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LDV D90 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


LDV D90 Review Australia


LDV D90 Review Australia

LDV D90 is one of the latest cars that have loads of technical refinements not only in terms of instrumentation but also motor. First built in 2017, it is a 5-door SUV with a spacious yet fashionable interior. The durable machinery and appealing layout make it a satisfactory choice.


Planning a trip with your big family but worried about car space and fuel consumption? This full-size SUV might be something you would like to take. Offered in the configurations of 5 and 7-seater, it has 8 trim levels. PRETTY LONG LIST!


We can all agree that it can be Australia's most affordable 7-seater full-size SUV with a touch of refined tech and a decent range of safety features. LDV D90 can be demonstrated as a car with modernised technical and design specs. Nothing in its segment comes near, principally the high-spec D90 Executive, regarding the value for money, storage or space, equipment, comfortability, and road protection.



You can imagine how smooth the LDV D90 will provide you with its classic turbocharged engine. Although it runs on petrol, fuel consumption is known to be favourable. The ride is stable and firm even on gravel roads and the reason behind that is its faithful steering that lets you have the best body control explicitly over the corners.


This vehicle is defined with its efficient engine function and placement limiting the body roll while pitching the smoother gear shift. With the help of satisfactory chassis electronics and braking quality, you must not worry about having a pleasant ride. The brilliant ride quality will make you drive safely and fast.


Well, LDV D90 might not be fun to drive but is usable and feasible for even a beginner to handle. It provides outstanding on and off-road clearance at every angle. And, how can you miss out on the handy suite of driving modes it has to offer! Road grip is perfectly matched with steer handling.


LDV D90 available in RWD and 4WD, it has three engine options that you can choose from. For petrol, a 2.0L inline-4 turbocharged engine is offered. On the other side, two options of diesel engines are provided. Although both are of the same 2.0L capacity with inline-4-cyl, one is with a single turbocharger whereas the second has twin turbochargers.


The twin-turbo 2L engine produces a satisfactory power of 160kW with 480Nm torque. In comparison, the entry-level variants of 2WD have a 2L turbo-petrol engine as a standard offering power of 165kW and torque valuing 350Nm.



Every engine is combined with the compatible transmission that could be:


 ✓ 6-speed manual

 ✓ 6-speed automatic

 ✓ 8-speed automatic

 ✓ 1-speed automatic (EUNIQ 9)


Diesel engines

The LDV D90 diesel feels comparatively grumpy on roads. While driving, you can hear obvious clutter upon accelerating. The worst part is the vibration. The best pick for everyday use is the combination of a turbo-diesel engine and a smooth-shifting 8-speed auto gearbox. Diesel does bring a progressive and satisfactory road performance. But, when driving at low speeds, the ride can start drumming and over harsh.


Do you know what is the most undesirable part of the diesel engine? The significant turbo-lag and lack of throttle response.

The best spec? Significantly improved fuel efficiency.



No matter what trim you are planning to buy of LDV D90, you will be getting a long list of standard equipment that is excellently managed throughout the interior. The additional roominess and outstanding visibility due to huge side windows are the plus.


Need to store things? It has a big rear boot. Tired of a long ride? It comes with enough headroom. Need to fit more people? LDV D90 has a spacious cabin with an extra cargo area as it is made longer, broader, and taller.


Standard equipment


 ✓ Remote/keyless central locking

 ✓ Sensor key

 ✓ Powered tailgate

 ✓ Digital speed display

 ✓ The large and high-quality infotainment screen

 ✓ Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility

 ✓ Accurately angled rear-view camera

 ✓ Parking sensors (front and rear)

 ✓ Leather-wrapped seats

 ✓ A sunroof

 ✓ Air-conditioning outlets to all 3 seat rows

 ✓ Alloy wheels


Specifications of Diesel engines

Starting from the inside, impressive 1st and 2nd-row amenities are provided. And, yes, the 3rd row is NOT cramped even though the secondary storage is large. The fake wood complimenting hard plastic looks fancy and smart enough. Overall, the cabin has a practical layout. You would get a sliding adjustment for seats. The 60:40 split-fold maximizes the space.


The distinctive features of LDV D90 base model are 18’’ alloy wheels and 8’’ infotainment touchscreen system. For the Executive LDV D90, the following specs are included:


 ✓ Huge 12’’ infotainment screen

 ✓ Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

 ✓ 19’’ alloy wheels

 ✓ Artificial leather seats

 ✓ Electronic differential lock

 ✓ Quick-switch multi-mode terrain system in rock, mud, sand, and snow

 ✓ Digital speedometer

 ✓ Keyless entry

 ✓ Sunroof

 ✓ Air-conditioner

 ✓ Multiple USB ports

 ✓ Powered tailgate


Safety features

Standard safety of LDV D90 includes:


 ✓ 6 airbags with head-protecting curtain airbags

 ✓ AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking)

 ✓ Blind-zone warning

 ✓ Lane Assistance with a wander but no lane-keeping warning

 ✓ Speed sign recognition

 ✓ Responsive radar cruise control

 ✓ Tire pressure monitors

 ✓ Fatigue reminder

 ✓ Front and rear parking sensors

 ✓ 2 ISOFIX and top-tether child seat docks in the 2nd row


The executive has all the above-mentioned specs but also has 360-degree birds-eye-view parking cameras.


Cons of buying LDV D90

 ✓ The diesel engine has turbo lags bringing conspicuous delay in power delivery

 ✓ No built-in navigation or digital radio

 ✓ Annoying engine noise

 ✓ Lacks rear cross-traffic warning

 ✓ Not so impressive towing capacity (2000 kg)

 ✓ Sometimes, the equipment seems awkward and hard to understand

 ✓ Most of the time while driving, the individual digital display placed right by the driver’s instrument cluster is frequently disturbed by flashing displays

 ✓ No 3rd-row child seat anchorages

 ✓ No 2nd-row split/fold is wrong ‘hand’

 ✓ Some safety warnings in LDV D90 block out the speedometer readings

 ✓ Very slow gear-shifting reaction time in diesel configurations


Final verdict

Overall, the interior finishing is equally decent and thorough. You would find no shortage of space. The diesel engine provides strikingly improved real-world fuel efficiency. The presentation, fit, finesse, and used quality for the exterior and interior are acceptable. We can say, LDV D90 has certain electronic peculiarities that might irritate you. The price range is also a key appealing feature. It’s worth a look, but make sure to spend sufficient time reviewing the specifications and motor.


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