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Land Rover Discovery 4 Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price


Land Rover Discovery 4 Review Australia


No matter how old the Land Rover Discovery series gets, nothing can beat its ability to drive efficiently, smoothly, and equally powerfully. Also labeled as "Disco", it is a series of SUVs that you can find in medium to large premium trims – all loaded with impressive features and safety. First manufactured back in 1989, it has reached its 5th generation. And, today we are going to focus on its 4th iteration. It started in 2009 and ended in 2016.


Known as Land Rover Discovery 4 or LR4, it is visually and mechanically a significant facelift to the 3rd generation. We can say it is built to provide comfort, refinement, and overwhelming off-road skills, along with adding a pop of improved practicality. Most of the reliability issues have been resolved. You would love its improved machinery, slick transmission, responsive brakes, and adaptable suspension setup. Absolutely a complete package!


And yes, it is made more luxurious, technologically advanced, and modern from the inside. In short, Land Rover Discovery 4 is a talented go-anywhere, do-anything family SUV.


Engine and road performance:

The best part to like about its strong engine is the trail-ready toughness it provides. Being an outstanding off-roader, the latest year model (2016) offers a perfect blend of style and comfort with utility and a sturdy engine. In comparison to many competitors, you might find it drivability to navigate snow-choked roads or muddy trails above average. But, it is still satisfactory. Considering a midsize luxury SUV with such a durable engine, unquestionably, worth a look.


To make the best out of its engine placement, torque, and power, all Land Rover Discovery 4 SUVs come with taller gearing. Moreover, a sophisticated lock-up system reduces fuel consumption further. The company has made efforts to improve on-road handling. For instance, the addition of the Stability Control System. Well, now it features a program that helps detect the onset of understeer. Brilliant isn’t it?! And how can we forget admiring its twin-range gearbox.


The brakes are potent brakes to handle road body roll and cornering. With this incredibly powered SUV, you don’t have to worry about technical issues. The brakes are exclusively made to deliver confidence-inspiring stopping power. To complement the braking system, a set of much thicker anti-roll bars has been installed in its adaptable and independent suspension system. The ride quality of the Discovery is excellent. The throttle is also very capable and helps in making your driving more confident and sure-footed. All pedals are placed at easy access.


Coming to its steering rack! Once seated behind, you will experience how amazingly Land Rover Discovery 4 steers without feeling too light or too heavy, less or very responsive. It is directional and smooth enough to keep your ride engaging. It ensures good high-speed stability on the expressways.


The Terrain Response system has now two new features:

✓  'Sand' mode – Comes with an improved and new traction control mode to minimize the risk of losing traction when initiating, driving, or stopping in soft sand.

✓ 'Rock Crawl' – It includes the feature where gentle brake pressure is applied at low acceleration for improving road and tire grip and offering stability on slipping rock.


If you are searching for a bigger engine, Land Rover Discovery 4 can give you 3.0L engines available in petrol and diesel. Adding to your surprise, it has two unique variations in diesel 3.0L engines. The power range seems higher in petrol engine and torque, too. But, if the economy comes first, diesel engine it is. They comparatively use less fuel. Driving Land Rover Discovery 4 TDV6 and V8 engines can be different. There is no option for V8 except one petrol engine, but it is worth the money.


Petrol engines:

✓ 5.0 L V8 (2009–2013) – Power: 276 kW @ 6,500, Torque: 510 Nm. @ 3,500

✓ 3.0 L SCV6 (2014 onwards) – Power: 250 kW @ 6,500, Torque: 460 Nm. @ 3,500–5,000


Diesel engines:

✓ 2.7 L TDV6 (2009–2010) – Power: 140 kW @ 4,000, Torque: 440 Nm. @ 1,900

✓ 3.0 L TDV6 (2011–2013) – Power: 155 kW @ 4,000, Torque: 520 Nm. @ 2,000

✓ 3.0 L SDV6 (2009–2011) – Power: 180 kW @ 4,000, Torque: 600 Nm. @ 2,000

✓ 3.0 L SDV6 (2011–2013) – Power: 190 kW @ 4,000, Torque: 600 Nm. @ 2,000



What are those things that can help you spot Land Rover Discovery 4 from a distance? Particularly its all-new and more stylish front and rear lights. Plus, the restyled front grille and bumper that has gotten smoother and rounder in style. To keep the elegance, it comes with body-colored bumpers and wheel arches. DRLs are optional, but long-lasting LED lights are standard.


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the cabin has become premium due to heavy modification. Designed to give a feasible and wonderful driving position, the seats are made highly comfortable and strategically placed. You would not feel its passenger cabin tight. However, the 3rd row seems like a good option for kids only. The instrument cluster is now placed higher and has been modernized with a single TFT screen for improved clarity. Now, it comes in simplified switches and controls so you can focus on driving all the time. No more analog speedometer and tachometer!


Two of the significant electronic advancements in the latest include 'Surround Camera System' (optional) and 'Smart' alternator. Certain things make Land Rover Discovery 4 2013 models slightly different, freshening, and more desirable.


Such as:

✓ New badging

✓ Refined fuel stretching technology

✓ Advanced audio setup

✓ Modified range of driver assistance and safety features


Going back to the older version of 2012, you would be amazed by its satellite navigation system and 8-speaker sound system. In mid-grade Discovery Land Rover 4 Hi-ICE, the speaker sound system is advanced to 11 speakers, and in top-spec premium, it has gone to 17 speakers. The entertainment system has a high-resolution color display. The highlight is its new three varieties of option packs: The Technology Pack, the Vision Assist Pack, and the Cold Climate Pack.


Other standard kits have:

✓ Push-button start

✓ Cruise control

✓ Auto headlamps

✓ Auto wipers

✓ Rear parking sensors

✓ Auto-dimming rear vision mirror

✓ Full leather trim

✓ Electric parking brake

✓ 19-inch alloy wheels

✓ Bi-xenon headlamps


Cons of buying Land Rover Discovery 4:

✓ Inappropriate suspension and weight distribution causing premature braking and untimely rotor wear

✓ Needs brake pad replacement frequently

✓ Sometimes, face the risk of the unexpected engine shutting 

✓ Airbags not deploying on time

✓ Faulty seat belts

✓ Fuel leaks 

✓ Cramped 3rd row

✓ Spotty reliability

✓ Mediocre acceleration to rivals

✓ Slow transmission to downshift

✓ The standard screen seems very small 


Final verdict:

The Land Rover Discovery 4 is a strangely multipurpose vehicle. On the one hand, it is considered a luxurious 7-seater SUV. On the other hand, it has a high capability to be an efficient off-road performer. Described as elegant and rugged in styling, it comes with unique packages. The superb ride quality coupled with premium interior and loads of space sounds good. It is a kid-friendly machine that takes care of your comfort.


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