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Land Cruiser Ute Review Australia | The Most Powerful UTE of All Time

Land Cruiser Ute Review Australia

The 70 Series Toyota Land Cruiser is made giant and tough as they have a wide range of commercial four-wheel drive. A few models are friendly, although they are huge in size but considered as a basic vehicle. However, many of the variations have a quality range of uses, from farm truck to mine transporter and outback tour vehicle. 


The least expensive 70 Series Land Cruisers, the WorkMates, have vinyl seats and floors. In a Single Cab, you can spend more for a GX, which has flashier aluminum amalgam alloy tyres and wheels and flared curved guards to suit the tires.



 ✓ The efficient car is able to cover off-road.

 ✓ Provide a comfortable journey for a large truck-based SUV.

 ✓ It includes the commanding view of the road. 



 ✓ Third-row seats are small but are not comfortable as well especially on cargo space.

 ✓ The brake pedal is hard and rough therefore makes it difficult to stop smoothly.

 ✓ The large-SUV standards have a poor fuel economy.

 ✓ With a limited smartphone connectivity


Available Colors: 

Choose your desired color that suits your garage. There are several colors available such as:









The great SUV has a structure that includes a height of 1955mm while the Length is almost 5080mm and a width of 1790mm. The Ground Clearance is 220mm that has the Towing Capacity with Brake is 3500 and without brake is 750.



CAM installed as well to boost the engine and make it work excellent. DIESEL is used in this efficient car and is given an amazing fuel tank capacity of 180 Litres. Further, the amazing Fuel Consumption (combined) is almost 10.7L/100km.



This powerful car has a brilliant working engine installed that has DIESEL TURBO F/INJ while the size of this engine type is almost 4.5L. It has DIESEL TURBO V8 cylinders in it that has Max. The torque of 430 Nm @ 1200 rpm. 


The maximum power of the Land cruiser Ute: is 151kW @ 3400rpm. However, the power-weight ratio is almost 73.7W/kg. This model has the Bore & Stroke rate at the value of 86x96mm with the minimum Compression Ratio of 16.8. Land cruiser Ute has the Valve Gear of Dual Overhead.


Standard features:

 ✓ It is simply available as a Single-Cab, Double-Cab, Troop Carrier as well as Wagon.

 ✓ It has a 5-speed manual transmission that has a 4.5L V8 turbo diesel engine.

 ✓ Additionally, it has 16" steel wheels.

 ✓ With a classic cruise Control

 ✓ Air conditioning

 ✓ Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

 ✓ Vehicle Stability Control with Hill-start Assist Control

 ✓ Snorkel

 ✓ Auto-Locking Hubs


Safety Features:

The feature of stability and traction control assures you to know that Land Cruiser 70 has few extra control features. This generally includes under its belt to make the drive comfortable and safe for you to drive. This is customized in a way that it suits all surfaces and sharp turnings of the road.


The improved Active Traction Control with the Anti-lock Braking System has made journeys safer on road. However, they are used to reduce the speed of the tires and control the power of the engine. In addition, the special feature installed in the car is off-road driving. 


It helps in the Hill-start assist, which makes sure that you don't choose the uneven slopes. Therefore, it automatically applies the brakes. The features installed are sufficient enough that it will work while your car is carrying heavy loads or towing a trailer or a truck.


All the 70 Series models include two airbags fitted on the upfront, intentionally installed for the protection of the driver and the passenger sitting in the front in a frontal crash. However, the Single-Cab also has the latest sitting that has the feature to protect you from various injuries. 


For example, if you got struck from behind, the flexible steering mechanism and revised safety features will make you go through the accident easily.


Landcruiser Ute Reviews:

Review 1:

It's my first cruiser, although my job involves maintaining them, I've seen them devolve from the 75 series. Lighter and lighter in the manufacture, but the reputation and hype ensure a high price for what you get.

I enjoy working on them, mostly because for maintenance they are well thought out, Accessible and logical.

I'd have to say that the suspension is archaic, the engine is poorly laid out- lots of afterthoughts.

Drives nice enough- but very basic and not as well 'tuned' as say a discovery 1.


Review 2:

Since haven the auto fitted this vehicle it has turn into a dream to drive on road around town-highway uses and really going bush. Has dropped the fuel consumption considerably with the rpm down by 900 and not knowing why autos are not an option. We use the vehicle for touring-camping (not towing) around the out back coving 30kms a year and serviced by Toyota every 10kms. At this point there has not been any small and major problems it as I like to carry out preventive maintenance.


Review 3:

Mine is ex-mining. I service it every 6 months. It just keeps on going and going. Not flash, not comfy, but it just works. Only issue is fuel consumption. I wish they had a more economical version


Review 4:

Out of 10

Comfort-4 Turning Circle-3 Fuel Economy-2 Clutch-1 Reliability-8

Needs 6 speed gearbox

Was told by Toyota after market exhaust causes clutch to slip but just a way out of warranty I think.

Have owned 4 cab chassis’s since 1988 and apart from the reliability they have not changed much in that time.


Review 5:

This has a large engine so it has enough strength to carry a very large caravan. GPS is good but could be better with more specific details e.g. shop names, location names. There is plenty of legroom. Car is very reliable but the running costs of petrol can be very high.



For the best drive on uneven surfaces, you must choose Toyota Land cruiser Ute. The great power with strong engine power is simply out of the way. Before you go to the specifications and features must review the engine and its parts. These features will definitely let you buy the car. From all the opinions in the reviews mentioned above my review about the great car is different and I would recommend everyone to buy it.

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