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Lotus Esprit Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Lotus Esprit Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


The Lotus Esprit is an absolute masterpiece if we talk about the previous automobiles. We can say, it is one of the most exotic British-built sports cars. Its 2-door coupe body is visually attractive. But, remember, this series is not all about style and design but also a powerful engine, tamed and subtle clutch with the compatible transmission. You can spot it from a distance because of its distinctive polygonal "folded paper" layout.


Being an affordable machine, it gives mid-range acceleration and a spacious interior. The Esprit’s balance and agility are fabulous while awarding the car with excellent suspension. Its fiberglass-body not only gives it an elegant and fancy touch but makes it lightweight. It is an RWD car with a longitudinally placed rear mid-engine.


S1 Esprit - 1976:

In the initial variants of the Lotus Esprit, the power is satisfactory but not thrilling. If you are not a fan of experiencing any adventurous rides, you will find these series acceptable. Its steel-built 1,973 CC engine with 4 cylinders is capable of producing only 119 kW, which is considered pretty low. The engine is complemented with a 5-speed manual gearbox that supports transaxle. Assuring a perfect ride!


Coming to the suspension part, its front upper A-arms have amazing durability, triangulated by the anti-roll bar. Rear suspension comes with trailing arms offering flexibility. The engine is fuel-efficient and shows better mileage. You can use it for daily use as well as for racing. It will provide you a reasonable torque, speed, brake, and power.


S2 Esprit - 1978:

With a slight upgrade, this series provides you a modest power. Along with an old engine, the new setup for the S2.2 version is of 2,174 CC size. Although the transmission option is the same as previous trims (5-speed manual), the handling of the car is brilliantly refined. It is a road-friendly car, even for beginners.


Do you want to have a sharp torque touch on your car? If yes, you can opt for this as it has 217 NM of the maximum torque. The car has a smoother gearbox with firm steering. The firm and stiff suspension provide you better speed management.


S3 Turbo Esprit - 1982:

Not satisfied with the previous motor styling and engine range of the Lotus Esprit? S3 models have so much to offer. For instance, it has an exclusive Lotus Esprit turbo engine. The engine capacity is greater that is 2.2L. Its Type 912 engine is a wet sump engine with no accelerated power, speed, or torque.


Its latest trims called HC (with higher compression ratios) delivers 127 kW of power and for Turbocharged the torque is significant that is 298 NM.


S4 Esprit - 1994:

Being the first Esprit with powered steering, it might offer you not a pleasing performance. The S4's engine is capable of producing 197 kW power. Feels somewhat sluggish!


In all the S4 versions, the best pick for you can be the S4 Sport. However, it has the same engine with the same power but the real treasure lies in its enhanced road driving performance. Significant modifications are enlarged inlet ports, cylinder head modifications, a re-calibrated ECM, and a revised turbocharger.

Who doesn’t like to have a speedy ride! Well, it gives you 124 kW of power.


Besides having a 5-speed manual, it has an upgraded 6-speed manual transmission, as well. The last vehicle from the S4 series with the same turbocharged 2.0 L engine featuring a cooler is GT3.


V8 2002-2003:

Truly speaking, the last versions (Lotus Esprit V8) are the best equipped with the impressive motor setup of the dual turbocharged engine having twin bodies. The injection fuel delivery is a plus. The real highlight is its amplified speed and torque. Where its maximum torque value is noted as 400NM @ 4250rpm, the power is 260kW @ 6500rpm. This 3.5L RWD vehicle has a sufficient fuel tank capacity of 73L.


Design of Lotus Esprit:

On one hand, the fiber-glass body of Lotus Esprit is of high quality. On the other hand, the special Kevlar reinforcement has tremendously stiffened the chassis. All the initial trims named Giugiaro Esprit are featured with sharp angles and a distinctive wedge shape. Besides, the later models styled by Peter Stevens look more contemporary and appealing.


S1 Esprit - 1976:

From a design perspective, the body looks slim and decent of the Lotus Esprit S1. Its wedge-shaped profile will impress you at the first glance. The special shovel-style front air dam and Fiat X1/9-sourced rear lamps are the highlights. To offer an exotic design, the body-side ducting is omitted and Wolfrace alloy wheels are added. The cabin is old-styled and lacks basic luxuries. It comes with only a single-piece instrument cluster. The gauges are understandable but not modish.


S2 Esprit - 1978:

The significant change you will see is the addition of cooling ducts, reshaped rear-lights, rear valance, and a joined front spoiler. On the inside, it has comparatively modernized instrumentation with an illuminated dashboard control. It will appear more robust due to the larger alloy wheels. We can say, it has upgraded interior and handling but is not up to date with 2021 coupes. It has wider seats and more legroom.


S3 Turbo Esprit - 1982:

Both trims are similar in the aspect of body styling. The refined chassis expanded headroom and boot-space emphasizing its aerodynamic body kit. The larger bumpers with a simplistic look having a glazed rear hatch in the S2.2 version looks as remarkable as it is sounding.


Do you know what it has removed from its inside? The cigarette lighter.


S4 Esprit – 1994:

On the exterior, a smaller rear spoiler, aero rear wing, and dandy side skirts increase its value. The 5-spoke alloy wheels are installed complementing all-new rectangular rear lights. The interior of the GT3 is perfectly balanced between comfort, handling, and style. Its instrument binnacle will catch your attention, instantly. The milled steel gear shift knob is a plus.


V8 2002-2003:

1st-row collapsible seats

Adjustable (manual) tilting steel-made sunroof

17-inch silver aluminum wheels

AC (auto)

AM/FM Radio

Remote keyless entry

Fog headlights

Heated mirrors

Leather-wrapped soft-felt seats

Seat lumbar support


V8 (1996-2004) engine specs:

All-aluminium DOHC 3,506 CC

Type 918 V8 engine

Twin turbochargers

Chargecooler is absent

Maximum power: 349.9 bhp @ 6,500 rpm

Maximum torque: 295 ft-lbs @ 4,250 rpm


Final verdict:

Lotus Esprit offers high-class on-road performance with a well-sorted brake. Besides, if you are looking for an economical car, it will definitely fit your budget. The latest trims have much better instrument panels to offer. The steering is nuanced and accurate with suitable dimensions. It's nice driving position makes it easy to drive.


These series are pretty old and if you are buying these in 2021, you need to be extra careful. Instead of wasting your money, do your research first. You can visit our site Quick Revs to get the valid accidental, theft, and driving history of any vehicle. Our portal is open 24/7 and accessible by anyone.

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