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Lexus is250 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

Lexus is250 Review Australia
Lately, the new Lexus IS 250 has been the center of discussion because of its exotic features within an affordable range. You can say that it is an automobile that you would like to have a drive in. It belongs to the 2nd generation, branded under the name of XE20. The 2015 Lexus IS series comprises medium-sized luxurious cars with a sportier look. These are one of the famous all-RWD 4D sedans. If you are looking for a space-efficient, modish sedan, then Lexus 250 IS F Sport is what you need. It has exquisite upgrades along with a more active suspension setup.


Do you know why they are respected in the automobile world? Because they have been putting complete effort to make competent, top-quality, and pocket-friendly cars. Lexus is known for maintaining high quality. With time, the company has made certain upgrades in Lexus IS 250. They have refined its engine, interior, and high-tech equipment. In 2015 the major achievements include the addition of highly functional fog lights, amusing Siri Eyes for Free, and amazing piano black-on window switches. Are you expecting more? They have also done remodeling interior and exterior trim.

The team has given special attention to the layout details making it dynamically sharp. You can enjoy its finely balanced steering. Lexus IS 250 was introduced under the name of Toyota Altezza, initially. In the automotive market, it was acknowledged as an entry-level sport model.



Back in 2010-2013, the company introduced a ravishing engine with intricate details in all the 3 variants. All are RWD powered combined with direct injection. The latest model has a 2.5-liter alloy V6 engine that has surpassed the previous models, offering a fun ride. It runs on petrol, not diesel. In its 2015 variants 


There are two V6 engine setups:
2.5L offering 204 horsepower along with 184 lb-ft of torque or 252 NM at 4,800 rpm
3.5L offering 306 horsepower along with 277 lb-ft of torque

Besides, you don’t have to be worried about its fuel consumption or speed. Being a smaller engine of 2.5L, it has shown 100kmh in 8.7 seconds. Regrettably, we don’t recommend it if you are looking for a sedan with thrilling speed. Because of its greater weight, it runs with perfection from 4500rpm-6500rpm. Surprisingly, IS 250 features D-4 whereas you can find D-4S in its other two impressive variants. The perfect combination of direct fuel injectors with port fuel injectors is very convincing. Its assessed fuel economy is 21 / 30 mpg.

Another highlighted spec is its 6-speed transmission. You are given the option to choose either automatic or manual setup. If we talk about the acceleration of a 3.5-liter V-6 engine, it can be described in one word: strong. Lexus 250 IS F Sport is constricted on its suspension and lags in competition. The most valuable features are: bump absorption that tends to enhance with acceleration offering a calming journey. And, the fade-resistant brakes. On the brighter side, with such a heavyweight it still works efficiently. Imagine a smoother ride in a space-saving car with a powerful engine, quick transmission, and a competent fuel economy! Sounds pretty satisfying.

The most important things besides engine and fuel type are suspension. It's front Double wishbone suspension with flexible coil spring. It also has a durable gas damper and anti-roll bar for maximum protection. Its rear suspension is based on a multi-link system. Its adaptable suspensions let you race it faster. Its exclusive gear ratio steering will definitely let you gain momentum without any turbulence.



It is not the car that brings only an energetic engine but also a classic framework. Do you know why it is preferred for small families? First, it is highly space-efficient. Second, it comes with a wider wheelbase. Third, it let you enjoy a safer ride with its shorter and inferior engine and tank location. It offers strong handling as the company has engineered the car with an accurate Power: Weight ratio. It has an impressive exterior which also augments its functionality and speed management. For maximising the aerodynamic down force, panels are designed over its under body. To add a sturdy look, 16’’ alloys are infused in the basic variant. The Lexus is 250 sport has 18’’ and Sports Luxury has 17’’ allow robust wheels.

Its interior does reflect the sense of style but it is not luxury-oriented. Its front dashboard is accommodating and comes in impressive design. The illuminating perimeter of the speedometer and tachometer are visually appealing. They also tend to change colour as per the vehicle’s acceleration. In its standard interior, you can find a high-resolution digital screen and a dual-zone air-conditioner. It has highly responsive Bluetooth connectivity. Enjoy your favourite tracks on its alluring audio system with 13-speakers. Its all-new DVD infused satellite navigation setup is also helpful. You don’t have to be worried about the changing weather as it has climate-controlled heating and cooling details.

Another advantage of its being convertible is the one-touch control moonroof. No one can simply ignore its cultured and subtle design with a leather furnished headroom. Do you get too annoyed with engines or passing by vehicle’s noises?  It has sun visors, designed to absorb inessential sounds. It features communicative, easy to handle, height-adjustable, and light steering. Have you noticed its high midriff and copious rear pillar? It will definitely limit rear sight, but it is interestingly compensated with large side mirrors.


Safety features:

In respect of safety, Lexus IS 250 has excelled the tests the passive and active safety specifications:
✔ Emergency full-power assistance
✔ Vehicle Stability or Swerve control (VSC)
✔ Camera fitted at rear offering multiple wide angles
✔ Rear Guide Assist
✔ DataDot security
✔ 8 airbags (speciality is its V-shaped passenger's airbag)
✔ Receptive radar cruise control
✔ Pre-safe crash preparation
✔ Swivelling bi-xenon head lights (standard in Sports Luxury)
✔ Pre-Collision System (PCS)
✔ A conventional mode or constant speed control
✔ Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
✔ Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD)
✔ Lexus Brake Assist (BA)
✔ Adaptive Front Headlamp System (AFS)
✔ Traction Control (TRC)
✔ Highly receptive parking sonars

Cons of buying Lexus IS250:

✔ Hefty design
✔ Low speed due to heavyweight
✔ Tight space with congested back seating or boot space
✔ Manual gear shift as a standard (few variants)


Additional features:

✔ Quick key less entry
✔ Ventilated discs up front brakes
✔ Push Button Start system
✔ Memory-equipped power tilt
✔ Telescopic steering column
✔ Electro-chromatic mirrors
✔ Grid lines on a rear view monitor


Final verdict:

The car has a well-executed design, with all available safety. It comes in comfy seats but has a small boot space. Lexus IS 250 is also attractively priced. It features a folding-hardtop convertible. We can say, the automobile has ample room for improvement. And if you have made your decision about purchasing this car, we recommend you to have all the detailed information first. To help our customers buy a suitable car, we also offer you an instant online portal and website Quick Revs. So, don’t waste your time and get all the historical details of the selected car.

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