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Lightforce - 4X4 Review | Lightforce Spotlights, Lightforce LED

Lightforce has a lot to offer when it comes to various kinds of headlights/lights (to go on top) for motor vehicles in general. Lightforce is a brand that is well known for its light gear for vehicles. (Ranging from small vehicles like basic cars to big vehicles like trucks)


Lightforce has a wide range of lights from LED to spotlights all for vehicles. The quality of the lights is incomparable. No compromise on the quality, only the best is provided by Lightforce. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority. If the customer is satisfied with the light purchased then the mission accomplished.


The kind of lights (4x4, spotlight, etc.) Lightforce offers are listed below:

  •  ✓ Lightforce 140 Lance
  •  ✓ Lightforce 170 Striker
  •  ✓ Lightforce 240 Blitz
  •  ✓ Lightforce LED Driving light and many more.


The 4x4 lights by Lightforce consist of rows and columns of small led bulbs all placed close to each other in an aluminum component. Again these are used by heavy vehicle owners and are not designed for basic car owners as these lights emit heavy white light which can make one's vision blurry. The bar lights made by Lightforce also come in 4x4 as bar lights are very much high in demand by heavy vehicle owners.


Lightforce Spotlights:

Talking about one of the above-mentioned lights by Lightforce is the 240 Blitz. Each of the LEDs and spotlights that Lightforce makes has way better quality than any other locally made light for your car/truck.


Now the 240 Blitz is usually mounted on to big cars such as jeeps or trucks since it throws out major bright light which is very helpful when traveling at night especially in the more hilly areas of Australia or wherever you live.


240 Blitz rapidly blitzed all the other lights available in the market. As mentioned before lights like the Blitz they are mostly utilized by truck drivers or jeeps owners because of great this light performs and how bright it is even during bad weather conditions.

The best part is the long-range bar that allows the light thrown to be expanded all over on the road or hill (wherever you’re driving that is) and allows the driver to see clearly while focusing on the road.


The features of the Blitz include:

 ✓ A hi-impact lens.

 ✓ It's lightweight.

 ✓ Also it has optional filters. (clip-on)

 ✓ Halogen is 880 grams.                                        

 ✓ The bulb has a long life and also has an option of twenty-four volts.


Another version of a spotlight is the 170 striker. It is a medium-sized component with a 170mm diameter light. This light can be considered as a competitor to many of the lights which are way bigger in size. This light is mostly used by truck drivers/heavy vehicle owners. It’s very common and popular. Again it has a high-impact lens and is hi-tech in-terms of its make. Like the Blitz spotlight, the striker also is lightweight which results in very minimal vibration. (Halogen is 560grams and this light has a 3000-hour life and emits a super bright white light.)


Next comes the 140 Lance spotlight/light by Lightforce. This light is specifically for small motor vehicles. It basically provides an extra boost while driving at night. Sometimes while traveling at night the headlights of an ordinary car aren’t enough due to various reasons from a person having a weak vision to fog on the road. One needs light to see the road clearly at night, so to fulfill this purpose and ensure the safety of the driver the 140 Lance provides or serves as an extra bright light alongside the already working headlights of one’s car. This light is available in HID and Halogen, it is also lightweight as the rest of the lights, it’s per unit weight is 460 grams and it also has optional filters which are clip-on.


Lightforce LED Lights:

The other major product introduced and produced by Lightforce is its LED lights. Now Lightforce has two kinds of LED-based lights which are LED bar lights and the second are LED driving lights. In terms of only the LED driving lights, there is one specific that fits the category and that is the Lightforce 180 LED (driving lights).


These lights have been manufactured/produced in Australia. Like most of the lights, LF has these LED lights also have a long-range and are very durable. Alongside the 180LED, LF now has also introduced another version of LED driving lights called the LED 215 lights which are more superior to the 180 LED lights in terms of performance.  The LED lights by Lightforce have an aluminum body, the lights are also made as resistant to scratches, also have a coating which is automotive and is of 2 packs and last but not least the positioning lights with regards to the background in other words two times more illumination.


The second kind of LED lights is the LED bar lights by LF. These lights are mostly utilized again by heavy vehicle owners as the lights emit bright light which can possibly blur your sight if one looks directly into them. Lightforce LED bar lights are made to confront the harsh weather conditions that occur from time to time. They are made from aluminum and completed/encased in a UV safe anodized covering. The Lightforce LED bar lights convey amazing execution in a basic bundle. Made from stainless steel, gives amazing visibility when utilizing it and the insides of these lights are waterproof as most of the lights by Lightforce are.


The LED lights by Lightforce are RoHS certified. Lightforce offers its customers the best of the best. In the world of heavy vehicles, these lights are highly appreciated by the owners for two reasons. The first reason being it adds a monster truck vibe to their vehicle and the second reason being that it these lights by Lightforce serve as major headlights and provide clarity while traveling on the road whether it be in foggy weather, rainy weather or even in a thunderstorm these lights for truck drivers and various vehicle owners are basically lifesavers.

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