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KORR Lighting Review Australia | Features, Specification, Price

KORR Lighting Review Australia |

The most important part of the camping is a long-lasting, and efficient lighting setup. Korr lighting is the name you must know if you want to buy eye-fetching lights. They have introduced a wide range of classic lights with a good outlook. Under one roof, you will get all types of LED lights and solar panels. They have uniqueness and extra-long-lasting battery. The company is loaded with elegant lights and fancier bullbars. They have modified the use of LED lights. They are popular for their exquisite variety of high-power grade lighting. Oh, wait! Are you planning to boat? Because you can get hi-tech boats and marine light setup. Worried about the battery? Korr lighting offers deep cycle batteries with maximum power.


Korr Lighting has been producing lights and portable solar systems since 2008. They have successfully introduced the pioneering collection of lighting in the power industry. They are known or offering high quality, better value goods.  You can find supremely designed camping lights and even rechargeable lanterns. What else could be better than finding foldable and transportable solar panels within an affordable range? Quality is guaranteed but for customer’s satisfaction.


Shipping and delivery:

It not only provides extraordinary quality items but also efficient delivery. Order your item and get it into 2 to 4 business days. You are free to track your ordered item details. They offer free shipping at shopping up to a certain limit. Do you live outside Australia? No worries! It ships outside Australia.



It has a long list of LED lights, panels, batteries, racks and bars, vehicle accessories, camping kits and so much more! You can easily find your required product on the site by selecting the following categories. Here is the korr lighting review of bestseller products:



One of the best brands with elite styling! They are workable for every campsite. They are featured with appropriate brightness and lower power. Besides, it comes in the anti-rust framework.


There are further divided into 6 product selections:

Rechargeable camping LED lights – They are present in a wide range of dual-colour schemes. They are lightweight and composed of lithium batteries.

Camping LED lights – Their camping lights are made with precision, providing superior quality brightness. Their bestseller is 4 bar tricolour lights.

Camping LED lights kits – It comes in a feasible case and contains several useful tools such as numerous light bars and a tricolour light pack. It has efficient dimmers, strong cabling, and grippy clips.

LED strip lights – It is convenient for us because of their higher pliancy. They are lightweight. It characterises tape lights, which come with durable and long-lasting 3M double-sided tape. Another product is chic-styled Ezy-fit lights having Velcro straps.

Camping light accessories – It comes with extra batteries, extension leads, switches, handy transformers, power grids, and dimers for enjoyable camping. Their prime product is motion sensors.

LED torches and headlamps – A  cheap range of headlights for nighttime adventures. You can find rechargeable and sleek designed lights to add a posher touch.


Solar and electrical:

It also comes in elaborate categories with accessories suitable for 4WD vehicles. All products are tested before marketing to assure customer’s safety.

Deep Cycle batteries – Highly upgraded batteries featuring 100AH & 200AH. It comprises lithium which makes it vibration and stress-resistant. They can be used with electric equipment.

Fixed solar panels – They are intended to get installed on the automobile’s rooftop. Now, you don’t have to worry about keeping extra batteries, battery chargers, or heavy generators. Keep your car charged with sunlight in the most efficient way.

Trickle Charger Solar Panels - It extends the life of 12v or 24v batteries. It helps to keep them fully charged even at night when they are not used. They are of premium quality and are kept lightweight to give it longer durability and adjustability.

Solar controllers and cables – Aids in setting solar panels.

Battery boxes and accessories – It helps you transform your engine into a handy portable power station. The Finest quality ABS plastic is used.

Portable Camping Blankets - Their blankets are capable of enduring the toughest climate conditions, efficiently.



If you are a fan of hunting or addicted to nighttime target shooting, you might like to buy handheld hunting lights from Korr Lighting. They have rechargeable 10W and 5W lights.



If you are planning to go for a water ride, you must look out for all the essential accessories especially lighting! It offers you multiple options to choose from. The highlighted items of this category are:

handy deck lights, bright docking lights, and efficiently working fishing lights.



It covers all ranges of ATV & UTV lighting. They are the pioneers of extraordinary dual-chip technology.

LED light bars – They are using revolutionising reflector technology. XD-GEN is the best choice.

LED Driving lights – These are the necessity of every vehicle to deliver outstanding driving performance. The company has utilised genuine OSRAM LED chips in their construction techniques. Their newest collection is the BZR-X Series with a 4×4 spotlight.

LED Work lights – They are made into a hard-hitting and compacted structure.It comes in two types of tech. They could be spot or flood beam variants.

LED Rock lights – They are dustproof and tough in construction.

Bull Bar brackets and leg kits – Helps to mount LED light upfront or at the rear. It is available in two decent colours.

Lifestyle range – Their diligent team of engineers has been producing cost-effective items.


Why should you choose Korr lighting?

Variable colours in LED lights bars.

Water-resistant lights.

Trickle Charger Solar Panels have a built-in diode to inhibit reverse charging.

Tricolour oLED lighting.

Last for several years tolerating harsh Australian weather changes.

Marine lights are corrosion resistant and salt resilient.

Batteries are compatible with inverters.

The battery box contains many essentials including dual battery wiring kits, jump-start cables, and Voltage Sensitive Relays.

They have incorporated the element of A-grade monocrystalline solar cells in solar panels.


Customer’s review:

Review 1:

“Korr headlamps are bright. We have had our korr headlamps several years & they have been fantastic that we haven’t had the need for extra torches.”


Review 2:

“The delivery was excellent and having used the lights on two camping trips so is the product. I had a couple of enquires re use of the product and was met with excellent service along with the enquiries being resolved above my expectations. Am I happy with Korr Lighting? - obviously a resounding ‘yes’.”


Review 3:

“Great product but absolutely staggeringly good customer service.”


Final verdict:

You should not miss out on Korr lighting’s awesome collection. Their exclusive designs are unparalleled in excellence, sturdiness, and value for money. They are professionally using cutting-edge technologies. They use aluminium wrapping and anti-corrosive steel.


It has been dealing with top-notch quality forages along with using cutting edge technology. Knowing about the car’s history in detail will help you decide things. And for your help, we are here! Quick Revs Delivering you all the required information regarding any car with simple steps. 

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