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Lotus Exige Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Lotus Exige Review Australia


One of the most popular and acknowledged British cars is the Lotus Exige which is a 2-door, 2-seater sports car. You can have it in either a 2-door coupé or a roadster. The major aim of the company was to make the most lightweight car with satisfactory speed and a powerful engine. And, yes! They have succeeded. Its rear mid-mounted engine is an absolute plus. If you are planning to purchase it, you would be at an advantage as it is not an old car. The real highlight is the V6 engine producing a ravishing power and revving speed. You can say, it has a modernized and smartly designed layout but it does lack few luxuries. LSD minimizes the skidding possibility. And, how can you forget its tactile and precise gearbox!


Series 1

If you like to have a collection of old cars, you can go for its 2000 version. It is installed with a strong naturally aspirated 1.8L Inline-4-cyl engine. It lets you enjoy the ride at the amazing power of 132kW@7,800rpm compatible with its 6-speed manual gearbox. The reason for such an accelerated speed is the engine tuning done on VHPD. Well, if you are feeling the need to have a new adventure, another option is the "track spec" trim having enhanced speed (142kW).


Series 2

Moving forward to its 2004 Lotus Exige variants, the same engine with few refinements is equipped. If you feel the series1 vehicles are sluggish, you would find this speedy as it is capable of producing 142 kW with a notable torque of 187 NM@6,800rpm. The striking front splitter and a rear spoiler is the highlight. Well, if you are worried about the fuel usage as the power has increased, you must not be! The rated fuel consumption is known to be 12 L/100 km around city premises. The 2005 version must be on your list as the company has made it more desirable by fitting a supercharger. Viola! Accelerated speed, and enhanced power (181 kW).


Exige S

Lotus Exige S 240 variant has power amplified up to 179 kW. Enough to take you on an adventurous ride! For safety, it has AP Racing brakes offering a phenomenal handling package. Do you know why even at the higher speeds it doesn’t give you a bumpy ride? Because of its adaptable, and responsive wishbone suspension.


✓ 260 variant is available in 2009 to the 2011 year models. We can say, this one is a really remarkable sports car providing the power of 256 hp. The vehicle comes with enlarged fuel capacity but weight is compensated with a carbon-fiber body.


✓ 260 Final Edition is definitely a head-turner. Its exclusive 1.8LToyota Supercharged 2ZZ VVTL-I engine is pretty amazing to drive. Now enjoy the ride with a whopping 257 horsepower. Additional specs include LSD, switchable traction control system, fly-by-wire throttle, and dual shear track control arm brace.


Series 3

V6 models

These are the latest and the last models that belong to the S series of Lotus Exige. These are smartly designed with a V6 engine making them run faster and shift smoother. Cup and Cup R have the same supercharged 3.5L DOHC VVT-i, 24-valve engine. The noted power for Cup is 345kW having the compatible torque value of 400NM@7000rpm. And, for Cup R it is 269kW with a torque of 413NM@7,200 rpm. It has a 6-speed manual gearbox as a standard. The silver lining is its insanely good anti-roll bars 4-piston calipers with ventilated and cross-drilled 2-piece discs.


Exige Scura/Stealth

The first thing you must know is that this car is difficult to find as it was produced for a year, only. The major upgrade is the addition of the inter-coolers to the same supercharged engine. The most disappointing feature is it's detuned motor with 191kW of power @8,000rpm. If you ever drive it, you will feel how easy-going and manageable it is due to 2-way adjustable dampers, height-adjustable springs, and a sports-type clutch plate.


Sport variants


✓ 350 trim is the lighter and faster coupe with a V6 engine, although the engine is similar to previous V6 vehicles. Being lightweight gives it the edge to produce power of 257 kW. You will find its manual gearbox controllable. It offers precise and rapid gear shifting.


✓ Lotus Exige Sport 380 variant manufactured in 2016 has been subjected to multiple refinements in the past 5 years. Consider it a highly track-focused vehicle that is revved up with tremendous power. Its Cup version might be your good pick.


✓ 410 is really a state-of-the-art automobile. Are you into racing? It is perfectly suitable for track driving. Or do you need a car for routine use? It is appropriate for this, too. The improvements are:

✓ 3-way adjustable Nitron dampers

✓  Eibach anti-roll bars

✓ Water-to-air and to-oil coolers



Are you looking for a car that is a perfectly balanced infusion of comfort, speed, and luxury? You got it right here!

Where for a luxury touch, there is an immovable lightweight roof, Lotus Exige has specially tailored rear wings for enhancing the downforce to accelerate the speed. The distinctive feature of the S 240 and S 260 is engorging rear-ends spoilers.


Visually, the most attractive vehicle is the Exige Stealth with eye-catching matte black chassis complementing Phantom Black three-layered strips. The carbon-fiber splitter not only adds to the lightweight but also front-end beauty. Inside, the first thing that will catch your attention is the anthracite-colored gear knob, apart from the high-gloss clear lacquer finesse of the dash and other fittings. Safety features available are Lotus Launch Control and Lotus Traction Control.


Exige S 260 Final Edition

The best upgrade in this S variant is that you will get an eye-catching exterior without any extra cost. As a standard, you can choose any of its metallic colors. Besides, it seems impossible to get past its 3-element rear wing which is made fascinating enough with a splitter, side scoops, and roof scoop. Following specs are available if you buy its Touring Pack:

✓ Leather-trimmed interior (padded door panels, doorknobs, central console, handbrake-lever)

✓ Black carpeting

✓ Insulated cabin

✓ iPod stereo

✓ LED rear-light cluster

✓ Pair of airbags

✓ ProBax-designed seats

✓ Air-conditioner

✓ 4-speaker setup

✓ Starter button


Lotus Exige Sport 350

One thing we can agree on is that Lotus Exige is technically appealing despite the aluminum chassis. Its open-gate design adds to the lightweight feature. The 2015 variants will give you many specs including 2 USB portals 4-Alpine speakers but lack a few basic details such as phone Bluetooth with audio streaming. The 2017 variant will give you a high-quality but not extravagant feel as it has a clothed interior instead of leather. The coupe-styled got a starter button and air-conditioner.


Lotus Exige Sport 380

The whole exterior is loaded with carbon fiber and windows made of polycarbonate. The best part is the rear transom panel with 2 tail lights. The Cup trim has extensive aerodynamic components to maximize speed. The front splitter with a glossy finesse adds to the beauty and complements the bargeboards, roof panel, rear diffuser, and 1-piece tailgate. For improved road grip and drive traction wider rear Michelin Cup 2 tires are equipped.



✓ The visibility issues due to the slanted rear deck and a mesh grille

✓ The engine receives criticism for temperature imbalance due to missing inter-coolers


Final verdict

The recommendation is a Series 3 of the Lotus Exige featuring a larger motor setup offering a firm ride. The car delivers a raw, undiluted driving experience. With its amazing road grip and energetic engine, S-380 allows a decent amount of play. It absorbs road bumps smoothly.


Planning to buy it? Get into deep details. Start with the vehicle’s accidental, theft, and driving history. Now, we are providing a 24/7 accessible portal for the users, where you need to enter the car details, only. And, we will provide you with legal information.

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