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LDV G10 Review | Features, Specifications, Price

LDV G10 Review

Wanting to start a pick-up service. No? Too tired of hauling one child upon another, turning your car into a suffocating center. No? Okay. Let me get straight to it. Cargo capacity tethered with a glut of genial features. That is what you are searching for, sure thing. You might have never had a mini-van on your bucket list, right? But a Mercedes Benz or a Lamborghini sure was. Probably because you thought that a minivan is anything but luxurious. A few years previously, a luxury minivan was probably an oxymoron until 2014 when LDV G10 came and took the market. Keeping each model congenial for you, the manufacturers have worked hard to take it a notch higher each time.


So before we get bogged down into a G 10 mini van’s specifications, features and price, a nugget of information regarding LDV would for sure remove even a scintilla of doubt that holds you back from going for LDV G 10 mini-van.


Formerly Leyland DAF vans, now LDV group limited is an automotive industry that manufactures vans. SAIC Motor Corporation Limited is a Chinese state-owned automotive manufacturing company with its nerve center in Shanghai, China. Light Delivery Vans is a division of SAIC, which produced as many as 4.5 million vehicles in 2014, out of which as many as 1 million were commercial vans. This group is the largest in China and 9th largest in the world.


You might have heard of the must-have features that your car ought to possess. Well, once you have the LDV G 10 mini-van to be chauffeured around in or to drive, your worries are certain to evaporate like ether.



G 10mini-van comes with both petrol and diesel engine. Its diesel engine is what we colloquially refer to as turbo. It is a turbine-driven device that induces extra force for multiplying the internal combustion engine’s efficiency. It forces extra compressed air into the combustion chamber, no wonder doubling the power output. Offering 106 kW of power and 350 nm of torque, the diesel engine allows you to give full throttle to the van. If in luck, you may even beat a speeding ticket! LDV offers yet another exciting LDV G 10 with a petrol engine possessing 165 kW of engine power. Sponsored by a 6HP 2F automatic transmission system, both engines give a robust and full-flavored drive.



It makes it absolutely easier for you to control your van while driving with a hydraulic power steering. Taking energy from the engine, it simply brings the driver's efforts to a dot. The idea works for you in the gymnasium for sure is a preferred option to build your biceps in. Disengaging function prevents the car from toppling over.



Fuel consumption on average is recorded to be 11.5/100 km in the petrol version and 8.6l/100km in diesel (manual) version. In petrol (automatic), fuel consumption recorded on average is 11.7l/100km while in the petrol manual it is recorded on average to be 8.3l/100km.Fuel tank stores up to 75 l of fuel.



LDV G10 possesses a Macpherson on the strut front suspension system. The system owes its origins to an American chief engineer named Earle. S Macpherson. Due to its compact design, it is relatively cheap comes along as a bonus. So for all the budget-conscious families, LDV G10 comes no less than a boon.


Though such suspension systems have a shallow chance of allowing a vertical shift without a change in the degree of camber angle, its inner and outer body certainly makes up for this minor drawback. The rear suspension of the van certainly holds a candle to front suspension as it possesses five-link coil springs that give a bumpy free ride.16’’ alloy wheels add an extra bit of comfort.



LDV G 10 is well equipped with systems and when it comes to braking configuration, it remains no exception. Its breaking layout is embellished with FVD (Front Ventilated Discs), Rear Discs, and ASB (Anti Skid Brakes). Electronic Brake Force Distribution or limitation assists the van in fluctuating the amount of force applied on vehicles’ wheels withstanding factors such as road carpeting, acceleration, and load on the vehicle, etc. The ESC(Electronic Stability Control) and EBA(Emergency Brake Assist) stand not far behind in line truly at your disposal to ensure the safety of its passengers.



What? A 7-seaterLDR G 10 holds still less space for your cargo and passengers to fit in? Do not worry, for LDR is there to wait upon. It offers yet another exciting version with 9 leather trim-seats, that helps you shuttle from one city to another enjoying a tire-free ride. Whether you go for the 7seater LDR G 10 or the amazing 9-seater LDR G10, rest assured that your kids enjoy a safe ride, for it offers 2 child seat anchor points in either version. Seats are set out in a successive pattern.


The configuration goes somewhat along with these motives: It has a pair of two seats thrice in successive layout and in the end, it offers three seats. If you have got more cargo and fewer passengers to fit in, it provides you the facility to fold down the seats to enjoy an even spacious cabin.



You do not have to hire another car for transferring your cargo neither do you have to miss out your family members while you are taking a trip to Sidney Harbour for LDV G 10 van is all set to take you places. Offering a cargo capacity of 5.2m3 in all versions, it has a brake towing capacity of no less than 1500kg.



Front air conditioning might not be the reason for your heart to skip a beat but a rear air conditioning with separate control in LDV G 10 9seater and LDV G10 7seater sure is.



Your Safety comes first in the list when manufacturers design an LDV G 10 mini-van. Cruise Control in the van observes a constant speed notwithstanding external factors such as wind and road grade. It is well equipped with RMI(Road Movement Intervention), driver and passenger airbags, rear camera, and on top of it, it offers parking sensors. Its tire pressure monitoring system keeps you updated regarding pressure on wheels. Adjustable headrests and storage pockets add up to the package leaving you with nothing to bug you.



Last but not least LDV G 10 assuredly comes with a 3-Year/100,000km warranty. A bit more into the bargain, It provides the RSA(Roadside Assistance) so you do not have to be on the tenterhooks if it causes any trouble. Though diesel 7seater and 9seater miss a 360­­­ degree view camera, and front parking sensors yet what is next down the list indubitably atones for it.


LDV G 10 Price:

 ✓ 7seater executive(Automatic)      $37,990(drive away)

 ✓ 9seater executive (Automatic)    $39,990(drive away)

 ✓ 7seater Diesel(Automatic)         $34,990(drive away)

 ✓ 9seater Diesel (Automatic)        $37,990(drive away)


LDV G10 Review:

LDV G 10 2019 has been taken to a whole new level compared to a G 10 mini-van when it first took the market in 2014.It offers 2 seats, 5 doors thus creating a mini house within a van to haul your cargo in.330 Nm of torque and 165KW of engine power, to boot adds up to the whole package.2019 LDV G 10 possesses a 6-speed sports automatic transmission system.


In LDV g 10 mini-van, you may carry whatever you want to. The whole nine yards. Yes, literally. With genial features, it’s a car well-disposed to your service. We hope by now you have made up your mind for the LDV G 10 mini-van. Grab your family members a car of wonders to be chauffeured around in, enjoying a robust and smooth drive while wrangling with your little one over if aliens really exist or not.

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