes the Levante S with increased power than the base model. There are two available upgrade packs that you can also opt for. The first pack is called the GranLusso, which further escalates the level of luxury. It adds plush leather trim and premium silk throughout the cabin. It also applies a Radica open-pore wood trim to the car’s interior.


The second pack is the GranSport. As the name implies, things get sportier with this pack. 20-inch alloy wheels as well as painted brake calipers are the most notable features. An aggressive, sportier body kit is included, while the seats are replaced with leather sports seats. The gear shift pedals are made of stainless steel and the pedals also get a sports makeover.


In recent years, Maserati has added two additional trims to the range. The Maserati SUV GTS and the Trofeo models are especially enhanced to provide high performance. They are fitted with Ferrari-derived V8 engines, with a superb performance on road.


Engine and Performance:

The base model in the Maserati Levante SUV range is equipped with a twin-turbo V6 engine. The same engine is applied to the Quattroporte and Ghibli saloons. The engine is capable of producing 345 bhp for the base Levante. The engine can get you 0-62mph in a flat 6.0 seconds. The improved version in the Maserati SUV Levante S can produce 424 bhp and can reach 0-62mph in just over 5 seconds.



At the hotter end of the spectrum are the GTS and Trofeo models. They apply a 3.8-liter V8 petrol engine that can produce a whopping 572 bhp. It is the same engine of which lineage can be found in Ferrari 488. The Trofeo has a maximum speed of 199mph and can reach 0-62mph in 4.1 seconds.


The engine is one of the dominating factors of the Maserati SUV Levante. It is a joy to drive with a rumbling exhaust note that is thrilling. The Maserati SUV range applies a smooth-shifting eight-speed automatic transmission. The body roll is well controlled with ample road grip and traction.



Once you climb inside, the design reflects something you would see in all of Maserati’s saloons. The wide transmission tunnel is covered in a glossy trim. The overall interior is lined with soft and supple leather which feels comfortable and plush when you sit down.


However, the rest of the interior does not meet the same standard of quality. The leather material gives a good feel, but there are some flimsy buttons that just do not feel right to the eye. The lid for the cupholders seems to be of low quality.



The Maserati SUV Levante applies a nice infotainment system, but one which falls short of rivals like Porsche, Audi, or BMW. Satellite navigation comes as standard, as well as DAB. There is the option to download applications for the system, such as internet radio. Most of the features, excluding climate control, are controlled through the screen. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are compatible with the system. The system is state of the art but still lacks intuition. There are times when you find yourself trying to guess the right button for the desired feature.


Safety Features:

The SUV is not crash tested by the ANCAP. However, the Ghibli, which is a similar car, received a maximum five-star rating from the body. The car is considered to be safe with the six airbags that come as standard. And the Isofix child seat mountings for each of the outer rear seats.


By paying extra, you can also opt for the Driver Assistance Plus package that includes tons of extra safety features.


These include:

Forward collision warning

Surround view camera

Autonomous emergency braking

Blind spot warning

Traffic sign recognition

Highway assist with adaptive cruise control

LED Matrix headlights


Maserati SUV Price Australia:

The Maserati SUV price that has been announced by Ateco Levante is $125,000. The price is excluding on-road costs.



With the Maserati SUV Levante, you are in for a dynamic performance thanks to the high performing engine and extreme handling. It lacks some of the factors that make a luxury car and falls considerably short of that.


It is true that the Maserati Levante arrived late to the SUV market, but it has the sporty appeal and attractive range to make this a noticeable entry in the class.


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