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LEXUS SUV RX 350 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

LEXUS SUV RX 350 Review Australia

When you go for luxury, the brand knows that they have to show superior and painstaking pain to deliver you the product which lives up to your expectations, as well as competes with the rest of the luxury brands. When you talk about luxury cars, it is no different. The greatest luxury car manufacturing companies have time and again revealed numerous vehicles that do not leave anything to be desired.


Lexus, which is Toyota’s luxury division, boasts a list of luxurious bestsellers that have been famous around the world, especially in Australia. The Lexus RX series has been particularly successful and is known as one of the best-selling SUVs here. It is also one of the top-selling SUVs from Lexus globally.


The Lexus RX has been in production since 1998 and is categorized as a mid-size luxury SUV. Over the last two decades, the RX has spanned four generations, with various trims and engine variants. It has been offered as both a front-wheel and an all-wheel-drive with Lexus hybrid SUV options available. As its name implies, Radiant Crossover or RX, this is a great vehicle fitted with a range of V6 engines.



The original RX 300, fitted with a 3.0-liter V6 motor, started production in 1998. The Japanese market Toyota Harrier was finally retired in 1997 likewise offered a 2.2-liter inline-four, later upgraded to 2.4-liters.

The second-age RX 300 (3.0-liter V6) and RX 330 (3.3-liter V6) models went marked down in 2003, with the two variations displaced by the more impressive RX 350 (3.5-liter V6) in 2006. Like the previous arrangement, a 2.4-liter inline-four motor was sold nearby the 3.0-liter V6 in the Japanese market Toyota Harrier.


In 2005, a hybridized fuel electric variant of the 3.3-liter second-age model was made accessible as the RX 400h in trade markets and as the Harrier Hybrid in Japan. The third generation was launched in 2009, both RX 350 (3.5-liter V6) and RX 450h (3.5-liter V6 cross breed) models were at first offered, with a passage level RX 270 (2.7-liter inline-four) offered by Lexus in some Asian markets. Since the arrival of the third era, Japanese deals have happened under the Lexus RX name instead of Toyota Harrier.


Engine and performance:

The new Lexus SUV called the Lexus RX 350 is equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine. The engine is capable of producing an impressive 221 kW of power and a torque of 370 Nm. It offers an eight-speed automatic torque converter transmission.


Being a luxury, family SUV, the 2019 Lexus RX 350 brings extraordinary performance on-road and is designed to provide a ride that is full of comfort, with a soft floating ride and flawless steering.

Due to its impeccable composure on any kind of terrain, you hardly feel any bumps or jumps and do well on all road conditions. This makes it an ideal vehicle for long journeys.



With the amount that you are spending on this Lexus SUV, you can be sure to get most of the latest technology and features. Lexus makes sure that they include all that, and more. Standard features include LED headlights with adaptive high beam, keyless entry, and a push to start button, LED fog lights, adaptive variable suspension, 360 view camera system, an impressive 16-speaker sound system, and a 12.3-inch infotainment screen.


The Lexus SUV also features a leather-accented upholstery, the front seats are power-adjustable, the front seats are both heated and ventilated for all kind of weather, a panoramic sunroof, dual climate control, and much more.



From the start, Lexus have been known to produce with the best quality and ambient interior, and the Lexus RX 350 lives up to that. The leather upholstery is magnificent, with some wood inserts in the dashboard and steering wheel. Everything is robustly built and well placed inside, giving an overall solid feel to the interior.


There is ample space in the front for the driver and passenger, as well as plenty of leg and headroom in the rear seats to easily seat two adults. You also get power rear seat recliners which is an added plus.

Safety Features


The Lexus SUV leaves no stone unturned and does well when it comes to the safety features. With an ANCAP five-star rating, you know that Lexus takes safety very seriously. Safety features include adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, rain-sensing wipers, a total of ten airbags, autonomous emergency braking, a reverse camera, rear cross-traffic alert, and blind-spot monitoring.



Given the numerous features and the luxury that is associated with the SUV, the price tag is not as ridiculous as you might expect. The base model of the RX 350 Lexus SUV 2020 starts at a handsome $81,000, excluding the on-road charges. The Crafted edition with an all-wheel-drive adds another $9,000 to the base price. The ultimate RX 350h is the top of the line model and prices at a hefty $98,000.


Final Verdict:

Arguably, the new Lexus SUV 2020 is better than ever in the class of mid-size luxury SUVs, with a cabin that is roomy and comfortable. The overall quality of the material used is excellent so that it leaves little to complain regarding the interior, except for the oddly placed infotainment system.


According to the company, there have been improvements regarding the suspension and body structure to give it a sportier look, in their latest model launched in 2020. It is safe to say that the RX 350 Lexus SUV 2020 is better than ever before and is a respectable choice when it comes to luxurious mid-size SUVs.

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