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Marks 4WD Review Australia | Best 4WD Accessories in Australia

Marks 4WD Review Australia

Sometimes, it so happens that you have your eye on a rare car, but you have the option to buy a variant that is not what you require. Maybe you require a manual transmission and the car is only available as an automatic. Or the car you find is a 2WD, but you would prefer a 4WD. Well, there is a solution to everything and there are people who provide these kinds of services. Customizations of these kinds are not easy and certainly not cost-effective. But sometimes, it is the only way.


Going for an engine swap or a transmission swap is a complex business. It is something that you cannot trust anyone for. It so happens that we found the perfect people for the job. Behold the Marks 4WD, one of the best in the business. For those who are looking for the best parts and accessories, as well as heavy-duty services.


Marks 4WD Adaptors:

Being the leaders in Australia’s market, Marks 4WD adaptors engine conversion kits are renowned all over the country. They are the best when it comes to research, development, and manufacturing of transmission and engine conversion kits. Marks 4WD was established in 1979, in Melbourne. Over the years, they have been producing conversion kits, portal axles, and other parts, all made in house. Today, their products are sold all over the country and being exported to outside markets as well. Including the USA, South Africa, Indonesia, and parts of Europe.


Research and Development:

Marks 4WD has a big research and development program situated in Dingley, Victoria. They are known to constantly develop new kits to cover most of the 4WD vehicles that are available in the market. These include Marks 4WD Adaptors Nissan Patrol, Landcruiser, and more.


The products are designed using the latest CAD software based on their rigorous research. Moreover, all the products are manufactured in-house, using the latest technology and tools. They also apply CNC computerized machines for the best accuracy and professional finishes.


Marks 4WD part-time 4WD Kit:

If you are looking to get a part-time kit for your 80 or 100 series Landcruiser, Marks 4WD has the solution for you. There are a few advantages to consider while changing over your Land Cruiser 80 or 100 arrangement to Part-time 4WD. The controlling no longer tends to pull hard when driving out of a corner. Which adds to less wear and tear on the guiding parts. For example, the tie bar closes and the directing box.


The guiding likewise turns out to be more straightforward or positive. There is a stamped improvement in mileage to a normal of 5%-10%. The acceleration is likewise improved because of the decrease in misfortunes related to driving the front differential, driveshaft, and CV joints. With these segments done being driven, an impressive increment in their administration life can be normal.


First, the rear side gear is removed as well as the spider gears. The rear spool supplied in the Marks 4WD conversions kit is manufactured with heat-treated gear steel. It is then internally splined to allow the permanent drive to the rear wheels. Sounds easy, right? Let us assure you that the process is not that easy as it appears. The front side gears are retained since they are required for front output shaft support. The kit also includes free-wheeling hubs to prevent the axles and driveshaft from turning while driving.


Marks 4wd Portal Axles:

Portal Axles are basically a modification that raises the height of the axle (and diff housing etc) above the wheel hub, increasing ground clearance. A set of gears then connect the axle shaft to the wheel hub. It has the effect of raising the axle and diff housing higher off the ground, and therefore the body of the vehicle too, giving a truly increased ground clearance, and a wider wheel track.


The Marks 4WD Portal Axle price is certainly not cheap. A lot of (front and back) gateway axles introduced (5-8 days of work) will cost you about $28,000. This incorporates new brakes, brake lines, diff breathers, pristine front and back hub congregations. Also checking and fixing of hub lodgings, propping of axles, painting of lodgings, and swaggers.


Customer Reviews:

“Could not recommend anyone else over the fellas down here. Have just finished an ls1 conversion into my GQ patrol using all marks gear. Their products were very high quality, not once needed modifying, and came with great instructions. They were a one-stop-shop for the gear and knew what they were on about. If and when I had questions there tech support was extremely helpful. If you're looking at doing a conversion, spend the little extra and buy marks gear knowing its gonna be done right the first time. They really made it so simple. Huge thanks to Joel from marks especially whos customer service and tech support and knowledge on the product were all above and beyond! Cheers guys! “


Review 1:

“Brilliant products and great staff. Proud to be using their conversion kit in the Burson Auto Parts sponsored HoonTV Land Cruiser to build “


Review 2:

“I have ordered several items from Marks Adapters and have them to be great to deal with. The products are good, the staff is knowledgeable & the service is excellent. I have no hesitation in recommending them to others.Thank you, Joel, and the team for being awesome! “


Review 3:

“After trying several different options trying to rectify my brake issues in my 79 series,I took my Ute to Leigh and the team at Marks 4WD and they installed their hydraulic brake booster and it performs exactly the way Leigh said it would, brilliantly!!Great knowledge and customer service, “

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